Hello ! ! I’m back from my Philippine vacation ! No corona virus , he he. Ooops, sorry, bad joke.




I’m back here in good ol’ US of A ! !


And I  didn’t bring  any Corona Virus  from the Philippines ! !   Hah ! !


Though I did get a bit apprehensive coming home.  The Philippines had  temporarily banned travelers from South Korea from going to the Philippines.    My plane  was Korea Air, and my  trip  had a 3 hour layover in Seoul and a change of plane going to the US. ( By the way,  Korea Air was almost empty  ! ! !   I’m not kidding . ) That was indeed worrisome.   FYI,  South Korea is # 1  in tourist arrivals in the Philippines, about 2 million a year, not including the large number of South Koreans studying in the Philippines and  the  huge Korean community  living  in the country.  So, the ban was a huge blow to  tourism industry in the Philippines.  (  China is #2. USA is #3. )    Of course,  the Philippines allowed travelers going to Korea to leave the country…. the question  was, would the US  allow us to disembark without getting us,  all US citizens,  quarantined  for 14 days on US soil ?




All’s well that ends well.  I’m  back ! ! !   So happy ! !




Above is photo of  Taal Volcano that erupted  on Jan. 13, 2020.  (  view from Starbucks )  It’s still emitting smoke from the crater.





Volcano on upper right of the photo.  That’s me in the photo.




View of the volcano from the restaurant named Balay Dako. .  Steam/smoke  can be seen  emitting from volcano.  It’s still on Level 3 alert,  but,  tourism is the people ‘s  # 1 source of livelihood,  so yeah,  screw it.  Business is open.




Delicious food at the restaurant.


This is all for now.  This is just to let you know I’M BACK ! !


More about my Philippine vacation later.


Bye ! !

18 responses to this post.

  1. Sizzling sisig?


    • Yes ! Sisig ! Obvious ba? Haha, Also, bulalo( of course ), callos, lumpia, Beef steak Filipino, Chicken inasal, cucumber salad, and laing…. all very yummy. The restaurant was full, waiting time to get seated was almost 15 minutes. Not surprised coz the food was very delicious.


  2. Nice shot of Taal Volcano. Glad to know you are back in US soil safe!


  3. Hi Ren!
    It’s good to see you had fun (from the pictures)
    The pictures of food is making me hungry! I haven’t eaten yet! Lol
    Ugh that Coronavirus is getting out of hand!
    A student took a trip to Japan, when she returned she fell ill. Now she is quarantined.
    I read that N.Korea’s president put an official to death for travelling to China. The president has a strict quarantine law in effect now. No one is allowed to travel.
    At least you are home safe!


    • Ah, North Korea …. what do we expect from this dictator. Heh !

      I’m surprised it felt so safe in the Philippines. I didn’t see anyone wearing a mask.


      • Indeed?
        Really? No masks
        In Vancouver people were wearing empty water bottles on their heads. In a small city 4 hours from where I live, the Costco sold out of masks, TP, sanitizer lol


  4. Tagaytay is unique…


  5. Hope you had a wonderful vacation. 🙂

    Glad to see you arrived back safely and no coronavirus.


  6. what? no bikini pictures??? I am so depressed now.


  7. Hi Ren, glad you enjoyed your Philippine vacation.


  8. welcome back and happy you’re healthy!


  9. Beautiful photos and I’m happy to know you’re back safely. You know people are going crazy with this Covid-19. We can’t even joke about it.


  10. Welcome back, we were due to fly just after Taal erupted,and we only live fourteen miles from it but we decided not to when Corona struck. Still we will be going back in April. I’m struck by the hysteria of Filipinos when they seem to have it a lot better off than other countries. Still it helps keep perspective.


  11. I have to say I thought of you immediately when I read about the Philippines and Corono. SO glad all good with you. Stay safe and keep washing those hands 🙂


  12. We suppose to go to PH a few days ago but have to cancel of course. Good for you that you already did before the terrible outbreak there. It’s a Chinese tourist who brought the virus there, unfortunately! 😦


    • We bought the tickets in September, 2019…. had been excited for so long we couldn’t cancel , much as we wanted to. ~_~ We were there from Feb.15 – 29….. left just in the nick of time coz the Philippines declared a lockdown less than one week after. We were also lucky our health was compromised, especially my mother’s who was very vulnerable.


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