Sorry for the long hiatus



Reasons why :


a) Read Fear by Bob Woodward…done ! Currently reading  Fire and Fury ( Inside the Trump Whie House) by Michael Wolff . Next is  Omarosa’s Unhinged.


b)  Vacuumed and shampooed the carpet.


c) Ironed a pile of clothes, bedsheets, pillowcases, etc.


d)  Mowed the lawn, frontyard and backyard


e)  Went to a 2 – day Rock Concert, with co-wokers, ( with production workers, not lab techs )








That’s me in the photo below……

IMG_7234 (1)

Observations  at the concert :


a) Almost  90 % of the males wore black shirts….


b)  Almost all in the concert  were white , jajaja,  and just a handful of Asians, (including yours truly ) … I didn’t see any African – Americans… well, except Slash.  I felt just a tad out of place , but then ,when one band member snapped at you-know – who,  the crowd went wild.   Yes ! !


That’s all. Ah, wait…  about the new US Supreme Court justice, Kavanaugh…. I’m done with politics… for now.  So dirty and tainted.


Still, you need to vote, okay ? … and vote Blue.


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  1. Rock on!! 😉


  2. Always nice to see a post from you again 😊 And I agree with the statement above: Rock on! 🎸


    • My first time in a rock concert of this kind, to be honest…so I was a bit apprehensive…. but they weren’t rowdy… maybe because the crowd as of a certain age , lots of Uncles, he he he.


  3. The younger you are the more important it is to vote. The irony of life is the people who vote in the lowest percentages are among the youngest eligible voters (18 – 25), despite the fact that the political impacts will weigh on them the most. An example is the abuse of tax cuts the GOP passed which that said would pay for themselves, and surprise, surprise, they didn’t and we have record deficits again. When the bill comes due to pay down that exploding debt, the tab is being passed down the line to future generations- meaning the young voters, and they are counting of these voters continuing to not pay attention. All it takes is some simple research to see what they are doing (check my latest blog) for a host of reasons to vote blue.


    • Did you see McConell’s interview ? He actually blamed older Americans for the deficits… ( their use of Medicare, Medicaid ,and Social Security pensions ) . Old Americans are getting money from these programs without contributing, anymore….. I cannot wrap my head around McConell;s brazenness… Republicans have already abandoned subtlety . They have the power and they’ll do everything for their agenda while they can. It’s mind-blowing.


      • Yes, to enact massive tax cuts that primarily benefit the uber wealthy, then turn around and blame the huge deficit on the Senior and poor safety nets of SS, Medicare, Medicaid, etc, is the height of arrogance and shamelessness. All the more reason why it’s critical they can’t stay in control. It’s a grifters free for all right now. It’s good that he admitted that though, because older people vote in much greater numbers and now that he let the cat out of the bag, it will provide more incentive for them to vote against the GOP.


        • Yes, but are the seniors aware this is happening ? I guess so… they have more time now to listen to the news and reflect on it…Ugh…. seriously …


          • Seniors are among the most aware and informed of all groups- they represent one of the highest percentage of reliable group of folks who consistently vote every election. The median age of TV news viewers is over 60 (on Fox it’s around 66!).
            The old saying is Social Security and Medicare are the “third rails” of politics. The meaning is any politician discussing talking about ending or cutting back on those programs is like them touching a high voltage 3rd rail- guaranteed to cause them political harm as seniors will vote against them. When the most reliable group of voters turn against you, one’s political days are usually numbered.


  4. Yep. Fingers crossed.


  5. Hope those books don’t give you nightmares… well any worse ones than the daily news. UGH!


  6. Posted by marple25mary on October 24, 2018 at 4:46 pm

    Yes! It’s all about voting blue! Every election but most especially this one. You were busy for sure! Glad you’re back! 🙂


  7. welcome back! continue…


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