So much greed and evil



I’ve been busy . .. no days off last week. It’s okay . I’m saving up for a GoPro and my vacation in the Philippines in February.  I have one or two friends /co-workers coming with me.  They will be my guests , so ….


I’m supposed to rant on this post but I changed my mind…. Instead, I donated to DailyKos, an online media and an independent news source that depends on donations from the public.


Also,  please pay attention to what’s going on in Asia, specifically SouthEast Asia. It’s the world’s  powder keg that shouldn’t be ignored anymore. Please, please read up.


I have nothing else to say, for now.  I managed to restrain myself  from ranting, thank goodness.   To be honest, I’m bad at civil discourses and political correctness.

Never trust. Just do what is right and just, but don’t expect  others to do the same thing.  Be vigilant.  The world is full of  greed and evil.


Okay,  Ren, stop now.



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  1. And oftentimes it’s the greed that’s responsible for the evil. Enjoy your vacation, Ren.


    • That’s about 7 months from now, ha ha… but I am already ‘excited. The last time I was there was 5 years ago.

      That’s true. Greed is responsible for all the evil in the world. Idealogy is another one.


  2. Enjoy your vacation here in the Philippines! Ingat kayo ng friends mo ha. ☺️


  3. Very true. Greed and evil will bring the world down. You must be very excited to go Back. 5 years is a long time.
    (Have your parents solved the tenant issue?)


  4. Hugs Ren!
    A nice vacation sounds great! Especially on the Borcay Islands I’m so jealous right now! 😎
    I sometimes want to rant on my posts as well. I would get a half page typed, my anger disappears and then I feel guilty for letting my readers read my negative thought! So I would either delete the post or save it!
    Your idea is much better! Donations!
    Have fun on your vackay!


  5. Hi Ren, instead of GoPro, check out Olympus TG6……and compare


    • I planned on buying one, but an unnecessary expense came up, like we had to book a hotel in Boracay. There’s some major work being done on our vacation house in Boracay, so the house is unavailable. ( result of Ursula typhoon) . Well, I still have half a month to decide whether I’ll buy or not. Over here, it’s about $ 500 basic.


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