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2020 has been such a roller coaster ride for me, and I don’t know if this will get better in the next few months before 2020 ends.


I’m a card -carrying Democrat, contribute to election campaign, blah, blah… and hell will freeze over first before I vote for Voldemort  , with his bizarre behavior and pronouncements, blatant corruption , shameless nepotism,  stoking racial divisions,   insiduous destruction of American democracy and most importantly, his narcissism and total  lack of empathy.


Despite all these,  my family and I  are now having these   deep,  troubled and  conflicted feelings towards Democrat  Joe Biden.  I am not a single -issue voter… in fact , there are several  issues that Democrats  espouse that I  have long turned my back on , but I still vote Democrat, and will vote Democrat for years to come. The positives  just overwhelmingly  outweigh the negatives.  Oh, and one thing,  I can never join the party of White Supremacists.




I want to know Joe Biden’s foreign policy,  especially  on China and the CCP,  most particularly this effin’s country’s  aggressive, brazen, bullying ,  and hostile and belligerent   encroachment and take-over   and intrusion  on  nearby countries’ territories . Unfortunatey , the news here in the US , and the Democrats, especially those on the left of the spectrum,  have become too insular.  The American public are not given news about what’s going on around the world, goings -on that will affect them in the very, very near future, if they are not resolved  NOW !


I’m sure no American is  aware that  tensions  in the South China Sea between countries India, the Philippines, Indonesia,Vietnam,  Japan, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand  , and the US  …… againts   China,  are escalating.   All   these countries ,including UK (  the Queen Elizabeth )  and France have already sent aircraft carriers  to South China Sea.  And of course,  US aircraft carriers Nimitz and Ronald Reagan  are already. there and are now joined by 2  B-52 bombers, while about 100 B-52′ s have been deployed to Guam.


Aren’t you guys even aware that WW3  is more likely going to start there ?


Google China’s   fucking Nine -dash line, if you don’t want to believe me..  It encompasses 90% of South China Sea,  from  Japan’s coastline, then , to the south ,up to  Indonesia, and even includes  the coastline of the Philippines.  Already, China has vaccumed  West Philippine Sea of  giant clams and 2 years ago,  a Chinese fishing vessel , with more than 300 turtles , most of them , more than 100 years old, was caught off  Turtle Island  ( Apo Island )in the Philippines …Oh, they so love turtle soup.  China wants to harvest marine life  at Tabuttaha Reef, a Philippine marine territory,  the most protected site in the world. …… Google Tabuttaha Reef, for your information. …..   Indonesia just signed an agreement with the Philippines to surveille  this area together to  protect this area from Chinese military and fishing vessels. Are there birds in China?


Before I forget…….


This  effin’  Tedros of WHO should resign . His credibilty is zero. Why is he still there ?    I applaud Trump’s decision not to contribute to effin’ WHO.


So , now you understand why I’m conflicted  about Joe Biden and the rest of the Democratic Party.  Maybe I’ll sit out this coming election, and not vote at all.  To vote for a candidate who will most likely wimp out is like me picking up a rock and hitting my head with it.


Do you hate me now?















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  1. Great,you have said everything and have emptied your mind .You feel relaxed after telling about your choices and the reasons for it.Thanks for sharing.Take care.🌹👍🙏


  2. Joe Biden follows the PRC agenda.

    Plenty of photos of him looking buddy buddy with Xi.

    And yep, WWIII will probably start in the South China Sea.


    • Do you what’s happening here in the US, especially with the Democratic Party? The enemy of my enemy is my friend.


    • Oh, and I’ve been checking old articles/news about Biden’s relationship with China…. he did say Trump was too soft o China…that’s it. And I’m like , really ? I don’t believe him. Anyway, there are 4 million Philippine -Americans in the country. And I tell ya, they all know what’s going on.


      • Yes, Philippine-Americans know what’s going on.

        Some of my Malaysian and Vietnamese friends know what’s going on as well.

        When you live right in the vicinity of a hostile angry bear, you have a better idea of what’s going on than people who live far away from the hostile angry bear.


        • You can be sure Indians here in the US know , as well. Indians, Filipinos, Vietnamese, Japanese voters… Biden better be clear on his policy.


          • Yes, 20 Indians were killed in that recent India-China border clash.

            35 Chinese soldiers were killed but Xi is trying to cover that fact up.

            He won’t allow funeral, burial and cremation services to be said for the dead soldiers because he doesn’t want people to know that PLA soldiers were killed.

