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Ah, I wish I could end my stalking saga. Alas.  Something happened again. No smashing of car windows, nothing like that. This time , it’s   creepy, and scarier.


I got bunches of flowers ( and 3 potted orchid plants ) from my stalker ex  Friday morning at 5:30 AM.  He left the flowers  at our front porch. Our security camera caught his image trespassing….. we now have proof  he’s doing something illegal, and therefore , I can now  file a Restraining Order against him.  ( See photo of flowers below )



It’s a good thing I didn’t  see him that morning.  I left at 6: 30 AM to attend my best friend’s wedding .  As a Maid of Honor, I came early to help and assist in the wedding preparations ( plus I had my make-up done over there , together with the rest of the entourage ) . I was running late so I didn’t notice the bunch of flowers sitting in our porch bench. * shivers*


About the wedding……..


I was Maid of Honor. Unfortunately , I didn’t get to take a single photo of the event.  I was so busy taking care of stuff  for the bride I felt like I was the  wedding planner.  ( or her personal maid…. just kidding.  )  I also gave a speech or what we call a toast  ( aaargh ) and , at one point during my speech, I choked. (  eeew ! ) I didn’t cry, but my voice did tremble a bit. She’s my childhood friend, after all. We’ve been close friends since elementary , same elementary school, middle school, high school, university…  and, she lived right across from our house.



My 2 best friends…. the bride ‘s on the left. The other one is a police officer.  The bride is a Criminal Justice grad and works at a police HQ here.  ( I haven’t told them about my situation…. they both know my ex…. we all went to the same high school )




This is all for now. I hope you haven’t gotten sick and tired of my stalking problem.


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Thank you for reading, and peace.






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  1. Flowers now? Oh my goodness! I hope the restraining order works out and your Ex backs off!😡


  2. Wait . . . you let people on the blog in on your stalker issue but you don’t get any advice from your friends both of which are associated with law enforcement?

    Don’t you think they might get a tad upset at you not confiding in them or at least asking them for advice?

    That way, they can at least be as worried as we are.

    I hope you followed up on some of the previous advice and consulted with appropriate groups or authorities. Get advice before getting the restraining order as well. That can obviously go one of two ways; one, it solves the problem or, two, it makes it worse.

    Like others and I have said before . . . it was never about the dog. Take care and keep vigilant.


    • The police officer was in Florida ( family health issue ) this whole time,and returned for the wedding. I haven’t talked to her yet, but I will, soon. I couldn’t tell my bride friend yet coz she was soooo busy micromanaging her wedding, ^^” Now she’s on her honeymoon.

      I’m taking precautionary steps, disperser. Truly I am. My parents are freaking out. My Dad will buy a pepper spray for me, and plans to buy a handgun if this continuous. My Mom is freaking out with the idea of a gun, though.

      The fear doesn’t show on my post.


  3. I am not familiar with the whole situation but what disperser said makes a lot of sense.


  4. The flowers thing is creepy b/c irrational. I suggest you think about confiding in your law enforcement friends. That’s not advice, just a suggestion to think about. Take care.


  5. Posted by marple25mary on April 30, 2018 at 2:49 am

    Awful. I hope the restraining order works. The idea of a gun would freak me out too, i think. This whole thing is so frightening. Sending hope for your safety and well being and that of your family! Please keep us posted. I don’t get tired of hearing this at all. I would need to talk about it too..


    • I’m just considering getting one. I need to think long and hard before I take this next step. As @disperser wrote above, it could go one or two ways…. at the rate it’s going, the situation could turn worse.


      • Posted by marple25mary on April 30, 2018 at 4:34 pm

        Sorry about that. Meant to say i hope the restraining order works if you get one. And i agree. I’ve thongs become much worse with one. Not for myself, personall, but for an acquaintance a few years back. Her ex was seriously mentally ill, and the restraining order only provoked him further. Thank goodness law enforcement arrived in time..


        • Posted by marple25mary on April 30, 2018 at 4:46 pm

          Gack! The typos. Meant, i’ve seen things, and personally. Can i blame Monday morning? 🙂


  6. Do you have any friends/relatives who can can fulfill this role, or knows someone who can?

    This would likely be far more effective than any restraining order. =)


    • I know some people…….. Just kidding ! !

      Oh, I wish ! !

      By the way, is that a Deadpool series on TV ? I ‘ve heard good reviews of this show, but I haven’t watched a single episode , not even a trailer. I guess this will be in my list of ” need to binge -watch” soon.


      • It’s a scene from the 2016 movie. Remember that under no circumstances should you open or respond to communications from him- and especially don’t agree to meet with him no matter what he says promises. He has proven himself to be increasingly irrational and untrustworthy- and this needs to be reported to the authorities.


  7. I am pleased about the wedding and spending time with childhood friends but I am, of course, sickened by his continued stalking.. Given your friends also know him, I wonder if they could apply any social pressure to discontinue his stalking, given you must all know many of his friends. Get that restraining order as fast as possible, I do hope your friends can really help. They seem to be in a good position to do so, and would be as shocked as anyone by what is happening. My thoughts are with you and your poor parents over this horrible situation


    • Thanks, Peter Wells ! I will talk to them soon. We’re still in discussion about the restraining order. He’s become irrational and that order might trigger something and turn him into a raging bull. The situation is sickening.


      • I understand that. I wondered if you have talked to your friends from the wedding as they also know him and others you both know. Peer pressure can be quite effective in these circumstances as it may shame the culprit into amending their behaviour. If he realises a significant body of people he knows have heard about his behaviour, it may well at least moderate or give him pause for thought. Thinking of you . It could be done in conjunction with a restraining order, about which your friends could also offer advice .


  8. Take care always Ren!


  9. Ick. I’m so sorry you’re still going through this.


  10. Alas my predictions have started coming true sooner than I thought they would… :/ I urge you to take every precaution. I don’t think a restraining order will see the end of this – though you MUST get one in place. You need to tell as many people as possible – especially those connected to this guy. Honestly, this isn’t going to end well until he’s in court and put away. Please stay safe and take as many precautions as you can. This is not a sane man. He’s dangerous.


  11. The flowers are super creepy!


  12. Hi Renxkyoko, tell your dad that when he buys a handgun, 10% of the revenue goes to the NRA. Therefore, he should ask the dealer for a discount price, since he dont want to support NRA or the Trump mafia.
    I hope the issue with your stalking Ex bf can solved in a non-violent manner.
    Best wishes, micha


  13. so sad to hear about your ex Renx. and thanks for always liking my blogs! 🙂


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