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Hey, guys,  I’m sorry I haven’t been reading blogs these past few weeks.  Well, I have, but not that much..


Above is the number of blogs I read , everyday.  I’m weird, right ?  Well, that’s how I roll, he he.


Close up



I’ve been working 6 days a week. Two of  my lab- tech co-workers are on their  annual 2 – week vacation, so I have to take on their work on my off days.  The company has been extra busy this month ( which is a good thing ) , we are under – staffed, and I swear, I do the work of 3 people, which is a good thing, as well, because I’m well -compensated, thank goodness.  I just paid $2,000 for repair of our  broken air- conditioning unit. Folks, the temperature here is over 100 F, and 90 F inside the house without air-conditioning. Speaking of which,   I wake up at 5:30 AM  to beat the heat. I water the plants , especially the potted ones, and this chore takes about 2  hours .




That is one ugly backyard, but we do try to make it presentable . We need to buy some more flowering plants , I guess.  We focus more on the frontyard,and kind of neglect the backyard. I’ll try to make it nice …. after all, that’s where  I drink my  morning joe  and contemplate my role in the universe.



I did some tree pruning the other day.  Ah, I can’t do this anymore .. We need to hire some people to do this stuff.  The money we save is not worth the aggravation.  ( although I  do need the exercise…..  okay, so it’s worth it.  ~_~     )


Last time, I wrote that I was playing the video game God of War  4.  Well…… it’s insanely difficult. I try to play for at least an hour a day, right after work.  But an hour a day is not enough to kill even a  minor  boss. I did manage to slay a dragon ( and got a trophy ,Dragon Slayer… yay, me ) after so much strategizing and planning…. oh, and using the science of probability. Ha ha !  I mean,  don’t put down the controller and rest when your character dies. The statistical probability of defeating the enemy goes back to zero. Roll the dice over and over again… the probability that you’ll get it right goes up. Okay, so it also depends on the player’s skill.   * ponders  *     Oh, well, statistics is not an exact science, anyway.


I’m going to post a review of my lame playing skill   on my anime/manga/video games blogsite, hopefully, today. Check it out @ https://2megaworthitwordpresscomblog.wordpress.com/


Okay, this is all for now.  Thank you for reading, folks, and peace !  Bye !






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  1. Wow you are so busy! No one would blame you if you couldn’t read their blog!
    I use your counting system to count my books when I had my library. Ugh! Four pages!😂
    It is too hot here too! I barely got my housework done without melting! Cold showers are a blessing though 😀
    I hope you enjoy your weekend


  2. Hi dear best friend..!
    I always remember you and miss you to see you..!
    I came on after a long time but very happy to see you here as always you are there..!
    Stay blessed and remember me..! 😉
    Love and care..!


  3. Sounds like you have taken life by the horns and making progress. The best to you and family.


    • Xena, Ive been happy go lucky for a long time. My parents, especially my mother, had taken care of everything for me, including my laundry. We’ve been spoilt too much. Now, it’s my turn to take the burden off my parents’ shoulders in anyway I can.


  4. So, that’s about 700 blogs (give or take a few).

    Even using the reader and assuming a generous interpretation of “reading” (meaning, just looking at the photo and perhaps scanning a few words of the leader) we’re talking at least 10 seconds per blog. That’s about three hours a day. Add at least an hour for the game you play, and that’s four hours. Assuming an eight hour work day and give a conservative one hour to commute and add another hour eating and, ah, other functions, and we’re at fourteen hours. And that’s not counting shopping, sleeping, spending time with friends, fighting off ex-boyfriends, and stuff.

    Mind you, I’m not calling you an exaggerator (you, know, like Trump) but I find it difficult to believe.

    I can believe you follow that many blogs, but even then, few people post every day. Plus, all that is assuming no comments or other interactions which can easily change the 10 seconds into a minute or two.

    I currently follow 88 sites and most don’t publish every day (or even every week) and I’m thinking of paring down again because it takes more time than I want to spend.

    Then again, when I follow anyone, I typically read every post and often comment.


