Up Close and Personal, Corona Virus


So, it’s been  23 days  since our arrival from our  Philippine vacation  on Feb. 29.  I went to work the next day without knowing  I could have contracted the virus  over there,  and not show any symptoms , and therefore , could have infected  folks at work.,  over here in the US.   (  Please check out my previous post )  I should have gone on  14 -day quarantine leave  before going to work, but protocols  were not in place yet  regarding  this matter.  Sorry.


So far,  I don’t show any symptoms,  and  to my great relief, not one of  my co- workers has  gotten sick,  thank goodness.  Even my mom, who was with me in the Philippines,  and my Dad who didn’t go on vacation , are both A- okay, and they are both in their 60’s, you know.   My sister who works in LA is  thumbs up, as well.  She works with Ca State as toxicologist/microbiologist.


Funny how  each country gives community distancing a different name.


China and Italy— Lockdown

US — sheltering – in- place

Philippines —  Enhanced country-wide  quarantine  ( 24 hr. curfew for non-essential travel )  33 deaths as of March 23,  207 confirmed infection, over 2,000 PUIs  ( persons under investigation) , 18 recoveries  from critical )


I still go to work. In fact. I work at a dairy manufacturing company as a microbiologist ,  7 days a week for  2 weeks now, no days off…… production of milk and other milk products is at maximum.  Aside from our own brand, we produce  for others , as well ( store brands ) Our milk products  export to Taiwan is at maximum, too.


So guys, rest assured,  I’m not a walking  Corona virus.   * bowing head in humility *


It did scare and stress me out  for a while.


Oh, by the way,  my hands are already very dry and starting to crack due to frequent handwashing and I go to ridiculous lengths to socially distance myself, even in our  small laboratory and from my own parents.


  • sigh*


I want this to end already.


I’m mentally exhausted.






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  1. What a relief you and your family is healthy!
    I’m trying to maintain upbeat attitude about social distancing myself. It shouldn’t be hard for me because I’m such a loner but it’s the weekends. I can only imagine how the elderly and dementia patients feel🙁
    I hand wash and sanitize my hands constantly. They are so dry.
    I hope all goes well with you while you are social distancing yourself ✌️
    Hugs! 😃


    • Yes, thank goodness. But I don’t know how long this will last, Becky. It’s a constant battle against an unknown enemy . We do need to flatten the curve. Social distancing is sooooo important.


  2. I’ve got to go to work and because tree pollen is in the air I’ve got spring allergy and I sneeze quite a lot: I am might scare people who could assume I have coronavirus….


    • Pollens are in the air, and unfortunately spring is allergy season. I tried cleaning up the front yard the other day, but I kept on sneezing, so I gave up. Mom said she’d take care of it.

      We’re on a sort of lockdown, too, all restaurants, shopping malls are closed. I go out to work everyday because my work is categorized as ” essential”. Food manufacturer. My parents do not go out at all. I do the grocery shopping.


  3. It’s indeed frustrating that we just have to wait for a better news tomorrow 🙁


    • I’m hoping for , at the very least, a flattening of the curve , especially in the Philippines, where population is dense and compact. My heart goes out to the poor whose lives are dire enough before Covid 19…. I can just imagine the hardship they’re experiencing now.

      Take care and stay healthy.


  4. I understand the anxiety and overthinking. Hope things will really end soon.


    • Overthinking much, ha haha ! Or , a Drama Queen much ? He he he To be honest, I ‘m physically and mentally exhausted dealing with all these precautions, at work and at home, especially at home, where I try not to go near my parents who have isolated themselves for over 3 weeks now.

      How are you coping?


      • Just by not checking the news much now. It’s soooo stressful.


        • I know, right ? Except for figures, the news are exactly the same everyday. It’s numbing.