            All the families know is they suddenly went missing and unaccounted for after they were sent up to the China-India border.


            • Yep,yep…

              and I don’t know about live organ harvesting and ethnic cleansing of Ughyurs Chinese Moslems. …. almost 80 % gone. Not to mention what just happened to HongKong.

    • Van Helsing, check out your site and see if there are views from China. This is my the first time to see views coming from China. They are very busy, indeed. You do know there’s a firewall the CCP has put in place so that their people wont be able to read the Internet from other countries, but they do employ thousands , maybe hundreds of thousands to read something like my humble site… and to troll .


  3. Sigh.. China has been such a bully. It is disheartening. Most Indians know this very well.


  4. Ahh he who should never have been elected. He creates so much noise and distraction while doing his other crimes. It is a wonder there is time for anything else on the news. And that would include the south china sea. You have described his destructions all too well. Stay safe and remember to vote.


    • This Electoral College is too archaic. Should be changed to one vote, one count… and Election Day should be a no work, no school holiday just like in most countries. It’s a very important event that happens only one day in 4 years. I don’t get it. Here in my city, election precincts are like a graveyard on election day.


  5. I was wondering why there was hostility there.


    • I’m sure the news will never tell you. The news media will never offend Chinese -Canadians who practically dominate commerce in Canada.


      • So true! It makes me wonder how much Canadian news is screened🤔
        Especially where I live. I rarely news on tv anymore. I just read it online.
        I heard a kid ask his dad what a newspaper was!
        I love reading newspapers but we don’t get them delivered anymore just set out at the mailboxes


        • My dad has also stopped delivery of newspapers. It’s so sad.


          • I loved reading newspapers but now it’s so hard to get. The local one isn’t delivered it’s in a newspaper box by mailboxes and gone by the time I want one. The stores sell the big city ones. But again I read mostly online. Because when I do go to the store they are not there.


  6. I enjoy reading this blog because you bring me views on topics about which I must plead ignorance. Today is one of those days. Except, and it is a big except in my mind, you talk about sitting out the election. Please don’t! One of the reasons Donald Trump was elected last time was because people were sure he would lose, and so they didn’t vote. We cannot afford, as a country and as individuals, to see him reelected. You don’t like Biden? Fine, hold your nose and vote anyway. Then start lobbying your Representatives and Senators to act on your behalf. Use this platform to have your followers also lobby their representatives. Change comes from within. OK, that is my two bits worth of ranting. Stay safe.


    • I’ll think about it. I hope he gets Kamala Harris as his running mate… or Elizabeth Warren, maybe. I favor K. Harris over Warren 8 to 2.


      • Kamala Harris works for me. You may not agree, but I also like Susan Rice. I doubt, though that he will choose Rice.


        • No, he won’t, though I did like Susan Rice … she is a strong woman. But I think Kamala Harris is the most qualified among his candidates. In case something happens to Biden, Kamila is qualified to take over. ( definitely not that Alabama mayor, for Pete’s sakes. )


  7. I am a Filipino and registered Democrats years ago. But the Democrats are not the same anymore. They are too radical now. Do you really want communism? How about antifa riot as a myth? says Nadler. They are not telling you everything. Biden has been in politics for a long time, and he has not done anything for the people. They are always promising but never delivered. Read the news on both sides of the aisle. Educate yourself. Look at the condition in your home state. San Francisco used to be a beautiful place. Not anymore. NY is the same thing. Chicago, same thing. All these states are run by democrats. I presume your parents own your home. The condition there will decrease the value of your property. Do you really want that to happen? The country is much better off with the Republicans. Trump really loves this country. Democrats are always telling you doom and gloom. Think positive. I didn’t vote for Trump’s personality. He’s a New Yorker. He’s brazen. It comes with the territory. I voted for him because he wants results. He wants what is good for the people. He’s a businessman. If you don’t produce, you’re fired. That what it should be.


  8. Coming from a state where 87,000 people decided to leave the presidential box blank and where Trump ended up winning by 10,000… please vote. No matter how blue or red your state may be, nothing is guaranteed this election, especially in a pandemic. Remember that every vote for Biden is a direct blow to Trump, his oversized ego, and his sycophants.
    Push for answers and resolutions from Biden and/or the Democratic Party, but we won’t need to worry about China if Trump allows people to be rounded up without a warrant, gets to blast people in his way for photo ops, allows people to get sick and provide no support or healthcare, etc.


