Now a clear choice between heaven and hell on Nov. 6.




The United States of America is teetering  on the precipice  between safety and peace and  violence and hatred, led , encouraged and condoned by the president himself.


He once encouraged his supporters to beat up protesters at his rallies. ” Don’t worry”, he said, ” I’ll take care of the lawyers. ”   I hope he can also take care of  the lawyers of  his  supporter  who had attempted to assassinate at least 14 of his prominent critics , including 2 former Presidents, a Secretary of State, a former CIA director, a former Intelligence Chief, 2 senators,  one Congressman, a former Attorney General  and others .


Please, please, please  vote Blue on November 6.  The situation here in the US  is getting worse and dire. This is now a clear choice between good and evil.  Blue for sky and heaven, and Red for Hell .


Please find time to vote…. it’s just an hour out of your precious 8,760 hours in 2018.



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  1. Amen, RKI. We have an opportunity to vote in a Blue Wave! Many important races are close. Everyone, make sure your friends and families get to the polls.


  2. The pastor at my church often brings up the spiritual warfare aspect of things happening on Earth. One example of that is in the Book of Daniel.
    The spiritual world is unseen, but the forces of good and evil are just as active as in the physical world. So with all the violence and unrest we see around us and across the globe, one can only imagine the intense battles going on in the spiritual realm.

    Trump has shown time and time again he lacks restraint, wisdom, and empathy in dealing with these issues and Republican controlled Congress has shown little backbone in standing up to his aberrant and abnormal behavior. His cabinet is a rogues gallery of corruption.

    Voting blue is critical to provide a check to his power as well as more transparency and defense against corruption. It’s also critical to protect our health insurance coverage, which Republicans seek to eliminate.


    • I cannot imagine the scenario. But, take note, this person did not win the popular vote..that means, they are not the majority. He is the president and leader of his minority base….. it’s obvious he doesn’t care about the rest of the country, and he knows there’s nothing we can do about it… nothing….


  3. Hello Ren!
    How are you!
    Another wonderful post!
    it is so scary how much Drump promotes hate and lies and his supporters thinks he is wonderful and what he stands for is wonderful. I hope people do open their eyes and realize that voting is the best way to get their voice across.


    • It’s the only way . So the Republicans are doing everything to suppress the votes ,and they’re not even hiding it, like assigning a voting place to 16,000 voters , that does not exist, or putting up ads , like signboards , that give the wrong election date .


  4. Good luck!


  5. I’m with you. I shudder to think what the next two years will bring if the Republicans maintain their majority in Congress.


  6. It couldn’t be clearer, could it?


  7. My heart is with you – I recall November the 8th 2016 with a heavy, heavy heart. Alas, my head says these elections will go his way and merely strengthen his position. As I’ve often said online these days – I hope I’m wrong!


  8. sharp, short, and to the point. thanks and continue…


  9. Voted early! Praying for a swing towards sanity for the country.


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