No Matter What……..




  • Sings *    I’m leaving on a jetplane.      , La, la ,, la ……but I know when I’ll be back again ……. Feb. 29, 2020.


So many things have happened  in the Philippines and worldwide,  enough reasons to abort our  much – awaited vacation in the Philippines.


  1. Taal Volcano eruption on  Jan. 13, just 30 miles from our house in  Paranaque, Metro-Manila.  We bought 3 boxes ( 20 masks per box)  to protect us from  the ashes that  fell  over Manila.

2. Corona virus…… My airline was Eva Airlines, Taiwan’s official carrier. Our flight  was  San Francisco——- 2 hour lay-over at Taiwan’s airport —— Manila, Philippines.  Unfortunately, just this week, Monday,  the Philippine government banned travelers from Taiwan  from entering the country, including transients from other countries, like me, whose point of origin is the USA.   My mom frantically  told me to immediately cancel my Eva Airlines schedule.  I did  that just 2 days ago, and bought Korea Air, with a 2 – hour lay-over in Seoul, Korea.  I got the last 4 spaces .  Majority of the passengers  are Eva Airlines cancelees. I hope the Philippine government won’t ban  Korea.   South Korea and  the Philippines  are besties.

3.   Believe it or not,  I can’t find  masks here in our city, nor in Los Anegeles.  ( according to my sister ) .  I’ve been to so many stores here ( Rite-Aid, WalGreens, CVS, Target, WalMart, Home Depot ) …… Zilch, zero, none.  What ????  No masks even here in the US????? The heck !




please wish us luck.  My Mom, sister, co-worker, and yours truly are leaving on Saturday, Feb. 15.


I’m going to bring my laptop, and hope I can find time to blog.


Bye ! !  Muaaaah !


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  1. Korean Airlines is probably the best and the airport in Seoul Incheon is incredible. Have a nice vacation in the Philippines…wish I could go back but work is calling


  2. As long as South Korea doesn’t suffer a major break out, you should be fine with avoiding Duterte’s wrath/closed border. My guess is the masks sold out over immediately by those who worry and doomsday preppers for what little stock the store had. Only a small fraction of folks have it here, and it’s only on folks that traveled to the area, so the stored likely don’t think they need large amounts in stock.
    Good luck and be safe.


  3. Have a blessed trip Ren. It’s nice to have you back here kahit magulo ang pulitika.


  4. Best of luck.

    Have a wonderful trip. 🙂


  5. There were no masks available online in the US weeks before I flew to Oz. Thankfully, I am neurotic and had a box left over from swine flu, or was it SARs, so hard to remember all the pandemic panics. Safe travels. Look at the bright side, you are not going by cruise ship!


    • Oh, you’ve heard about the cruise ships ? * shakes head*

      My mom is a little panicky. We’re bringing rubbing alcohol ( we heard the stores there are running out of stock ) , hand sanitizers, sanitizing wipes, etc. Good thing we were able to buy 2 boxes ( or 3??) before the news re Corona virus exploded.


  6. Take care my dear. 🙏🏻


  7. They don’t do much anyway; just wash your hand a lot.


  8. Nice one. Please check out my blogs as well.


  9. Best of luck. Enjoy. Don’t worry. No masks anywhere… I think the Chinese made most of the world’s masks… Maybe they are keeping it for themselves. I know Hong Kong doesn’t have masks anymore…
    Enjoy your trip.


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