    • O understand. I am an American after all. But China is grabbing Philippine territories … that’s the land of my birth….becuase the Philippines is militarily weak and cannot fight China head on…. and Trump right now, is protecting Philippine territorial integrity. So,, what can I do? It;s a difficult decision to make , isnt it?


      • Well, the key word you wrote is “right now”. Remember that Trump is hardly a man of his word. He would betray anyone for money. Look at how many times he’s flip flopped. Look at how he went into a trade war with China, but then was begging them to buy soybeans and other farm products to boost his election chances. He has no policies, just random streams of grievances and admiration for dictators like Putin, who pays to murder American soldiers.


        • You are exactly right, Krystallina. This topic is being discussed at home. We don’t trust tRump. Yes, RIGHT NOW, he’s protecting the territorial integrity of ASEAN countries, especially freedom of navigation on South China Sea, and its military aggressiveness and threats . How long will it last though, that’s the $64 question. Maybe, and more likely, he’s taking advantage of the situation to advance his election campaign…… because Krystallina, this is going to be an issue for Americans of Filipino , Indian, Vietnamese, Japanese descent.


        • By the way, and this is off topic…… I read your post on MARS. I’ve read it a long time ago, like, maybe in middle school. I clearly remember what I thought of it. I didn’t like the main male character, and I thought the ending was unsatisfactory. I thought it wasn’t a good , happy ending. Sure, they are together, but their future together wasn’t stable.

          I’m writing my comment here becuase for some reason, my comment on your site doesn’t go through


          • Well, I think part of the point of the manga is that nothing is certain or forever. That everyone has their own burdens to bear, which may include trying to overcome our own demons. (Of which Rei has many.) But otherwise, it was a pretty happy ending considering the circumstances.


            • The operative words are ” considering the circumstances” . FL is in love, and love is blind. Oh, wait, I remember, he cheated on her at one point?

            • He wanted to break up at one point. He was (somewhat understandably, especially considering the setting) frustrated with a decision Kira made, and he did put himself on the market for a short period of time. (He couldn’t go through with it though.)

            • I think he went through with at least one. Correct me if I’m wrong.

            • He went with a girl to a hotel but didn’t/couldn’t sleep with her.

            • In my book, that’s also cheating. The ending and that cheating part of the story made me dislike this manga. ( Even though I really can’t remember why, lol ) Do you know there are so many scanlating and translating teams that drop the mangas because they dislike the main male leads ? lol

  9. It’s rare to get a party leader that is liked by all because most people don’t take the time to vote intelligently via their own due diligence and instead vote based on talking head recommendations. This is how we get “meh” candidates like Biden. Even so, if you are in favor of the rule of law, don’t support fascism and authoritarian rule, and value your civil rights and continued existence as a minority in the US, it behooves you to vote for Biden over Trump.
    At least with Biden, his decisions won’t be decided primary based on increased his personal wealth/status.


    • I will never support fascism and authoritarian governments, ever ! Nevertheless, I’d like to know if Biden will support it indirectly by ignoring a powerful authoritarian government to grab territories of weak countries. It’s one thing to ignore amd allowing authoritarian government unfettered access to practically everything in the world, including the US… it’s another to ignore physical acquisition of territories of weak countries.


      • As someone with a background in forensic science studies, I’m sure you have a good deductive reasoning mind. The best way to anticipate what Biden will do is to look at what the US has done about the South China Sea issue during past Administrations. There has been a “South Pacific Islands vs China Vs US” dynamic going on for decades which has accelerated with the advent of technology that now allows island building off sunk reefs.
        It’s in the best interests of the US to keep that area open and defend the rights of the neighboring lands that have claims to the same area. Here’s a 1998 write up:

        Click to access Cossa-Security-Implications-of-Conflict-in-the-S.ChinaSea.pdf

        Here’s a policy article during Obama’s term:

        US has been policing the area since WWII and looks to continue to do so. China has big bravado, but make no mistake, US is the undisputed leader in number of aircraft carriers (China 1st aircraft carrier was just purchased (not internally built) in 2012, and have two total at this time. In Contrast, US has 20- built “in-house” with out top tech know how. An “all-out” war would not go good at all for China- and they know that.

        There’s no reason to think Biden will deviate from this policy but you should have every reason to doubt Trump’s intentions. He’s already categorized the Asian islands in the “garbage” category along with all the other place were there “tan peoples” reside. Trump would have no problem handing over that entire area if he felt he got a “good deal” out of in in another area. Trump has said NOTHING about Putin putting contracts on our service men and paying bonuses to Taliban that kill Americans.

