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How’s it goin’ , guys ?  [  …….. ]  After my  juicy, nasty , political post , it’s back to regular programming. Ugh !


So, what have I been doing these past few days ? Well, I just bought 2 books  , Fear by Woodward, and Unhinged by Omarosa.  ( will start reading  soon ……. this is going to be juicy.  ) I want to know what crap  His Excellency and his minions are doing at the White House..  Next, I’ll buy that one by Woolfe and Hillary Clinton’s . Then, this past weekend, we travelled to San Francisco to have fun at THE DUNGEON.  (  Google it if you don’t know what that is )  . No pics and videos are allowed  inside The Dungeon. ( except the promo pics shown below )






That was fun ! ! ! ! If  you’re in San Francisco, California  , check out the place .  It’s Holloween everyday in The Dungeon…..( the macabre is my thing, if you wanna know)



Guess who ????  Photo taken at the Japanese garden. Ha ha ha !

IMG_7156 (2)



IMG_7179 (4)


Above  photo  was taken at California’s Academy of Natural Sciences.

Below is the famous Lombard  St. in San Francisco.





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I thought I’d have a lot of unFollows  after my recent political rant.  Instead, 3, 351 ——-> 3,364  !  13 more followers ! Thanks !


However, I did get a comment that I thought was a bit offensive.  The commenter criticized , get this, not the content , but the way I write, ( it sucks ) spelling ( I need a Spellcheck , she says ) and, I struggle with punctuations. ……. Lady, I have 2 college  degrees, Cellular / Molecular Biology, Minor in Chemistry and Forensics Science ( actually, Forensics Biology ) . I’d rather be a good scientist than a writer who’s good at punctuations.  Okay, thanks.


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27 responses to this post.

  1. Woodward’s is the best of the bunch, although I didn’t read Omarosa’s.


    • I bought Woodward’s at Barnes and Nobles, and Omarosas at WalMart, ha ha ha. I was planning to read just Woodward’s but I saw Omarosa’s at WalMart, 25 % Off… so why not.


  2. I bought a book on health . . . Interesting reading and much better than reading about politics.

    My problem with the books you bought is that it’s not going to change my opinion of the man. It’s not like there isn’t already a lot of material out there for me to pass judgment.

    The other problem is that one never knows what’s motivated by politics as opposed by the search for the truth . . . and, again, I already think he’s not who I want as president (to be fair, neither was Hillary or Bernie or pretty much any of the two or three-hundred republicans who were running).

    At this point, involvement in the political process is (for me) the equivalent of self-flagellation.

    As far as voting blue . . . if even half the people supporting various campaigns (time and money) put the same effort on a viable third-party candidate, well then, I tell you what, I’d get excited and hopeful and engaged.

    As it is, I’m not wasting a vote on someone (anyone) whose total reason for running is to impeach Trump.

    Tell me what you’re doing *after* . . . and then maybe I’ll be interested. Except, I haven’t heard anything that excites me. Just empty and unrealistic promises . . . different flavor, but the same kind of sucker-bait Trump used for his base (such as it is).

    Truly, I’m watching Democrats prove to me they’re no worthier than Republicans, and before someone pulls the “lesser of two evils” card, let’s talk long-term problems (multi-generational spanning decades).

    I’d like to hear one Democrat (or Republican, for that matter) tell me their vision for this country (and the world) 25, 50, 75 years from now. Anyone?

    There is no vision; snake-oil and a fundamental callousness toward gaining short-term power and prestige for themselves and their friends . . . and I’m not their friend.

    Until we grow up as a country, you’re right in your previous quote . . . we get the government we deserve. The way I see it, uninformed, partisan, self-serving is a good reflection of the voting population so we’ll be well-served no matter who’s in power.

    . . . boy, that seems kind of heavy . . . I should end on an up note . . .


    • We do need some check and balance , disperser. I’m not into so many candidates for president. Philippines’ Duterte is a good example . There were 5 candidates who ran for President…. Duterte won with just 30 % of total.

      I’ll always vote for the candidate who will work for the greater good , and not for the few rich.


      • The question is, who is that candidate? But, even more crucial, how does one define “the greater good” and then, how does one quantify success?

        Most people answering those questions will repeat slogans without considering the details and especially the unintended consequences of even good intentions (which I’m less likely these days to attribute to anyone).

