Gone to ridiculous lengths to protect my parents/ home, then, bam !

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From  taking absurd precautionary measures ———> I’m   now on WTF !  mode


So, what’s the story , Ren ? ? ?


Okay….. check out my previous post .. from work,  I go straight to my room ( after disinfecting the doorknobs with alcohol ) … take a shower…. then I call my parents on the phone ( who are in the next room ! )  O^O


But then….


The dairy company where I work  received a request for gloves and masks from a hospital …. the company gave them  what we have….. later ,  we ran out of gloves and masks in the lab,  so for a few days,  I did microtesting for presence of microbes in milk samples,  without gloves and masks…. I just washed my hands  every time I tested stuff, like, every 15 minutes…..  that’s a lot of washing  for the duration.


Then, last week..


A worker tested positive….. he works at our ” Cold Box “, that’s where milk is stored before they’re loaded to our  distribution trucks.   I just got my ”  free ‘  milk  from there last week . Ugh. It’s also a 20 – sec ride from  our  lab, so our lab is at a safe distance.   The positive guy does not work at production, so that’s good.   Anyway,  we heard the said worker ‘s father  was hospitalized  (  Positive )  and  because  the worker was the one who brought him to the hospital ,  he  was tested , too .  Sadly, he was positive.   All  the seven  men who work  at the Cold Box were asked to quarantine at home for 14 days, including the wife  of one, who happens to work  at our building ( not  in  our lab,  thank goodness ), but  she does  share our locker  and break rooms.   I  hope they’re all A-Okay…. otherwise, we’re screwed.  ~_~  The Cold Box was disinfected, that goes without saying.  No one  is allowed to enter our lab….test samples are now placed on the table outside the lab.   Also,  our temperature is now taken  at the gate  before we enter the facility.  I did mention before  that each employee has a key to open the main gate ….and yeah, there are even road spikes on the road  o_O.   The company is  very much concerned with bio-terrorism, folks.   O_O

Bio-terrorism…. hmmm. That’s irrelevant  to the matter at hand , right ?

Read on………

So, okay, I don’t want to spread stuff that may or may not be true, but search on YOUTUBE, the origin of Corona Virus.  Here, I’ll do it for you.



You don’t have to be a molecular biologist  to understand  the message here on the video.  It’s simple enough.


My degree is Cell and Molecular Biology, which deals  with biological stuff at molecular level thru the study of RNA, DNA ,protein synthesis, and the like…..( and not what I’m currently doing at my job now, counting and checking the presence of microbes in milk  ). To be honest,  I am more interested in research, so this video is right up my alley……. which makes watching this video  more scary  because I know exactly  what they are  talking about.


Anyway,  I know you are all smart and discerning.   It’s up to you to believe or not to believe.


Wash your hands, keep your distance.


Take care, wherever you are.







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  1. Please don’t worry because first, from what I have read, the rna sequence of the virus is definitely natural origin and not manufactured second most people infected have either no symptoms or mild symptoms so all our worry about this is to protect people who are at high risk of severe illness (like your parents who are locked down). Try to keep a positive attitude. The mental fight is the hardest part.


    • I know it can happen in a research laboratory,,and that’s what I focused on as I watched the video. Something natural can be altered and manufactured ( GMO ) . Propaganda or not, that part about the biological research …….such as creating a virus in the lab, publishing results in scientific journals 4x, then deleting them, making it appear as if no vital research ever happened thereby keeping it away from public perusal…… is, in my opinion, deserves further assessment by virologists from all over the world. It should not be dismissed. Unfortunately, the world is busy just trying to survive.

      I guess I’ve been watching too many science fiction movies. I have to admit a deadly virus that gets leaked out of a highly secretive Level 4 biological research facility and infecting millions of humans on the planet would be an amazing, albeit cliché, movie plotline.

      The US is not exactly lily white, either.

      The only thing that I like about Trump is his unfiltered mouth. That’s how he gets caught. But, in a way, he speaks what’s on his mind, unfiltered. When he said he didn’t like WHO, I grudgingly agreed. Everything else about him, I hate.


  2. I’d forgotten you were a microbiology student.

    Your knowledge is certainly relevant in these times.


  3. Oh wow that is so scary!
    I spent my Friday (good) disinfectanting my home. I still have a lot more to do. But this virus is really messing up my OCD flare ups
    Stay safe, REN!


    • Thanks, Becky.

      I am aware how these stuff can be manipulated and altered in the lab by highly skilled molecular biologists , GMO anyone ? , so , after watching the video, I thought the possibility of this happening is high.


  4. If I can paraphrase the proverb, a solicitous daughter should be priced above rubies. So impressed by the way you’re taking care of your parents. BTW, take care of yourself, too. Stay safe.


    • Thank you for the kind words. My parents ‘ age makes them so vulnerable. My mother does some gardening to soak up some sunlight and Vitamin D. ^_^ Not much has changed for the both of them, anyway, although she misses grocery shopping and driving.