        This next election goes far beyond the normal political comparisons. Trump has broken all the norms and constitutional limits. He is actively sending in secret police into States without their permission or request- essentially invading them. He has suggested that the elections be “delayed”- I’m sure the same kind of “delay” he used for showing his tax returns.

        He was impeached for trying to coerce the Ukraine Govt to dig up dirt to tar Biden in return for assistance against Russian incursions.

        He didn’t want to take any action when a US reporter was murdered by MBS is Saudi Consulate in one of the most blatant ways possible.

        Then there’s the intentional creation of orphans by sending immigrant asylum seekers back home without their kids and no way to keep in contact with them. Or the “good people on both sides” when comparing Neo-Nazis.

        Biden operates under rule of law- you can always vote him out if you don’t like him. Trump is an existential threat to our democracy. Trump applauded Xi for becoming “President for Life”. He praises authoritarians like Duterte and Putin.

        As such, the choice should be clear cut who to vote for if one doesn’t want to the US go down that same track.


        • Excellent, Soulfire….. You have convinced me 99.99 % … well, because the points you’ve raised here are already on my mind…. Except re Obama, the past administation of the Philippines had sought Obama’s support when China started building structures on South China Sea, but Obama said to the president of the Philippines ” to stand down.” The Philippines could only seek the international Court at the Hague for help… and it won its case. China said it didn’t recognized the ruling and continued its illegal activities unabated. Chinese vessels on Philippine waters have already rammed 2 Filipino fishing vessels, 4 Filipino fishermen almost drowned , the Chinese just looked and sailed away… ( was saved by the Vietnamese….. but last week , Chinese vessel again rammed another Filipino vessel…. 14 Filipino fishermen are missing and presumed to have died ….

          Re Duterte… don’t get me started….. and yes, I’m going to talk about him soon…… I’m just trying to compartmentalize my issues.


  10. I just wish the Democrats could get someone with both “Youth” and “Smarts” running for office. So many of these politicians seem too old and mentally challenged too me.


  11. Perhaps you can send him a letter or reply to his Twitter with these concerns and see what happens if anything. I understand where you are coming from but not voting at all is contributing to Voldemort’s re-election in my mind and we all know where he stands on everything! It’s all about him and his…….


  12. Hi. First time reader and hopefully not last time to comment. 😛

    I see you are a “card-carrying Democrat” who supports your decision with commercial statements and a determination to always vote Democrat. Do you NOT see the foolishness in that?…even if you make a refreshing statement about your concerns over Biden.

    I, personally, do not carry a card for either side in this demon-crazy…er, democracy. To side yourself with one party, usually because of family influence, is not resolving the problem, the main flaw of democracy. It was once thought, in ancient times, that two parties could voice views and let voters pick the best of the two. But, has that worked out well for the USA in any election? How many presidents have been given bad reviews? How many have been given death threats or even killed? How many elections have you seen that have been ugly, mud-slinging, hostile barrages of media madness…which honestly drive me insane and make me turn off the TV to sulk and scream.

    The two-party system is failing and has not truly produced any great election since I’ve been alive. Even the more pleasing years of Reagan and Clinton were not rosy terms. And, I AM TIRED of both parties warring to the point of civil divide. Do you want another Civil War?

    In short, go purple. 😀 Don’t vote for the party your momma or daddy preaches for every day, like you were baptized Democrat. Vote from the gut. And, vote intelligently. Get more info from the horse’s mouth, not TV ads and televised debates, which are sure to be filtered and skewed. [I strongly now suspect the Democratic party has some sway over all forms of media while the Republican side has control over more financial resources, even some scandalous ones Democrats may be reluctant to touch. Neither is innocent of crime.]

    I did not pick Biden to be the salvation of what has become a Trump disaster. I would only vote for him because of a good running mate. But, then, what is a good running mate?…a sure-fire replacement?…which means something terrible has to happen to Biden?…or there has to be some legal loophole that lets him step down to let a woman take his place? Do you see the circus this whole process becomes? What is right? What is wrong? Who cares if we vote by mail, computer or in person if the whole thing is just rigged and twisted, anyway? What good is the input of the citizens if money is steering everything?…if everything is hinged upon the economy and making rich people comfortable? The unrest, the crime, the insane disrespect of non-white, non-rich power-pitching people is on-going.

    I could rant forever on this, but it’s just stressing me out.

    I think we both needed to vent. And, I am not sure what I have said will accomplish anything. I am not sure your voiced irritations justify your concern for Biden. Actually, I see little to no connection. But, we…said plenty?


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