What if ? ? ?



Just thinking ……..


What if this virus permanently  establishes  itself in our environment and becomes  seasonal ?  What will happen  to the most vulnerable  among us ?


No more Thanksgiving and Christmas reunions with our folks ?


My parents already feel like housebound zombies .


This virus should be  annihilated, like polio virus. (  although it’s making a comeback  )


It does feel like an apocalyptic sci-fi plotline where people who reach a certain age are forced to  disappear from society.




But,  I’m overthinking…..


Please slap me.

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  1. That is actually a very frightening possibility.


    • I know. SARS has not returned, but I think SARS has evolved into a Sars-like virus that is more infectious and virulent. And just like any ordinary ,garden variety flu, it ‘s almost always fatal on the elderlies. Just my theory , though.

      What’s even more scary is my parents’ fatalism.


  2. No such thing as overthinking. Most people actually underthink…


  3. You don’t need slapping.There is some great deception going on in a business that has dealings with Trump. Some are researching it now. Thar business is capable of helping Covid-19 spread in larger proportions. If the spread continues, we are likely to have the pandemic for months as it stays alive in host bodies.


    • Xena, do you have the link ? This is a bit confusing . O^O


      • There are links between the corporate releases in Spain, and its local centers. I’ll give one. It’s a connect the dot type of thing between the links. What they all do however, is represent the company as plasma donation centers to qualify as an “essential business”. They are NOT donation centers. They are places that pay people for giving plasma, (which you no doubt know) is not blood. People come off the street. The one office that is local to me has more than 60 beds, and has gotten as many as 90 people a day during the stay-at-home order. They are not keeping the distancing requirement, either.

        I happen to know some of their employees, and they are frightened. Saturday, 3 called off sick. The company will not allow them to take family leave. If they want off work, they have to take their paid time off (if they have any). And, since they rely on what Trump said, (rather than the Governors), employees who decide to stay off work until the virus is gone will not qualify for unemployment insurance because the company is remaining open.



  4. Agree that we should fight this virus!


  5. Let’s just hope for a better tomorrow and an end to this crisis. Only God knows but let us not worry because He is sovereign and He is in control of everything 🙂


  6. Things will get better in future! Lets stay positive!


  7. Remember they are working on a vaccine. Once complete it would just be an additional shot added to the yearly flu shot that’s available.


  8. Frankly, the SARS-CoV-2 becoming established as an endemic virus is one of the possible outcomes. But the effects will be much less than they are now, for two reasons: we will develop vaccines, and those vaccines will become part of the vaccination schedule.

    This has occurred before, too. The example that I can think of is influenza H1N1, which circulates as part of the seasonal flu viruses.


    • I really hope for that….. and I hope the virulence of this virus , despite its characteristic, is lessened to ” highly treatable ” , and recovery rate for the elderly , and those with underlying conditions , improves from zero to 100 %. I don’t like the elderly to live like this, like isolating themselves from their loved ones, for the rest of their lives.


  9. We can hope for the best, but everything is uncertain for now. It is hard to think about normalizing this situation, because frankly, it does not support life. Hoping you stay healthy and safe at this time!


  10. I do feel like I’m in a zombie apocalypse movie. Things are getting so scary now!


  11. no reason for slaps and overthinking is a reasonable response to our predicament. what we’re hoping for are (1) therapeutics to treat and (2) vaccines to prevent. While cases of CV are rapidly increasing in Detroit, we also have several clinical trials of therapeutics started in area hospitals.


  12. The movie you are thinking of is “Logan’s Run” — I’ve seen it a few times. It’s dated but fun if you haven’t seen it before “a few times”. I feel like movie burnout due to you-know-what.


  13. I think you’re misunderstanding the purposes behind self-isolating. This is to prevent Covid-19 from becoming an established virus we suffer permanently from and seasonally. But if we fail at that, we won’t be self-isolating again. It just means every year, thousands of weak and elderly worldwide will die. But they already do – from flu and a huge range of other ailments. So far, Covid-19 kills very few. It’s just we don’t want to let it get a foothold. Kill it now and we save many hundreds of thousands in years to come. Fail, and life goes back to normal but with yet another horrible problem to add to the list of things to conquer.


  14. i hate to tell you that you are not overreacting. our inept president in the USA is doing his worst to make this thing spread. be careful and be well. continue…


    • I can tell you what I overreacted to ( I wanted to jump into the Tv screen and slap the living daylights out of them ) were those Florida springbreakers who were interviewed, especially that guy who said ,” If I’m going to get Corona virus, then I’ll get it, but it won’t stop me from partying.” Also WHO, especially the top honcho, who said people don’t have to wear masks. Actually, I never believed that.


  15. God I truly hope this is not the case!


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