An Update on Tenant-Landlord Problem


My parents have lawyered up.







We are hoping the tenant  doesn’t pay  her rent due in first week of May, so we can kick her out at the end of the month. If she  pays, the 60 day Notice of Termination takes effect…. WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT SHE IS  AIMING FOR ! !   Bummer.


Meanwhile, my cousin and her husband are staying with us, all ready to move out at the end of the month.  Hubby just graduated from university, and lived  at  the  university dorm but had to vacate after graduation.  His family lives in San Diego, Southern California… I guess they’ll have to live with us for 60 more  days, he he.  This white Italian American husband   has to get used to the smell of adobo cooking in our  kitchen.  ^_^


” Kick her out”… Don’t think we’re heartless. She’s been renting for almost 9 years, and has never, ever paid on time ( almost at the end of the month, rent is due first week of the month, and more often then not, not a complete payment). The rent of $1550 is cheap. The going rate for a small 2- bedroom apartment here in our city is about $1,200 to 1,400 /month.  This  house has 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a nice swimming pool ( with a cute waterfall, and a slide. ) That $1550 rent just helps my parents out to pay for the house’s  $2,250 monthly mortgage.  Are my parents profiting ? Do the math.


There’s now a slight change in my  perspective towards this kind of stuff.  We  have a vacation house on Boracay Island in the Philippines. Boracay is a resort island. Anyway, before construction, we discovered there was a family squatting on our property.  They wouldn’t leave, and even harassed the construction workers who were already at the site with their hammers and spade…. the  squatters , on the other hand,  had  machete in their hands.  ( I leave the scene to your imagination. O_O  )  The corrupt “barangay ” chairman  suggested that we just pay the family to avoid trouble. We gave them 150,000 Philippine pesos. ( $3,000 )  If you’re Filipino reading this,  you know these folks (  squatters/illegal settlers, or to be politically correct, /informal settlers )   feel entitled , right?… like the rest of humanity  owes them something. I’m sorry for saying that.


Below is our vacation house. We’re lucky there are South Korean tenants living there whose contract ends in 2020. ( they pay one year  advance…Nice ! ) Do you know that 7-bedroom,  4 baths , 4 -level house is  just  $ 1,500 a month ????  And we’re renting out our house here in the US for $1,550 ! ! Ha ha ha… Housing in the Philippines is so cheap !




Okay, I digress.  My point is, my parents are not that inexperienced re rental business.  They just don’t know US housing laws.


Anyway, we leave this to the lawyer.  My siblings and I are going to help with litigation cost.


Eh. I talk too much.  Bye for now, and peace.







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  1. Hope it works out for you 🙂 ,,,that tenant must be rich being able to pay $10 a day late fees after the 5th of the month due date❗️


  2. Good luck! I hope everything works out. 😊


  3. Good luck!


    • Thanks, Krystallina ! !


    • Krystallina !!! I tried to post a comment on your blog re Everyone’s getting Married, but it would go through… at least 5 attempts…..

      Anyway, I ‘ll just post my comment here….

      I’d read the manga… but I don’t know if I like it or not. I didn’t drop the manga because of the main female character, Asuka. Asuka is a strong-willed, independent, and principled heroine. I don’t like Ryu due to his adulterous relationship with his ex-lover. He ‘s become anti-marriage just because his ex doesn’t want to divorce her husband, and marry him. I also don’t like the fact that he’s willing to keep his relationship with a Asuka a secret , but he’s allowing his relationship with his ex , ( who is now his co-host on his TV show. ) be the fodder for gossip . I assume that’s for the ratings. he knows that these gossips will surely hurt Asuka. Tis is the reason why I don’t like the main male characters working in the entertainment business. 99.99 % relationship , most likely will not end well.


      • Well, it’s also because of the Japanese fanbase. In the US, people trip over themselves to learn about a new couple being born. Japan thinks they should be everyone’s idol. If fans could just let people in the media date normally, that would eliminate a lot of problems.

        But yeah, Ryu and his ex were both wrong. They were both stupid, especially since it went on for so long. In real life, that would be a major red flag. Husband sounds like he’s a terrible person too, so really, everyone is awful, and Ryu is old enough that it shouldn’t have colored his view of marriage so severely. I agree with you there.


  4. I don’t understand why you would feel compelled to pay a squatter to leave your property. They feel entitled? Why?


    • Here’s an example… They squat on private or government-owned land, and when asked to leave,they become violent and protest, and shout they’re being harassed because they’re poor, and they will not leave until the government gives them a home on relocation sites provided by the government. In our case, we just gave them money . When our construction workers went there , they were greeted with machetes. Owners of the land have become the devils who make the poor suffer….or something of the sort. Just like here in the US, more often than not, the courts favor them. It’s common here in the US, Look what’s happening to our rental house. I don’t know if you still remember what happened in Oregon. Some people ( ranchers) squatted on government land…. the ranchers had guns, the government brought in the police.. there was a stand-off ( gunfight at OK Corral)


  5. There are lots of people who don’t follow the rules. They think that once they occupy a place, it becomes their own. Sad really.


    • I’ve been watching these Youtube videos where the government has been requesting those informal settlers to vacate the land along the esteros of Pasig River. Tita, super tapang ng mga squatters. My perspective on poverty has changed. Or maybe it’s because there are so many of them, and politicians need their votes; the result is they now can do anything without getting prosecuted. for violating the rules. they even demand free housing on relocation sites. Or money, like what happened to us.


  6. Glad your parents lawyered up. Today is 31st of May. ‘Hope the tenant doesn’t pay so you can kick her out. 1500$ for a 4 bedroom? Seriously. Some people always try to take advantage.
    (Like the Philippines house though. I want to go love in Asia!)
    Best of luck “Refugio”.


    • The tenants sent their payment thru a registered mail.

      Nowadays, kindness is seen as a sign of weakness, and “palabra de honor” doesn’t work anymore. People now have to put everything in writing, a legal document, if you will. Anything written, even if it’s on a piece of tissue paper, is a legal document, according to my lawyer aunt, haha. That’s life.


      • It is. Now, having taken enough law at school, both in France and the US, believe me: “everything in writing.” Words don’t count. 😦
        Palabra de honor? Oh yes? An antiquated custom of the 20th century…
        I hope your parents can still move on to eviction. Best of luck “Socorro”.


  7. “Live” in Asia. Those typos will kill me. 😉 Tsss.


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