Ha ! ! I’m on $$$ mode ! Totally hyped !



It’s been a while.


I’ve been busy these past few weeks, with only one day off a week, and lots of overtimes.  I’m glad for the extra work, though. I’m planning to buy a GoPro with a selfie stick { he he}  for our planned vacation in the Philippines in February, 2020, with my sister and mother.  Well, it isn’t really a vacation… it’s for some important “family”  business we have to take care of. My mom needs our physical presence and ” signatures” so that she and my aunt can finally transfer family  properties to us.( We are my aunt’s heirs , as well. )  They say they are already old and so they need to keep things in order to avoid  “trouble” , when the “inevitable” comes….. like who will inherit what . My  brother who can’t come with us jokingly  told us” Don’t be greedy, or I’ll sue you. ” I had already shown you guys a photo of our vacation house on Boracay Island ,Philippines.

This is a 3level  house ( the fourth is a view deck, shown above,) 7 bedrooms, 4 toilet/bath, all rooms fully air-conditioned.. The house is already furnished.  Uhm, sorry for shamelessly promoting our house. Ha ha The tenants’ contract ends in 2020, and we’re planning to make it an airbnb. So, if you’re a  reader living in the Philippines, contact me in 2020. (^_^)


We have another vacation house in Baguio City, the Cordilleras, Mountain Province. Baguio City is a mountain resort in the Philippines.  Our house is a 3 level one with 4 bedrooms, 3 toilet/baths, and also fully furnished. It’s located high up, with a million dollar view  of the Cordilleras.

That’s me sleeping in the photo above, all covered with blanket. ( It was very cold ) You can also see a great view of the mountains from the veranda, shown above. Also shown above is a row of townhouses where our house is located. There’s no one living there now, but we’re also planning to rent it out, airbnb, soon.


Okay, so this post is all about $$$$$$. We have 4 more properties, all tenanted, but they’re   all located in the capital city of Metro-Manila in the Philippines. That’s why it’s very important that we keep things in order and organized .


Meanwhile, here’s an update on our tenant problem here in the US..   The tenants have promised to vacate our house on June 23., in a registered letter , signed by the tenant.  My parents have decided to cut their losses and  just wait it out… Our lawyer has warned us not to do anything despite the losses, because there’s always a possibility  of a tenant filing  a malicious lawsuit against a landowner. ( knock on wood)


Sorry, guys, I’m suddenly on a business mode… Boring, huh ! Whatever,   I want to decorate ! ! !




Bye and Peace ! !







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  1. Wow your place on the island is nice!
    One of my coworkers went to Boracay and the pictures she took were so beautiful!
    The problem with tenants, squatters and landlords is getting bigger.
    I believe squatters have no rights, they are trespassing.
    If a tenant breaks the lease and are given a warning they too are a trespassing.
    Kick them out.
    But that’s my opinion.
    I always try to be a good tenant.
    Good luck for parents 🤗


  2. For your parents. Oops 😬


  3. You have a lovely vacation house Ren. I hope you are is not affected by the influx of chinese establishments over there. Some reviews of the island now are not as good as before, bumabaha sa ibang lugar. I wonder what the Villars will do with the place they bulldozed supposedly to improve it but I think it is for a future establishment. Some of the locals are now displaced.


    • Tita Arlene , don’t get me started ! ! !They are locusts and hordes of zombies who walk around on the beach wearing high heels. Even New York Times says they are the most disliked tourists ( anywhere in the world) ,,, problem is, the world need their business.


      • Oh well, can we get rid of them?


        • How can we? The president seems to favor them … so ghetto. Good thing people are protesting. # 1, their signboards do not have English translations, and even their receipts are in their language.. which is a clear violation of the law. Official receipts should be in English. What do the news in the Philippines say about this situation?

          They are doing this in Laos and Myanmar at their borders. They “invest” in infrastructures, putting up structures, restaurants, etc… as if these countries are being “helped” , but before they know it, hordes of ‘them” are already residing there.


          • Have you heard of the news lately, about a chinese vessel ramming a stationary bangka and left the 22 mangingisda afterwards without even helping them? I guess that was intentional but Malacanang and the foreign affairs secretary are defending china. oh well…


            • Yes,, we have.

              Really, the president and foreign affairs secretary are defending them> And how are they defending them?

              And what is the media saying? This is making my blood boil.

            • Panelo says dutz need “calibrated responses” I don’t know what that means. probably in favor of china, what else?

        • Tita, the seas are their objects. The seas around their country are already over-fished.


  4. Posted by Bebekoh on June 12, 2019 at 5:56 am

    Your place is gorgeous and the views are spectacular! 🙂


    • Yes, they are, Bebekoh! ! I particularly like the one in the Cordilleras. The house is located on mountain side… I mean , it’s hanging on a cliff…. Though I’m scared of landslide. Ugh !


  5. What a beautiful place 💙


  6. Glad to know the issue about your tenant seems almost over now, with your tenant promising to vacate on a certain date. Hoping all goes well.


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