What is on my mind today ? Rainbow Award




Hello, dear readers ! Good morning,  Magandang umaga. Buenos dias, Ohayogozaimasu, Bonjour, Bom dia, Joh-eun achou, God margon, Buongiorno, Zaoshang  hao, Shubh prabhaat, Selamat pagi, Sabah alkhyr,  Dzien dobry  Guten morgen !


Xena, (  for some reason, link fails, so here it is…. https://blackbutterfly7.wordpress.com/   ) a good blogger friend , has nominated me for a Sunshine Award.  She only has one question her nominees have to respond to, i.e. , What’s on your mind today ?  I like  that.


I  woke up at 4 AM  today to read Bob Woodward’s  Fear.  It’s 6 AM right now, and I just finished reading  3 chapters of the book.




So what do I think of the book, so far ?  It’s expectedly cringe- worthy, but , to be honest,  everything  I have read, so far,  is just an affirmation of  things we already know.  I am afraid  I have become inured to all the shenanigans that are going on at the White House. I just want this to be over, so that the country can  start  restoring  respectability and dignity back to the Office of the President of the United States, rebuild the goodwill of all nations, and most importantly,  undo and repair the damage this presidency has inflicted on its citizens and government institutions.


There is no other  recourse but to vote, and to vote wisely.


This is what is on my mind today.


Thank you for reading, and peace.


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Also,  I highly recommend  DESIGNATED SURVIVOR , a new TV series now showing on Netflix.

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  1. Goedemorgen! (You left the Dutch word out lol 😂). Congrats on the award, and for making a fun post out of it. Designated Survivor really is a good seris. Luckily it got renewed for a third season 😊😊


    • Ugh ! I was thinking of you when I included God margon… So, I checked out what country the greeting ‘s from… it’s Swedish. I thought it was Dutch.

      Oh, wait, are you currently watching it ???? It’s so good ! ( though the suspense is giving me palpitations…. aaaargh ! )


      • Haha, no problem at all 😂😂 We always get our language mixed up here in Holland 😉
        No, not watching it currently (haven’t in a while) but I’ve been meaning to get back to it. I’m about halfway through the first season, and it really is very good indeed 😊


        • Been bingewatching the series 3 nights in a row, up until 1 AM today. Ooooh, in case you haven’t noticed, the President in the show says he’s Independent… well, duh, he’s a Democrat . * wink, wink *


  2. Congrats on the award. 🙂


  3. Just one month to go! Luckily, my voting place is literally across the street, so it’s easy. (No early voting here, and absentee is extremely limited.)


    • Ha ! You can literally vote in your PJs. ! ! ^^ Our voting precinct ( a nice Senior facility ) is a 15 to 20 minute walk from our house. The Seniors always give out free coffees and cookies .

      Aaargh . Just one month to go. This election is so crucial ! I’m praying for a good turn-out.


  4. Ren, thanks so much for your wonderful acceptance of the award. You deserve it.

    I am a Designated Survivor fan. I guess that the series was not renewed for another season or maybe I just haven’t found when it starts this season on commercial television.


    • You’re welcome, Xena .

      @Raistlin above said the show was renewed for a 3rd season. I hope it will still be as thrilling and suspenseful as the first. I’m on Season 1,Episode 13.


      • Kiefer Sutherland is kinda short, isn’t he ? Everyone else towers over him, including the First Lady. Ha ha ! ( They say tall presidential candidates have a better chance of getting elected . I don’t know if that’s true. Bush, the Younger is only 5’10, I think.

        I digress, he he.


  5. You missed out শুভ সকাল – bengali for good morning too!


    • Ugh, DKPowell… , there are hundreds of languages…. I figured the Indian greeting would also represent Bengali ) just like the Spanish one for all Hispanic countries… ^^” I should have added Greek, though.

      Ah, I knew this would happen. @Raistlin complained ” you forgot Dutch !” Ha ha ha


  6. About Woodward’s book which I have not read, the main question today (everywhere) is: Will facts be enough? It doesn’t seem so… 😦


    • With Republicans at the helm of power, and being shameless and brazen, nothing will ever happen. It wont affect them even if we can scream until we turn blue in the face. after all the massive tax cuts for the rich, we now have unprecedented deficits in the trillion because of these, but McConell, the Senate Speaker has the temerity and gall to blame the retired elderly for getting Social Security pensions and Medicare for these deficits… the Republicans are planning to gut the system . I have no words to describe this.


  7. (PS, I sometimes feel like we live in a global 1930’s Germany where Hitler has been lawfully elected…) OMG.


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