    • Some have 10 posts a day….. on the average , at least 2 or 3… and I do read all…. most post photographs like Paul Militaru, ( about 5 a day )then short political posts with 3 -4 sentences, and believe it or not, the ones I follow basically post everyday, short and sweet. I did tell you, I wake up very early in the morning, like yesterday, you posted around 3 AM , California time ( and it indicated the time you posted, like 7 minutes ago ) … I start reading until around 5:30 , that’s 2 hours of reading… then I do chores maybe until 9, then start reading again for 2 hours…. I go to work at 12 ( work starts at 12:30 ) …… I don’t know about the 700 blogs. My Reader can’t post that much blogs, anyway. The longest time for me is normally 3 minutes…. in other words , I can read at least 2o an hour…. and I tell you, some posts are very short, ( haikus , poems, etc ) I only have 2 or 3 who write long political posts, but I’m always eager to read them ( ex:Gronda Morin, Filosofa’s , etc…. but they post once a day. ) Then there are short movie reviews, etc. I do not read 700 blogs a day, disperser. Where did you get that number ? Did you notice how many I read on June 22 ? Five posts . Anyway, for me,reading only 25 a day is like not reading at all…. that’s like devoting just an hour a day for blog reading.

      Seriously, though, where did you get the 700 blogs figure? I’m really curious , because based on my paper counter, I’ve only read 310 in 7 days.


      • Sorry, I misunderstood . . . I thought you were saying those are the number of posts you read every day (I didn’t notice the date since I only examined the first photo as the other one was just a portion of the page. ) . . . a rough count based on 20 five-count per lines and 30 lines per page gave me around 700, hence my incredulity.

        Now that you’ve explained it, it makes more sense.

        3 minutes . . . there are very few blogs I follow that I can read in 3 minutes unless all they have are photos. Even then, it’s longer if I interact.

        Sorry for the misunderstanding (my misunderstanding).


        • It’s okay .

          And I do click the links , and watch the videos. But sometimes, I’m like, Noooo, not a TED Talk ! ! Anyway, I do feel like a fraud if I don’t read the whole post, so instead, I click it off, sorry. Ex. the blogger gives the link of a loooong article ” How to Manage Your Finances. ” The heck ! Bye !


  5. You have been busy!!! I appreciate your thoughtful approach to reading and connecting within our blogging community.


    • I see to it I give at least an hour a day for blog reading, no matter how busy I am. I hope things normalize at work next month. I work as a microbiologist at a dairy company. I guess people drink a lot of cold milk in winter. ^_^


  6. Wow, tallying the blog post you read, I’m impressed Ren. So glad to know you also visit my posts despite being busy 🙂


  7. Awww. My dear make sure you take of yourself. It’s winter here for Aussie land want some rain? Haha Lol


    • Oh, right ! ! Australia’s season is opposite of the US’ . So, while we are suffering the blistering heat of summer over here, you’re enjoying winter wonderland. Cool !


  8. Wow.

    Over 100 degrees Farhenheit? 😱

    That’s hot. 🔥

    Glad to hear the air conditioning is working again. 😀


    • And it’s just June. By July and August, it will go up to 110 F . A few years ago, the temp went up to 114 F …. it was our newspaper’s headline.

      It was the busiest time for the aircon repair man.It took him almost a week before he could come to the house, and another week for a new replacement order to arrive.


  9. Nice to read your morning routine to cop up the heat. Well u spend time for planting. Keep it up.


  10. I’m not good in the heat and those temperatures sound like torture to me although we are suffering from a heatwave here, English Style, with the thermometer touching 86f. Is that bearable!!. And you work so hard in it which is difficult to read about, never mind do. I do hope you get some time to relax and chill. We all need that, and you certainly deserve it !!


    • 86 F ! ! ! ^^”

      Have you experienced 110 F ? That’s 44 C, Peter Wells ! ! Ha ha ! Opening the door to outside is like opening the oven while you’re roasting something there at 375 F. lol

      The plants can’t even survive the heat. That’s why California always has devastating wildfires, like every year, an annual occurrence.


      • About ten years ago I went to the Galapagos Islands, which are on the equator. Normally it was cloud covered so humid but OK but one day there were no clouds and so stepping out from under one of the giant leafs which provided shelter there was like being put under the grill. I’ve never forgotten it !!!


  11. Good luck with the lawn. Try watering (trickling) at night. It will help a bit. Peace back.


  12. Posted by The Otaku Judge on July 1, 2018 at 7:44 am

    Wow, you read a lot of blogs. I agree that one hour isn’t enough to make progress in video games. There are so many RPGs I had to abandon because it would take me a year to beat them if I only play 60 minutes per day.


  13. Oh, the choconut 🙂


  14. If you have a small back yard and don’t want to deal with it, remember your friends – Mulch, perennial plants, and paving stones. Maybe get a fire pit! 🙂


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