Tenants from hell! !



Tenants from hell ! !


They vacated our house on June 23.


We inspected  the house the next day.


Ayiiiiieee !


Beyond words……


Our neighbor/contractor who came over to inspect the place  said we’d be out $20,000  easily.


Informed our insurance agent… will do inspection/adjusting/assess  for damages soon.


Total carpet replacement…  no bedroom doors…cracked toilet bowls  ,changed the keys.. the swimming pool is a mess. Yep. it was that bad.


There are holes on the walls that look like they ‘ve been  kicked.


There is a painted message on a wall… F ***  You ! , it says.


It took us just a few minutes to feel we were at  the edge of a steep cliff, looking down on darkness below.

I hope the tenants find themselves  at a bad place,  consigned to a life of eternal sorrow.


That’s all.







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  1. So lumayas na. next time, choose your tenants well. Good riddance to them. Sinadya yan Ren so you would spend for the repair. Mga bastos naman.


    • My .cousin and her husband will rent it, Tita. My cousin lives with us and now, her husband, too. He used to live in the university dorm.. but had already graduated so had to move out… and since the house is not ready, they are both staying with us.


  2. You should consider taking them to court for criminal vandalism. Much of that damage sounds intentional. At least the silver lining is they are finally out.


    • I want them taken to court, but my parents don’t want to deal with them anymore. They say they are already to stressed to the max , as it is.


  3. Posted by Cassidy Frazee on June 27, 2019 at 9:57 am

    Take them to court. Really, they need to pay on that.


  4. Posted by Bebekoh on June 27, 2019 at 11:22 am

    Finally they left. They gave you so much headaches. They did this on purpose. Don’t let them come back. 😛


  5. Glad they left at least, but sorry they left the place a pigsty and vandalized the place. Good luck if you decide to pursue for damages. Know your cousin is moving in, but if you ever do rent again, always take pictures before and after. No doors and such is definitely not normal wear & tear.


    • Krystallina, my parents have decided not to pursue them for damages. Right now, the main tenant is out of work… we know, because we received a letter from the state addressed to her regarding unemployment benefits. No, we didn’t open the letter, but the sender is from the state’s unemployment agency.


  6. How awful! I hope you sue them for criminal damages!


  7. your mom is probably right. you could go to court and get a judgment against them. then the judgment plus $1,99 would get you a cup of coffee. one thing to get a judgment; another thing entirely to collect


  8. Sorry to hear about this situation. I rented my deceased parents’ house back in the 90’s. It saddened me deeply to see things that had been in place since 1958 destroyed. After getting rid of the first tenants, I rented it to a friend who got into it with a man who set the house on fire. After making repairs, the insurance company cancelled the policy. I sold the house. At times, it’s not worth the headache.


    • “Set the house on fire….. Xena, that’s hardcore ! ! ! !


      • Turns out he had a reputation for setting fires and was smart enough to know that the fire department would not want it classified as arson because that leads to insurance cancellation which places the community and homeowner at risk. There was a puppy in the apartment that he closed in a closet. It died of smoke inhalation.


        • * Speechless* A criminal psychopath ! Did you file a complaint to the police?


          • I sure did, but Chicago police did nothing. In the small town where I did business, a detective took interest and began investigating the lunatic’s past. (That was because I personally knew the Chief of Police in that town.) The lunatic was eventually tracked down but the other police department could not get the cooperation of the Chicago police to charge him. The last I heard,he was arrested some years ago in Atlanta, GA for trespassing on federal property.


            • That’s troubling. Arson is a serious criminal offense. *shakes head.* I wonder why the police did nothing.

            • Chicago police, like police in some other jurisdictions, prefer leading victims of property damage into the civil court rather than making arrests that most times, District or State attorneys refuse to prosecute.

              Here’s hoping your situation betters.

  9. Wow that is so horrible and scary. Having someone trash your place. I don’t understand how people can’t take pride in their homes. Respect that the place they are renting.
    I had neighbors like that.
    Much luck to you and your family 😘 I hope your parents can be stress free soon and all will go well so that your cousin and his wife can move in.


  10. Sadly some people are utter scum, it’s horrible and I feel for you guys. I hope they get the karma they deserve, if you believe in that sort of thing.


  11. So sorry to hear. What a mess. My heart goes out to you! 💕


  12. Again, I’m glad you got rid of them. Apart from the cost of restoring the place, the sad thing is they will go do the same to other people. There is no justice.


  13. A similar situation happened recently in a rented home across the street from us. Holes in the wall, tub and sinks never cleaned (blackened with filth), pet droppings on rugs, and more. Cost to landlord w.as over 30 grand The problem with such incidents, especially when renters like this take off without paying for the damages– is that some other relative or friend will sign the lease for the next place they rent– thus never getting a previous history or credit check. You really need to check heavily on folks renting your homes.


  14. I thought these things only happened in Italy. We have a house 300 km away from where we live and when we attempted to rent it out our tenants almost didn’t pay us (and if they have children you can hardly evict them) and destroyed everything…


    • That’s true ! Same here in the US…..
      No eviction if there are children.


      • That is why we think twice before renting out because there are huge taxes to pay plus all the maintainance and, unless one is very wealthy, a landlord can’t afford to do the maintainance and pay taxes when tenants can’t pay, especially if the landlord is old and renting out is the only way he can eke his retirement pension out


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