I have a sad story to tell

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So my last post was in middle of April.  I’ve been doing a lot of stuff these days that I have not done for a long , long time , like, reading my guilty pleasures, ( mangas ….  Comics, Ren?  Why not a  good book , instead ? I know, I know…)   and playing  video games.  ( I have at least 7 unplayed games lined up )


Anyway,  about the title of this post…….


It’s not only sad.. it  is , in fact, shocking, shocking, shocking !


This happened to a close family relative in the Philippines… a young couple…. the wife is the daughter  of  my Mom’s first cousin.  I’m also very close to this couple.  They were at our family reunion middle of February when we were there on vacation.  I never thought that would the last time I’d see  her husband.


You see , the husband shot himself  this week,  ( Thursday AM, May 21 ) . He was just  40 years old,  with 3 young children, aged 12, 8 and 6.


So, what is the story behind this tragedy ?  To date,  we still don’t know.  It couldn’t have been financial ,  could it  ?  Here’s the thing… I’ll call him Rey. Rey  was an accountant , the top honcho of the accounting department of one of the biggest congromelate in Asia. He was also # 2 in national licensing  exam , so I’m sure that was the reason why he was made the top man in the accounting department , with a salary of Philipine peso , PhP 300,000 a month.  $ 6,000 in USD . But then, the average salary of a public school teacher  in the Philippines is ~ Php 20,000  ( USD 400 ) in cities, lower in the provinces and small towns.  So, the reason for the suicide was not a financial problem, right ? And even if, indeed it was, was it so overwhelming that he had decided his beautiful family was way  better off  without him?  His wife does not work, he has 3 very young kids, he has a house mortgage to pay, maybe a car (  his car is a 2019 Honda SUV )  school tuitions , etc.  But he had a freaking Php 300,000 a month salary ! ! They’re getting so much family support ( from wife’s side ) .. in fact, my cousin’s grandma ( my mom’s auntie ) gave them a 3 – floor condominium unit, and the only mortgage they pay  is a small  government housing loan that they used  for renovation. The house was a gift from grandma !  And that 2019 SUV with just a 10,000 mileage was sold to them by her uncle( Mom;s first cousin ) for mere $5,000. It was practically a give -away.  So, what was his problem  !! !! ! ! ! Why, Rey, why ?

By the way, during this covid lockdown in the Philippines, he worked at home.  Then , morning of Thursday, he left for an office meeting. He didn’t go , obviously. Instead, he went to Heritage memorial park ( a cemetery where Rey’s dad is buried ), the security guard let him in, he parked the car on the street near his dad’s graveyard, nobody knew what he did, maybe he said goodbye to his dad,  texted  Lexie , his 12 year old daughter, (  ” Take care of your brothers, ” ) then , according to the guard, he  heard a gunshot, found him in his car, dead, wearing a seatbelt, the gun on the passenger side, and a Bible and Rosary on his lap.






I can’t… I’m out of here.







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  1. So sorry for your loss my friend. What a horrible situation. Grace and peace to all here.


  2. Rexy,

    Sorry for your loss. The only thing to do in this circumstance is to be supportive. Care is the only thing we can do.


  3. That is so very very very sad.

    I know in my own Canadian province of Alberta, the suicide rate has increased since the Covid-19 lockdown.

    And friends and relatives of the deceased are often interviewed saying, “He/she was the last person I’d imagine commiting suicide.”

    This pandemic is causing a lot of deaths and having deadly side effects than just covid-19.


    • We’re confused, too. This is just a speculation… there was something that would make his world come crushing down. Not so good news are trickling down , bit by bit…. and it’s now making a lot of sense. But it’s true , there’s deep depression… in fact, he had consulted a doctor who was recommended by his sister-in-law, his wife’s sister who is also a doctor.. apparently , he couldn’t sleep and he was losing so much weight, fast. I don’t know if this was a Covid 19 side effect.


  4. Please accept my deepest condolences for your loss. I know a little about how he felt because I have felt the same way… I just didn’t do it, I… He was suffering so much but now he is free and we are left behind. I am so sorry and I swear you will not be alone.

    On Sat, May 23, 2020 at 2:47 PM renxkyoko’s space wrote:

    > renxkyoko posted: ” So my last post was in middle of April. I’ve been > doing a lot of stuff these days that I have not done for a long , long time > , like, reading my guilty pleasures, ( mangas …. Comics, Ren? Why not > a good book , instead ? I know, I know…) ” >


    • Thank you, conradseitz . I’m glad your strength of character won. There are so many speculations circulating among family members , but his immediate family are not talking much, for the sake of the children. Already, the 12 year old thinks it is their fault that her dad killed himself. I don’t know if that’s a burden she will carry her entire life. My feeling is , she should know the truth.


  5. Oh that is so sad. I hope your cousin and her children finds a way to stay strong during this difficult time.


  6. How tragic. I’m so, so sorry for you and your cousin. I don’t know what, if any role this pandemic played, but I know suicide rates are up and people who had even mild depression before are having an especially difficult time now, I’m glad you have each other. I


  7. Sorry for your loss and my condolences to all your family members, especially the children.


  8. That’s really, really sad Ren. Sometimes no matter how close you are to a person, you’ll never know what’s in their minds.


  9. Condolences, Ren. 😦


  10. Very very sorry for your loss. This is a sad tale indeed and very confusing as to why he did this. Suicide among men is a true pandemic of its own and truly upsetting. It is rather strange that he wore his seatbelt before killing himself. Very strange thing to do…


    • Thank you . Maybe the seatbelt was an automatic action. Maybe he didn’t want to be found slumped on the wheel. In fact, one would think he’d shoot himself on the head, but no, he shot himself on the stomach, and maybe seconds before he expired , he placed the gun on the passenger seat. Maybe for a second there, he wished to survive…. because the wound was just in the stomach. I don’t know. There was no foul play. There were powder burns on his hand. That was his gun, a .42.


  11. that is very shocking. but news is saying that a lot of people are suffering mentally too here in the philippines. this covid crisis is affecting everyone even those who appear to be strong and invulnerable.


    • He had so much time to mull things over. Those things brought him to a bad place. After some thoughts, we , his relatives, had put two and two together, connected the dots, and we hope we are wrong, because we had concluded he could solve his problems with our help… they were not insurmountable…. his presence with his family was the most important thing….. killing himself deprived them of a parent’s love.


  12. My dear friend, I pray for a blessing of understanding in this time of sorrow for you and your family, I personally know from where your family is coming from, this may not pass however; time has a habit of healing, Please Stay Safe?


  13. Posted by Serene on May 27, 2020 at 11:37 pm

    My condolences 😞
    I do have mild depression myself and it is not easy to get through this period, to be honest. Some days, I’ll just break down and cry. Feeling negative and afraid. It’s really tiring to keep going through those emotions. 😔


  14. Oh no. Sorry to hear about this. It cannot be easy for the family and everyone who knew him. Especially at this time.


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