      • I think when supply of N95 masks becomes sufficient for medical workers that those masks should also become available for members of vulnerable populations. Even after lockdowns are lifted, the virus is not going away.


        • The virus not going away, I’m afraid that’s highly possible.

          And I hope more companies right here in America can produce quality masks, especialy if this virus doesn’t go away permanently .


  5. Stay safe ate Ren!


  6. Do you remember Bitter?
    Guess who I found by accident? Well I found Bitter aka UniSciKill. She doesn’t have a blog but I found her writing. None of its current though. But she was writing during the release of 50shades. I can’t believe it!


    • Whoa, really ? She did tell me why she disappeared. ( I received an email from her. ) She was cyberbullied , I think ?? ( though I didn’t see that on her posts. ) Her posts were fun to read . Oh, wait, how did you manage to find her post ?


  7. Beware info from questionable sources like the Epoch Times. They also came up with the idea that since China had closed of 3+ million cell phone subs during the last few months, that must mean that’s the real death count. Didn’t even bother to speculate that during a shutdown cancelling a phone sub when you have multiple makes sense and most people in Asia have multiple lines.
    Sometimes the most direct explanation makes the most sense – a zoonotic infection along the lines of past infections like swine and bird flu.
    Hopefully everyone at your job is wearing masks as that helps keep contagious people from spreading.


    • It’s clearly a propaganda piece. They’re as subtle as a jackhammer.

      What I’m interested in is the high and real possibility of genetically deadly, highly infectious SARS/Covid virus being created in a highly secretive ( being a secret is a given , even here in the US ) Level 4 biological research lab located right there in Wuhan. and not from some wet market nearby.

      GMOs, test tube babies, genetically altered plants and animals…. stuff out of science fiction movies……. there are endless possibilities.

      After the rest of the world is done just trying to survive , I hope scientists can start asking and assessing what really happened, unmindful of any political implications.

      We have to think outside the box.


  8. Posted by Serene on April 14, 2020 at 7:26 am

    Take care and stay safe! Hope that everything is okay for you and your family.


  9. You’ve been doing this on my site for a long time now, and I’ve tried to be polite … but this time , you’ve taken it up several notches . Your comment is oozing with toxic sarcasm , insults , and mockery, bordering on the personal. You’ve even insinuated that my ” Listerine your mouth ” on my previous post was just an ad for a mouthwash manufacturer, when in fact, I got that from Harvard Medical School Publishing.

    You’ve even exchanged harsh words with my commenters here. Well, what do I expect ? You’ve written harsh replies to your commenters at your own site , anyway.

    Are you an expert on everything ? You are always right, and everyone who doesn’t agree with you is stupid and wrong ? You’ve implied that much on one of your more recent posts. I cringed at the jaw -dropping arrogance of that post. I did not dare comment on that because I was sure I wouldn’t win against your rudeness.

    Also, on one of your most recent posts , you’ve shown off such delight in the news that sale of guns is up, with buyers emptying shelves of gun stores, even suggesting what kind of gun to buy . You couldn’t even compromise on backround checks when it was up in air. But I didn’t dare comment on that , either.

    If you don’t like my site, don’t read, and don’t come here anymore. Why do you read my posts if you don’t like them ? I suspect it’s personal , and I don’t know why… you don’t me and I don’t know you either… political ? I’m a card carrying Democrat and you are ? ……. I don’t know what you are… you don’t like Trump this time , but you’ve been bashing Democrats to high heavens from Day one.

    I’ve written this, then cancelled 4x . I tried to calm myself , backed off by distracting myself , to no avail. I have to say what’s on my mind. You, sir, are a cyberbully.


  10. Take care always Ren. Ingat, ingat, ingat.


    • You, too, Tita Arlene.

      I’m glad the Philippines’ plight is not as dire compared to US, Italy and Spain, assuming the figures given by the government are right. That’s understandable, though. Even here in the US, not all can be tested.

      Tita, I also think most Filipinos are immune. We were there having great fun, not taking any precautions, walking around elbow to elbow, shoulder to shoulder, while the rest of the world was on fire, then, came back here to the US, Corona virus -free.

      While we were there, Tom Hanks and wife went to Australia, stayed a few days, and came home both positive.


  11. Take care Ren! You might have forgotten me but I used to write on the Wakuwafu blog a long long time ago ~ I’ve become back to blogging and remember reading through all your posts years ago haha, hope you are doing well in this time. I’ve also started again, so I would love to share my new stories with you as well so follow me back !

    Look fowards to chatting again!


  12. Stay safe indeed. We haven’t seen our daughters and grandchildren in over a month. Looking at the curves, we are barely at half the bell curve, in the best of cases. At least one, one and a half month away.
    Take care “Angustias”. 😉


  13. we are still in for the worst of it so we all must stay home and only go out to shop when we absolutely must,,,and then with a mask and gloves and 6 ft or more apart. be well and…continue,,,.


  14. It’s nice to read that someone with a solid science background is balancing their research intentions with full awareness of the immeasurable human side of this pandemic,


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