Another volcanic eruption in the Philippines? Seriously ?





On January 12,  Taal  Volcano in the Philippines,  located  about  60 km.  (  37  miles ) south of   Manila , erupted again.  Its last eruptions were in 1965 ( and lasted  til 1969) , and in 1977.  This time, right after the eruption,  volcanic ashes ( again !)  blanketed  places  way beyond the 14 km. radius danger zone, forcing even those from Manila to wear masks.


In 1991, the biggest volcanic eruption of the 20th century  was that of  Mt. Pinatubo, about  60 miles north of   Manila.   The eruption was so huge it penetrated the stratosphere and lowered  the earth’s temperature by  .50 C .  Ashes blanketed the whole of Metro-Manila, with zero visibility, and  made 12 noon looking  like 12 midnight.  Ashes that fell over Manila were at least 1 inch thick.  Needless to say, areas near Mt. Pinatubo were erased  off  the face of the earth.


Not to mention the strongest typhoon  in the history of mankind, Typhoon Haiyan,  in 2014  .  It was so strong it went beyond Category 5, and caused a 14 meter high tsunami-like storm surge.


Then, add the frequent earthquakes to this pile of disasters……. To Filipinos, 6.4  in the Richter scale is nothing.  I’d  said this before, and I say this again, people of the Philippines eat disasters and natural catastrophes for breakfast.


Pardon my language but ,  this was me when I heard the news of eruption.  I was like,  what about my vacation? ?  Okay, that’s thoughtless of me…. I mean , here I am, worrying about my vacation, while  over there, people are suffering.







Seriously, Philippines ,  what the heck !


Well,  Mom, my sister , a co-worker,  and I , are going to the Philippines  17 days from now. Our original itinerary does  include Taal Volcano…. unfortunately, my co-worker  is now more  eager and determined  to see the  “scene of destruction”  .   (  Uhm,  I wanna see it too.  )  .  It’s been lowered to Category 3, to date….. I hope it’ll be okay and safe  by the time we get there.  Aaargh !  (  I bought a box of  N95  mask.) Fyi, these are no ordinary ashes. They are made of microscopic shards of “glass”… from super -heated  volcanic materials .  They are very  dangerous to our lungs  when inhaled.


One of the photos  below  is that of  yours truly, taken  at the very scenic Taal Volcano in 2014.  By the way, it’s the smallest volcano in the world and take note…… do you see the mountain on the left side of the picture ??? The mountain  surrounds another lake which is actually the caldera of the volcano.







  • sigh *


This is all for now.


By the way, my last post before this was in September , 2019.


Don’t ask.


Bye ! !







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  1. Natural disasters seem to like taking their vacations in the Philippines as well by the sounds of it.

    A time for them to really cut lose and shake things up a bit.

    I think I shall quit before Shakespeare’s ghost says, “Thou anthromorphize natural disasters too much.”


    • Last month, my mom said she was a bit apprehensive about Taal Volcano’s recent activities . The distance to our house is a bit problematic, ,he he. The Philippines is a small country with 57 active volcanoes , and many more that are considered dormant ( like Mt. Pinatubo, so who knew ? )

      We’re going to Boracay Island where we have a vacation house. A huge storm visited the island a month ago. It shattered the sliding glass door and blew off a part of the roof. There are workers repairing our house, so we can’t stay there. So, we just booked 2 rooms in a nearby hotel. Expensive ! !

      Re these unwelcome visitors…. do you know the lands around the volcano are super fertile ? That’s the silver lining . Nature will give back something better a few years from now.


  2. I’m from Alitagtag, Batangueno (too close to Taal Volcano) and the eruption in 1965 did not last till 1969. I don’t know where that statistic came from. I was still in the PI when Taal erupted in 1965.


    • Oh, I just read about it. I think the volcano continued spewing out smoke for 4 years without doing harm to surrounding areas. The one in 1911 continued on for 7 months, according to the volcano’s history. In fact, Category 1 was already issued as early as March, 2019. when more vents around the lake opened up , spewing hot steam. That’s 10 months ago. We do’t know how long Cat. 3 will stay as such on the volcano… months, years , so much so that the president declared that piece of real estate around Taal Volcano permanently a no man’s land. well, that’s what the data means, I think.


  3. Hi Ren, welcome back. Hope you’ll have a meaningful vacation soon. Yes, we are inundated with disaster after disaster.


  4. My last was on Sept.13, 2019… that was 4 months ago. I’ve got a lot of stuff going on… even now, I can’t find the time to sit down and read . So, how are you doing ? Do you still wear a mask ? My mom will wear a mask immediately when we get there. She’s already 67 years old, and is not 100 % … also suffered asthma when she was young, so the dust might trigger return of this condition. So is everything okay in Taal ?


  5. How are you doing Ren?
    It was scary seeing the news about Taal.
    I hope you still get to enjoy your vacation when you’re in the Philippines. I’m almost jealous! Warm weather balmy beaches sounds wonderful instead of cold weather. It finally warm up here to-7C! Yikes 😬


    • I heard the volcano ‘s spewing ash again. So, I don’t if we can actually go there to experience the whole thing.

      Warm at -7 C ? Ha ha ! I’m already shivering at 15 C.


  6. Welcome back “Socorro”. (I did notice your “vacations”) (And I won’t ask)
    Don’t worry about the volcano. You will have a great time home.
    Bon voyage.


  7. Wear a mask. There is one confirmed case of a tourist affected by the Corona virus. Also, the gov’t not allowing anyone to go to Taal yet. Ingat kayo and enjoy your vacation!


  8. i actually do not “like” – the world’s environment is being destroyed before our eyes. stay well. continue…


    • I’m more worried about man-made pollution. Do you know that the soil near the volcano and surrounding areas is super -rich and fertile ? Yes, most of them have been destroyed by the eruption ( Banana , coffee, pineapple, veggies, commercial flower plantations ) but it’s temporary. The soil will rejuvenate in a few years. That’s what happened to Mt.Pinatubo, also in the Philippines. After about 20years ( it erupted in 1991, it’s now a lush, forested area, and it made the soil very fertile.


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  10. Many thanx for sharing your write up and photos on this post. Aside from any unwanted destruction, at least these events show that our earth is still alive. Peace.


  11. And I must say, No amount of disaster could shatter the Filipino Spirit! We always rise up no matter what.


  12. ❤️🌹❤️🌹


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