TALA, a song by Sarah Geronimo from the Philippines , and I lost 12 pounds memorizing the moves !



My last post before the previous  and this one was Sept.13, 2019 .  September is the start of  the holiday season production at the dairy company where I work. …. Lots of overtimes and almost no days  off.  Everyone was well compensated though.   ( I need extra money for my vacation  in the Philippines  13 days from now. Yay ! Countdown ! !


So, what else did I do during my long hiatus ?


I went on a strict low carb diet  ( no bread, rice, pasta , and any kind of dessert  )


And  did  rigorous  exercises   by  following  the TALA dance moves  from the video of a popular singer from the Philippines,  Sarah Geronimo.  ( I heard it’s now # 12 on International  Billboard. )  ” Tala”   is Filipino for star.   Oh, it already has 80 M views ! ! I think I viewed it one million times, trying to memorize the moves.  Ah, my hips !   It hurts ! !  Haha !


Guys, believe me, I lost 12 pounds  from all that hip thrusting and hip swaying.  …… It’s true ! !


Here’s the video…. Well, it’s in Filipino language…. you don’t have to know what she’s singing about….. just watch her ! !


C’mon,  click it here. Okay ? ?



Actually,  I watched  and memorized the dance moves  from some tutorial  videos on youtube.


This is all for now.


Bye !

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  1. About 5 years ago I lost more than 25 kg by getting rid of sugar, refined carbs and eating veggies for the most part. I’ll try listening to that song. I might lose some more weight…


    • It’s kind of keto….. but not a strict one. I need some carbs , too. or else I won’t survive at work. I’m on my feet 9 hours a day.


      • We do need carbs but only wholegrain ones. The ideal meal should be 50% veggies, 25% healthy proteins and 25% wholegrain carbs (at least according to studies done at Harvard). It works at least for me…


  2. 12 pounds? wow!!


  3. I’m trying the all-carb diet and restricting all hip movement . . . I’ll let you know how it goes, but if it works, it’ll sweep the nation . . . all nations.


    • The truth and nothing but the truth…. the reason for the diet is ……..I’m going to pig out in the Philippines.. In fact , we already ordered a whole roasted pig for a family reunion on the 22nd, hehe.


  4. I admire your eating stamina! I also admire coordination! I have two left feet!
    My hips can’t move like that 😂


    • Becky, I’m gonna have a food trip in the Philippines ! ! ! I need to lose a lot weight before I go there . Aaargh !

      By the way, did you watch the video ? If so, what do you think? You like it?


      • I watched the video! I loved the outfit! Her dancing was great!
        Oh food trip! I’m drooling in envy!
        Especially pancit! I haven’t had that in awhile


  5. Magnificent Sarah. And yeah, 12 pounds, ang galing!


    • Less carbs really helped… and I avoided sugar. It was torture avoiding food during the holiday… ah,that mango cake and leche flan.


      • Red Ribbon has a luscious and tasty mango cake.


        • Tita, we have a Red Ribbon bakery here in our city. Do you know how much their mango costs over here? $ 24.00. That’s Php 1, 224.00. How much is it over there? Also , one piece of their empanada is $2.75….That’s about Php 140.00 for one small piece of empanada. Filipino products are overpriced. A 12-inch diameter cheesecake at Costco sells for only $12.00.


  6. Enjoy your time in the Philippines – I miss Cebu so much and really would like to go back soon!

    She looks good on this video – I’m sure her moves are a great work out! I can’t help but feel a little sad that the music is all so western though. I would love to hear some genuine, original Filipino music!


    • Philippine music is different from those of Asian countries. The sound has been “Western” for hundreds of years due to Spanish influence. Then, add American influence ( Philippines as US colony for almost 50 years ) …… that sealed it. Filipinos have been singing I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas since then. And Besa Me Mucho, lol.


  7. Well done you. WIsh I could do that 🙂


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