There were toilet paper and paper towels !


untitled (9)



I went  grocery shopping…..


And these  stuff  that I wanted to buy  weren’t there…

Progresso  canned soups. (  only pea soup left , ugh ! )


Fabric softener

Dish detergent

Arm & Hammer, Tide, and Gain laundry detergents


Evaporated milk (  only goats milk available)

Cooking oil (  only peanut oil available )

Cake Mixes

Butter (  only a few left )

Chicken, ground beef, bokchoy, celery, spinach

Cup ramen


Brown sugar

Didn’t bother to look for alcohol, sanitizer, and the like.


Okay, here’s one random video  of a group from the Philippines that I’m fangirling these days,   especially on Josh and Justin, the two with the cutest smiles.   (  my weakness , the smile , I mean )   Don’t judge me.


I love this young  pop idol  group from the Philippines……..    Sb 19  …… performing  live  , with no audience.  The energy is so infectious.






Grocery shopping  was a less frustrating experience this time, though.  Except for the products above,  there’s  enough to go around. Yay !


I also saw a family of deer crossing the  busiest street in our city,  and   sightings of mountain lions  and fox are more frequent .


It’s my day off today, Thursday.


Off to read a book now.  ( currently reading The President is Missing by Bill Clinton and James Patterson. )


Be safe, wash your hands,  keep physical distance.


Bye !









20 responses to this post.

  1. “The President is Missing.” Good title to cheer you up!


  2. I enjoy a good post with a grocery list. I hope you are doing well and taking care.


  3. Sounds worse than around here. We can get most things, but there’s no English muffins, yeast, flour, and a few other things.


  4. Just the opposite over here – just about all products are now available/staying on the shelves in good supply with the exception of paper products like paper towels/TP.


  5. Glad to know you are doing okay Ren. Keep safe always.


  6. Still cannot find hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, bleach…ramen is in short supply as are some cuts of meat but not that terribly much. Stay safe!


  7. I’m a Filipino and I’m glad you like SB19. They are talented and hardwoking. I like them as well


    • I like them !

      Just my thoughts….. They are very talented, no doubt about it, but here’s the thing……. I know they are managed by a Korean company, but it seems they want a positive validation and confirmation from South Koreans before they can deem themselves a success. I cringed when I watched their official video of Alab. It’s good they had finally revealed they composed the songs and choreographed their dance moves themselves. Initially, everyone thought everything was Korean made.

      Oh, I like Inigo Pascual , as well.


  8. Go SB19! They have a lot of potential. Glad I discovered them. ☺️ Filipina here fan girling from Canada.

    Take care.


    • Oh, another fangirl of SB19 ! Hi !

      Although they are already famous in the Philippines, I hope it goes beyond the Phil. I assume they are not doing any public appearances these days….. they should compose more songs and practice, practice , practice their choreography. So far, I only know of 5 original songs, not enough to make an album. Help them be popular in Canada, girl .


  9. SB19’s sound is so good.
    I remember Sejun during our college days since we were schoolmates back then, his voice was so good everytime he performed on our university stage. 😊


    • They are good….. one thing though, the promoters should stop seeking the Koreans’ validation, or approval….. I cannot watch that video where there’s a Korean woman…. I mean, why? So I watch their live MYX video, instead. I find that Korean version of Alab embarassing. I can say definitevely Filipinos are better entertainers.


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