        If one is just driven by hatred of the other side, there’s little chance that a) they have a good plan for the future because it’s usually just dismantling what their opponents have done (the current administration is doing that now) and b) they have a comprehensive plan that helps everyone and not just their base (what the previous administration did and why we now have this joker in the WH).

        Believe me, I want to be optimistic but that doesn’t mean blindly replacing one set of idiots with a different set of idiots.

        But, for the sake of argument, let’s say the “blue wave” comes through . . . What do you see happening? What’s the plan? Yeah, yeah, stop Trump, elect someone else (Hillary still thinks she’s relevant) . . . and then what?

        What’s the plan? Seriously; pick any of the problems we face and tell me not the slogan, but how we, as a nation, a people united, will tackle it.


        • Environmental issues……. this administration has practically decimated regulations that have been in place by the previous presidents, including the use of asbestos….

          Republicans have been itching to dismantle Medicare and Medicaid,and gut Social Security for seniors to poverty level benefits, while they continuously hand in tax cuts for the rich .

          The Blue wave is not to impeach this President, but to have a check and balance …. as you can see, he does anything he wants, and the Republican Congress is silent , or applauds, including leaving the Paris Accord .

          By the way, what’s wrong with Hillary and why the hate ?


        • You mentioned a number of issues . . . I can name those and more. The question isn’t what needs addressing. The question is how do we fix it.

          Don’t forget, regardless who wins and holds power, they still have roughly half the country they need to convince and have them buy into whatever measures they want to take. One of the reasons we find ourselves dealing with a toddler in the WH is because a lot of people were not happy with the direction their lives were going.

          Is this a better direction? No, it’s no direction. Neither party has a plan that extends more than the next election.

          So, again, what’s the environmental plan for Democrats? You know, other than a slogan. Because you can certainly look at Obama and say he did some things that were good but it was selective and some things he did nothing about and other things he made decisions that went in the wrong direction.

          Typically, politicians do visible feel-good things while not looking at implementing long-term policies.

          So, environment . . . some of the rules that were rolled back, I agree with. Others I don’t. Some of what Obama did I agree with, other stuff, I don’t. Some were downright duplicitous and seemed to favor “friends” and aimed less at improving the environment . . . which, surprise surprise is exactly what Trump is doing only for different friends.

          People forget TANSTAAFL and every great sounding measure has costs and those costs are seldom looked at.

          Obama greatly expanded some of the programs that people rely on, but that’s not an answer . . . that’s hiding a problem while taking money away for it’s intended purpose.

          Look, I’m not a Trump supporter. But, I also don’t paint people by labels as Republicans bad, Democrats good. Get me someone who is honestly selling hard choices as real solutions to longterm problems and I don’t care who it is, I’ll vote for them.

          Give me slogans and “they” are worse than “we” are and I don’t care anymore because the question isn’t how can we limp along until we can’t even crawl anymore; the question is how can we provide for the future. What’s the plan?

          As for Hillary, it’s not hate. She’s the consummate politician. We call Trump to task for lying and we should do the same for every politician who lies and is mostly self-serving.People say she would have been better, but only in some respect and it’s difficult to say overall because how do we measure these things?

          If Obama was so great, why did he lose congress in the midterms and why did Democrats eventually lost the WH? One reason is that the pendulum swings back and forth all the time precisely because of partisanship and overreach.

          I told my Republicans friends 9 years ago to cheer up because they’ll be in power again and they can then “fix” everything. I now tell you this; cheer up because Democrats will control the government again.

          . . . but you should ask them specifics and not just accept they will “fix” things. If Obama had “fixed things” Trump would not be in office. If Bush had “fixed things” Obama would not have won the presidency. Gee, perhaps the plan isn’t to “fix things” but to just be in power and profit from it while you can.

          That’s what it looks like to me.


  3. Have you checked out Everything Trump Touches Dies by Rick Wilson? I disagree with his politics, and he has no love for Democrats, but he despises Trump with his whole being. Plus, he has such a way with words, as his CNN appearances often show. I need to finish it myself, but there are some epic burns in the book.


  4. If you tell someone from out of town that you went to SF to visit the Dungeon, it would behoove you to tell them more lest they jump to some, um “alternative” conclusions, haha! I looked it up, and it does sound like an interesting experience.

