I learned something today



Hello there !  * salutes*

I forgot to write about the 16.1 Mile ( 25.7 km.) Run that I had participated in 3 weeks ago.  My  running time was 2 hours , 5 minutes, or about 8 minutes /mile, which was way above  my  record of  5-7 minutes /mile. The first 5 miles was  easy peasy, the next 5 was a bit of  a struggle, but  the last 6 miles was brutal.  I was ready to  quit at that point , but those two elderly couples  who were running  waaay ahead of me inspired me to keep running.  I did manage to finish the run, and got a medal for it . Yay me !


I was reading the history of  the Manila- Acapulco Galleon Trade when I saw these 18th century maps of  Mexico and other Spanish territories north of Mexico.










Texas was Nueva Filipinas during the Spanish colonial era.


Mexico ‘s original name was New Spain. After independence, it was  changed to Mexico.


That’s what I learned  today.


This is all for now. Bye and peace.

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  1. Congrats on completing the run. I wouldn’t have started it; so finishing it would have been out of the question.


  2. Congrats on the run, I am pretty sure it’s not mu thing. 😂


  3. Wow! Congratulations!
    If I ran that marathon I would have keeled over after a few minutes! I’m so out of shape!


  4. Well done with the run. I’ve just bought a running machine to gradually bring both my stamina and confidence up to scratch before I start trying marathons of any sort. You’re inspiring me! 😊


  5. Maybe you can listen to audio history books while running?


  6. I guess that I also would have fit well as the older person encouraging you to keep running. Congrats on your persistence and thank you for checking in again to my blog.


  7. Sharing the learning is always good! Salamat.


  8. Congrats on your run. Lotsa changes since that map. Thanx for sharing.


  9. Congrats on the run. And from someone who’s been running for about 50 years give or take breaks from injury and laziness your normal of 5 minutes per mile is pretty awesome.


  10. There was a New Philippines before? what its current name now?


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