James Patterson/Pres.Bill Clinton thriller novel, The President is Missing… Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive series…plus , I miss George.


Hi !  Ren here reporting ! ! * salutes*


Two weeks ago, our 14 -year- old mini-Aussie died.  He’d been with us for 12 years.  We rushed him  to the vet hospital  at 10 PM… then the next day, at 3 AM, we got a call from the vet that our beloved dog died. Early morning we went to see him for the last time… We also got billed for $1,800 that included cremation fees, his ashes in a nice box, and a memorial plate with his name George etched in it.  Last week, we adopted a 1 year old terrier- American pitbull mix  from the animal shelter . He was a stray dog. Moreover, he had failed the shelter’s  behavioral tests. We chose him, nonetheless …. and because he is just 1 year old,  I guess he has not outgrown his destructive tendencies. Look what he did to our couch. .. and to my new comforter, and 3 pairs of shoes, one of which I haven’t even worn yet.




* sigh*….. Oh, well.


Oh, and good news. I’ve started ” reading” again.  I managed to read 3 books in 2018.  All political books, though. Does that count? The book I’m currently reading is a  crime/thriller   2nd Chance  by my favorite author, James Patterson.  I bought it years ago from our neighborhood library, hardbound, mint condition, for a dollar.


But this morning, after  hearing  Sunday Mass, I passed by Barnes and Nobles and bought 3 books… James Patterson’s  The President is Missing , (  $30 ) and 2 by  Brandon Sanderson, Book One of the Stormlight Archive series, The Way of the Kings, and Book Two, Words of Radiance, ( $ 11.99 each ) . Guess who’s the co-author of  The President is Missing ?  Ta-da ! !  Former President Bill Clinton !  Whoa !




Okay, that’s all .  Bye and peace ! !






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  1. Anyone who reads is a potential friend of mine, no matter what they read. And political books count.


  2. Oh dear. Hope he settles down.


  3. Loved The President Is Missing……I like well-plotted political thrillers. and this writing duo did not disappoint. The web of international players and the twisted mind of a madman makes for a story that, sadly, is all to plausible. One might hope that those in power in Washington do not shrug off the opportunity to read this book, as the fear factor alone might be enough for policy wonks to renew their real-life efforts to keep the nation safe. The background of computer hacking, which is part of the narrative, gives a glimpse into the tech world in which we live–and the dangerous turns it can take.


    • I’m on Chapter 5, Sir…. and I can’t help wondering if those were Pres.Clinton’s actual thoughts when he was being persecuted by his enemies.


      • I thought I could tell–when reading the book–where Clinton penned the words and when Patterson did–it was just a hunch–but there was a tone to the words…..


  4. Wow!! Really Wow. I am wondering lots of things.


    • I’m on Chapter 5…. The fictional President ( first person) is being grilled by the opposite party, and they’re very mean…. can’t help wondering if those were Pres. Bill Clinton ‘s thoughts when he was on trial in Congress, ha ha.


  5. Sorry about your dog. I started reading again too. Reading helps me in minimizing the use of social media. 😊


    • That’s true. I work from 12:30 PM to 9 PM. I like to do some reading before going to bed , but I’m usually to tired to do anything. In the morning, I do household chores, and an hour or two of blog reading. Gosh, so much to do with so little time. More often than not, I work on my off days too. Good for business, bad for me. All work and no play.


  6. I’d ditch the remotes in your picture and stick to reading. Thanks for checking in with my latest blog.


  7. Sorry to hear about your dog, Ren. I have only read a bit of Sanderson’s work, when he finished off The Wheel of Time series, so haven’t had much chance to get through his other works yet.

    I haven’t read the novel but the most entertaining part was his awkwardness at answering the metoo questions, although the interviewer went easy on him, they really should have raked him over the coals with his record.


  8. Sorry to hear about your dog!
    I just subscribed to another Ebook site so I could download more books on my kindle! I love a good mystery but I haven’t read James Patterson since school


  9. sorry about your dog and i hope you get the new one trained


  10. I’m usually not one for mysteries but i found The President is Missing to be riveting.


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