    Blogging is less formal writing so allowances for typos and less than perfect spelling/grammar should be expected/tolerated. Of course I’ve also seen some comments that look like they were pounded out by early Java Man- they took a bit TOO much leeway in their writing. Key thing is anyone pointing out grammar/spelling/punctuation errors, had better also include an opinion on the content itself lest they be mocked as spelling/grammar Nazi’s. They need to stop worrying about the spelling and focus on the content.

    The quote you stated is true- we get the government we deserve. The problem is the world has gotten more complex and people for the most part don’t do their due diligence to discern the facts from fabricated lies and opinions presented as truth.

    The next two elections (2018,.2020) will be the most important we’ve had in likely all our lifetimes- I don’t that that is hyperbole. A sitting President that openly attacks the free press as traitors and calls out TRUE news he doesn’t like as “fake”, and undermines his own Department of Justice and the rule of law on an almost daily basis by commenting on investigations and the investigators that he has no business talking about presents a true danger to our democracy. He tries to use the DOJ as a club to go after his political enemies and even praised President Xi for getting the Chinese constitution changed that allows him to be President for Life if desired. The so called leader of the free world praising autocracy! The Woodward book and the others written repeat the same theme- a narcissist unwilling to listing to more experienced people and as a result, runs roughshod over decorum and policies and degrades the office continually. A man who can’t even acknowledge that Neo Nazi supporters are NOT good people and ONE side was bad in the Charlottesville clashes. Meanwhile he’s appointed some of the most openly corrupt people that have been caught and left in shame resulting in record cabinet turnovers.

    This is NOT normal and anyone who can’t realize that or thinks it’s politics as usual isn’t opening their eyes or paying attention. If his fellow Republicans won’t stand up yo him, then we need to elect those who will as a power check.


  5. Sad to see that when you Google The Dungeon, The Seeker’s Dungeon is not the first thing to pop up… oh well. I must have missed your last political post but sounds interesting so I’ll go check it out now. I’m sure I’ll be right there with you. And I thought the cool thing about having a blog is that we can use whatever kind of punctuation we want! I definitely have formed some of my own rules about it…


  6. Hi Ren, nice to see you again.


    • * cough* Thank you ? ^__^ ” I guess I went a bit overboard here. I wanted to erase that but …there’s something going on with WordPress… the post ,even the draft, completely disappeared , and it took me hours to look for it, and when it finally came out again ( I didn’t know what I did ) , I immediately clicked publish without editing. ( tbh, I seldom edit my posts….. readers can tell…. ha ha )


  7. Well, as a published writer, teacher of English and mentor and editor for other writers, I can’t say I’ve ever noticed any terribly glaring errors in your writing! And I AM, unashamedly, a grammar nazi, so… I don’t think you need to pay attention to any silly person trying to put you down 😊


    • I admit I can’t write ( technical reports, yes, ha ha ) . When I write, it’s like a ” conversation ” with you. ( with the off – topics in between ).

      I admire writers . It’s a gift. ( and songwriters, painters, musicians, as well ). I want to have at least one gift. Alas, I’m stuck in the laboratory.


  8. Nice., We have our opinion with giving regards to the facts.


  9. How are you liking the books? Recommendations, please!


    • Uhm, I’m on Chapter 18 of Bob Woodward’s book…. there’s really nothing new, just an affirmation of what we already know… I haven’t read Omarosa’s , so I can’t compare the 2 books.


  10. Hello Ren,

    The rules of grammar. Oh well… You may want someone to spell check you and that person who commented may be the best for the job! This is your space so you follow your own rules. As for me, I have a limited vocabulary but that doesn’t stop me from saying what’s on my mind. Keep on doing what you’ve been doing.

    I have only known about the book Fear when the author guested in Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert.

    By the way, it has been a long time no visit to WordPress. In Nihongo, they would say 久しぶり(Hisashiburi). Now, I have a new name and it rhymes with your name: Aren (アレン).

    Until next time,


    • My style has been ” conversational ” from Day One. I don’t aspire to be a ” writer ” .. I just want to write what’s on my mind, ( In fact , I don’t know about my spelling , though… I don’t see any mistakes. )


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