Notre-Dame Cathedral, and sorry for ” ABC.”


The Notre Dame Cathedral  is burning.  Holly Molly !   Being Dr. Brightside  for a moment here,  at least   all the artworks have been saved.  Thank God for small mercies.




That’s me at Notre Dame Cathedral.





The problem with joining a tour group is that our tour was regimented . We  couldn’t hang around  to get a decent photo.  We moved with military -like precision. Bummer.




Also, we were not allowed to use flash inside the church.






Now , what about that ABC thing in the title ? It means Another Bloody Church. That’s what one member in our group called  the last few churches that we toured, including Notre -Dame.  Being Catholic, I thought that was blasphemous. * cough* I thought that was funny, though.  Sorry for that.  It did give  me   such great pleasure to behold these amazing, majestic , and beautiful churches all over Europe. I hope the fire damage is not extensive and irreparable


I guess this is all for now.  Bye and peace.




















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  1. I was shocked when I heard the news Notre Dame was on fire.

    I was always a big fan of Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame- particularly the 1997 film version with Salma Hayek.

    Plus Notre Dame has figured as a prominent scene of action in climactic scenes in my vampire novels over the years.

    Sadly I’ve never had the chance to see Notre Dame itself in person or visit Paris in person.


  2. Washe cat said OH HOLY smoke ❗️


  3. Your web site is weird it won’t let me like your comments ❓


  4. The cathedral was so beautiful but luckily it wasn’t destroyed completely. Maybe I am being an a@@hole for thinking so, that all the money being donated by the millionaires could be used for education, poverty, medicine, amnesty.


  5. Thank you so much for sharing, old friend.
    Bye and peace to you as well.


  6. It is not the only church in France that went in flames or had been vandalized in the past year. We just have to brace ourselves. Glad they have saved the cultural treasures.


  7. While millions and millions of catholics around the world started to prey, the fire only got more devastating. Seems that the good words by the religious people did quite the opposite than what was the intention. As a atheist it confirms my view that preying is just auto-suggestion. But to some it might look as if God (after hearing the uninspiring murmur of the masses) decided to throw some fire accelerants into the flames of Notre Dame.


    • Re miracles, I’m on the fence about this. However, having the US Congress start impeachment proceedings against a sitting a sitting President is something I’d consider a miracle, given the political situation here in the US. I guess that’s random, huh. Ha ha… *sigh *


      • There is an old phrase, something like “God rewards the able one”. So without showing some initiative, it is very unlikely that miracles happen. Regarding “the most hilarious US president of all times”, I think sooner or later he will get his ‘deserved punishment’. At least I myself wont feel sorry for him then.


  8. no it doesn’t. “ABC” stands for “Another Beautiful Church”. who told you the other one is talking out their butt. anyone who does a lotta touring knows what “ABC stands for. try out your MMA fighting skills on them next time. I’ll bring my camera and take pics as you put a butt whoopin’ on them. 😉


  9. Interesting to see the photo of the interior with the cross illuminated. I have seen photos of that cross after the fire and it survived. I think that tourists often get over museumed or over churched ! Too much to see and a hectic pace to be maintained.


  10. Just how much art would have been lost if the Louvre had caught fire, Thanx for sharing your pics and info.


    • Been to Louvre, too. Louvre catching fire….. or worse, a terrorist activity ( well, that’s France where things like that have been happening these past few years ) …. that’s so worrying because anyone can enter … people aren’t checked for bombs.


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