Personal good news and one thing that makes me scratch my head


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We got some stuff delivered to our house .  We opened the boxes after letting them “marinate” outside for 3 days.  lol











Our company gave us a $ 3.00 /hour hazard pay and a $ 15 worth of  free snacks  ( a week ) from the vending machines.


California ‘s rate of infection has  started to flatten   a bit.  We used to be #2 in the US….. now we’re #5.  Meanwhile,   we are  tracking   the location where  clusters of infection are largest   in our neck of the woods. Unfortunately,  the biggest cluster is close to home. So ,now we have to  shop much farther away. ( Sorry,  Safeway, this is just a temporary precautionary measure. )


Just one point to ponder……..


How come it’s okay to name some viruses after their ” suspected ” point of origin  ?  Some weren’t even the origin…… Spain,  for example, was just the country where the ” Spanish Flu ”  was widely reported.  Other examples :  German measles, West Nile Virus,  Ebola (  from a river in Congo ) , Rocky Mountain Tick Fever, Lyme disease ( from Lyme, Connecticut ) , African Swine fever, MERS ( Middle East Respiratory Syndrome ) , Zeka Virus ( from Zeka forest in Uganda ) Japanese Encephalitis…..  Does the name  of the affliction make us hate the country and its people ?


Well, this is this and that is that.  This  is  simply  the mirror of our time, I guess.


There is a lesson to be learned from this.


Be safe.  Take care, wherever you are.




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  1. My sister also has hazard pay. I don’t tho. Puzzle that.
    Scientists I guesss suck at naming viruses lol.
    Could be worse. They could be naming the viruses after rock stars.


    • I know of one that was named after a famous baseball player … what ‘s the name ? Ugh. I forget. How about Parkinson’s disease ?

      I know right ? You should get it. You go to work everyday, and you always think , ” this cold be the day I get infected. ” Ack !


      • Oh right I forgot about that Lou Gergrig and also the Mad Cow disease’s official name was after someone too.
        I am always afraid I will get sick but I’m grateful it’s drive thru only. But doesn’t account for the people that go out.
        Like for instance the skate board was packed with kids. Dog park- ppl were huddled together.
        And I drove about with my sister. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️


  2. Lysol disinfectant…what a find! Congrats on your hazard pay. Well earned!


    • We’re so lucky to get Lysol.

      I’m glad we’ve finally gotten a hazard pay. There’s always some anxiety every time I step out of the door to go to work.


  3. These are strange times when one opens a box and gets disinfectant wipes and gets all excited about it. I’m in New Jersey. We overtook you as #2. Stay safe.


    • * ponder *

      You’re right ! ! ! We did jump for joy when we received the package . My sister who lives in LA bought it for us, from where, I don’t know . Getting excited about little things is good, I think ? ^_^


  4. I don’t think the President of the USA ever tried to deflect his responsibilities in a public health emergency by blaming Lyme, Connecticut.


  5. You got Clorox wipes! I can’t find those anywhere!!!


  6. We also disinfectant everything. You stay Safe.


  7. Posted by iamdex7 on April 20, 2020 at 6:16 am

    Glad your city is doing better. Here in my place the number just keep rising and rising…..


    • Manila ? I’m paying attention to Manila news, and it’s dire. Wet markets are full of people, and I don’t see any social distancing at all, people just walk around , like aimlessly. I’m surprised the number of deaths and infection isn’t that big yet. We were there on vacation in February, 2020. I worried about infection on public transportation vehicles. Overloaded.


      • Posted by Dexter on April 20, 2020 at 7:25 pm

        People here are very hard to control. Several people even caught gambling. I hope people here will learn to follow instructions.


        • Oh, I saw that ! A cockfight and bingo. It’s hard for Filipinos to follow instructions. Even simple jaywalking and parking laws are ignored. Don’t get me started on the country’s driving culture. ~ . ~ It’s survival of the fittest.


  8. Be safe.


  9. Glad to know you now have plenty of grocery supplies. So could we call it china virus instead of covid 19?


  10. Tita, I don’t know .


  11. HAHA i get so cautious now also whenever something’s from outside! I just sanitize it so much 🤣


    • I know. A lot of work and perseverance, and very, very tiring, ( I’m like, heck, I’m not going to this anymore, but then I think of my vulnerable parents ) but , as they say, better err on the side of caution. So, continue sanitizing. * sigh *


  12. ❤️✔️🙂


  13. LOL. We have our decontamination area too. With a set protocol. 😉
    The Spanish flu? It was probably American… But Spain was the only country not at war so there was no military censorship. The name? Allows SOB’s like the tramp to point the finger at easy “enemies”. And the rednecks fall for it. Just saw a bit of an interview by a Chinese American journalist (Cheng?), where the man was even more obnoxious and rude than ever.
    Stay safe.
    (And shop on-line)


  14. Hope this crisis will be over. It is affecting us more than we expected. Keep safe, Ren!


  15. Perhaps we should give the viruses comedy names to make them less scary for kids. I think there are always people ready to take offence at any name for a virus, especially in this modern age which has an outspoken minority of adult-children.


  16. Be safe Renx. I have ‘known’ you for years, and I remember how excited you were during Obama’s second term. Hoping for a more elaborate coverage of Trump’s campaign this time. Also, the whole marianting thing will deliveries- I think, for a change, the cultural and social differences have suddenly flattened and people are behaving exactly the same 🙂
    Glad to know yo doing well


  17. You are lucky your company still gives something. RE virus name… I guess WHO doesn’t want to politicize the matter but I believe it is not an incident but a concoction of some bad intentions. Some people eat unfamiliar animals or insects but never reported that by eating those you get a virus particularly this deadly one unless I am mistaken? Anyway… GOD knows what really happened and why.


  18. I’m very concerned about the latest impact of the virus in California myself.. My wife and I have set a tentative plan to head west on out road trip on June 1. Knowing your adventurous ways from past readings of your blog, I would think you would understand our restlessness to go.


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