There’s a racist in all of us

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……… Some more than  others.


………. And it’s not all about skin color.  (  Although may I point out at least 85% belong to this category. )


………..Religion, ethnicity,   class hierarchy, race superiority


………..  Take your pick or choose your poison


……….. Upon reflection,  I have to acknowledge  there is a racist in me.





5 responses to this post.

  1. I’m with you on this. Also, I think the collective term would be bigot.


  2. As soon as we recognize this in ourselves we can start to address the problem. The truth is our culture teaches us to be this way (in North America certainly) so even with our best intentions we have these subconscious prejudices – but like you said, as long as we admit it, we can fight it.


  3. I agree. In fact, IMHO, that is a way for humans to process information; by classifying data in categories. Like if a person is dressed in rags he is poor. If you are a native of Brazil, you are a good football (soccer) player. All forms of racism.


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