Time – Out ! !



Just taking a time – out from my minor paranoia  ( or is it a major one ? ugh )


I come home  from work  (  9 : 30 PM ),   open the door,  wipe the doorknobs with disinfectant, call out  ,  ” I’m home ! ! ”  ,  go straight to my room,  take a bath,  have a quick dinner alone,  go back to my room,  and finally,  I phone my parents.  ” How’s it goin’, mom ?  ”  ” Anyone sick at work ?”  ” No, no one. We’re all fine. ”  ” Good. We talk tomorrow, then.  Sleep early. ‘ Night.  ”


That’ s our routine.   efghstukmwcd ! !


Then, I watch YouTube for news and other things,  and check out  what I found ! !  !


A funny video from the Philipines made by Mikey Bustos, that describes  exactly what I do  everyday ( except the eating in a restaurant )  I laughed when Mikey rubbed  Vicks Vaporub  on his throat…. Vicks Vaporub is a cure-all in the Philippines. I remember  my mom rubbing it  on my chest when I had  a cold . He he .


C’mon, check it out.  Okay ? We do need a time out from this chaotic world.


Smile! ( or we all go crazy )



Take  care, wherever you are.


17 responses to this post.

  1. I have been going to work with Vick’s on my feet lol
    And I haven’t been going out since last week. Only grocery shopping but it’s been snowing nonstop. A foot of snow!😡🤬😂


  2. Cute! My mom rubbed Vicks under my nose and on my chest and then covered it with a cloth when I got sick as a child 🙂


  3. Vick’s vapor rub….ah, the smell still lingers after all these years! I hope you know that your blog posts are just plain fun to read. Stay safe in Cali!


  4. I hate the goopiness of Vicks. But when I can’t breathe, I’ll always end up running to get it!


  5. Dear renskyoko san. I was a little worried about you. I live in a foreign country like you.
    And it fights against small viruses as well as people around the world. Fortunately I am not sick. Currently, I have inconveniences in my life. Shops, parks and schools are closed, and the company is working at home. A night curfew was also issued. But humanity is not defeated. Be sure to kill the virus. Through every dark night, there’s a bright day. Sincerely. Y’s café.


  6. Posted by Serene on April 4, 2020 at 9:49 am

    You take care too! We will definitely make this through. 💪🏻


    • Yes, we”ll all make this through. This event is a game changer, don’t you think so ? In terms of hygiene, at the very least……. and how we handle our finances…… all for the better.


      • Posted by Serene on April 5, 2020 at 12:26 am

        Yes. More focus on ourselves. Can take this time to do what you always don’t have the time to like reading book, exercise and even learning online courses to upgrade yourself in the mean time which I intended to do so. What about you?


  7. I’m even busier because I’m a microbiologist at a dairy company, where production of milk and otherdairy products are at maximum…. no days off . And taking daily precautions do take a big chunk of my time at home. I do manage to read at least 2 chapters of the book of my favorite author, James Patterson, every other day, and I managed to finish an anime from Netflix, ha ha ha ( used to be an otaku, hehehe ) the other day. A big chunk of the day is spent sleeping to strengthen my immune system.


  8. I was surprised to see Mikey Bustos here so now I know you are also a Filipina 🙂


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