          I try to get as much sleep as I can. Lack of sleep lowers our immune system, and that’s what we need to avoid nowadays. So, much as I want to read a book, or play a video game, ( am a gamer, he he ), I don’t. I sleep early. I have 7 games lined up, waiting to be played , and I think this is the best thing to entertain myself and forget the world while in solitary confinement in my bedroom. Problem is, I tend to play up to the wee hours of the morning, and nowadays, that’s a big no – no.

          Anyway, take care,and stay healthy.


  5. Good that you are healthy.
    The work of people like you give hope. You alongwith all the Doctors, Healthcare personnel, Security forces and Essential service providers are the ones who are keeping the wheels running for the world.
    A round of applause and thanks to you.
    Stay safe and healthy Madam.. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


  6. I am tempted to say: “thank you for your service” as you works round the clock to produce food. Most politicos any where still don’t seem to realize that the critical issue if this goes on for weeks (and it will) will be food production.
    Like I said, make sure your parents are locked up. You should probably limit your contacts with them for a while. Daughter #1 is an MD, infecto and epidemiologist. She works at one of the top hospitals nearby. We were going to take care of the grandkids during the day and we did for a few days but we all cancelled it as my daughther and her husband will soon be in contact with patients. Hired a nanny to stay home with the kids.
    (Aside from that, were you happy going back home for a while?) 🙂


    • I’m just very thankful I still have a job. Most of the people I know are now out of work and very worried how long they will last in this situation.

      Your daughter and her husband are frontliners ! ! How’s Mexico doing ? I don’t hear much about the situation in Mexico, and I think that’s a good thing ??

      I was happy and eager to see the Philippines after 6 years. ( I was there in 2014 ) It felt like there was no Covid19 crisis there. We were fortunate to have returned to the US just before the Philippines was locked down and all “unnecessary and non- essential ” travel was halted.


      • Thank God for small favours. Hang on to your job. We don’t know how long this is gonna last.
        Glad you could visit home in peace. That was close but good.
        Mexico is probably headed to disaster. Too much government cover-up. Corruption. Not enough medical supplies… Fingers crossed.
        Stay safe-


  7. Good to hear that you and your family are well! My goodness, you worked so hard. I hope you will get time off after working non-stop in a week. Wishing you to stay healthy and have a good rest..


    • Thank you .

      Not complaining for no time-off , though. Most of the people I know are out of work now. It’s so disheartening.

      All my free time are now spent sleeping.


  8. There you are! Stay healthy and use lots of lotion between washings.


  9. Drs. Elvis Francois and William Robinson are chief residents in Mayo Clinic’s orthopedic department.


  10. Ren, I have wrapped you and your family in my prayers. I learned long ago, after almost dying from different breathing sicknesses and illnesses when I was you to trust in God’s living word. In Jeremiah 17:14 NKJV. That if we believe we will receive certain blessings and many of my Aunts and grandparents aways prayed, and I was healed of many things. The word says in verse 14, “Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed, Save me and I shall be saved, for, For you are my praise. Pray the prayer three times each day and even include your family by saying< Heal us Lord, and we will be healed: Save us and we will be saved, For You are our Praise!. Love you, my sister! God bless!


  11. This too, shall pass 🙂


  12. I strongly suspect that life will change as it did after 9/11–think of how airport travel changed. But an antidote to this virus will be found, but even then there will be changes in public policy for future health matters, and that will be good.


  13. Mental stress is a very real thing these days, and it is vital for all to find that place to go–both in our home or inside or mind to relax and get to calm. Good books are a great place to hide away–within the pages. All the best and stay safe.


  14. unfortunately, this will take a good while. stay cautious and be well. continue…


  15. Posted by KP on April 2, 2020 at 4:54 pm

    Thank you for your post. I appreciate the comforting passage, Isaiah 33:24 where it promise no resident will say “I am sick.”


  16. Well-written!!!
    Here’s the link to my article on how the COVID-19 outbreak impacts our family during the national lockdown here in India.


  17. I know someone who predicted this before it happened.

    Here’s her latest video, with links to more info.

    Here’s one on the global depression.


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