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I bought a security camera for our house.  Just one camera . I’ll add more later. It’s not cheap. ( $200 ) . It’s wireless,  130 degree angle, HD , night vision, illuminates up to 25 ft., audio, ( speaker and microphone) , and there’s a built – in siren


So, why did I buy a security camera?   Most of you have read my 2 previous posts.   This week,  my car’s window had been smashed,  and my dad’s  had been egged.  We have no proof who the culprit is, that’s why I   can’t file a Restraining Order against  my ex.  At least, the culprit didn’t key my car.  Thank goodness for small mercies.  Even though my car is 10 years old (  a 2008 BMW , my mother’s originally ) it’s in mint condition. It’s so clean it sparkles. lol  Just kidding.


Oh, yeah, I went hiking  last week with my co-workers.  Photo taken in Auburn, California. That’s yours truly in the photo.



image (1)



My mother and I are planning to visit Japan in Oct. 2019.   Well, when we went on European tour  years ago, we bought our tickets and tour package  9 months earlier.   I wonder why our 30-day packaged Euro tour is so much cheaper than the 10 -day Japanese tour, though.  I mean, almost the same price ! !  Is Japan really that expensive ? Anyways,  I’m already excited to see Akihabara  shopping district , the center of Japan’s manga/anime/otaku culture.


This is all for now.  I hope this will be the last post re that troublesome   person. No news is good news, right ?


And please check out my manga/anime/video games blogsite @           I have a new post….. an original Netflix anime, BLAME!


Thank you for reading and peace !


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  1. you have so lovely, amazing and energetic images…speaks by itself…


  2. Well, I can’t very well like the post. Good to hear about the trip. The camera is a good idea.


  3. Hugs REN!
    It’s scary that it’s gotten this far that you have to install a security camera just to prove it’s probably your ex!😡☹️😱
    Japan?! I’m envious! Eek just thinking about Akihabara makes me giddy!!!


    • I’ve heard so much about Akihabara I just have to see it for myself. I don’t know when I’ll outgrow this anime/manga loving me. Aaargh !


      • I don’t think I ever want to outgrow loving anime or manga💕💕💕
        I finally finished the Ancient Magus Bride last night.
        And nearly died of excitement when I watched the new trailer for the live action Bleach movie! So nope don’t want to outgrow anything!😂


  4. I had to LIKE this post; not because of the vandalism, but due to the beautiful waterfall pictures. I hope you have worry free nights in your near future.


  5. Enjoy Japan!


  6. Lovely waterfall. It’s too flat around here for waterfalls of any height, but when the weather gets warm, there are some great ones about 350 miles north. *Sighs* When…


  7. Inspired to go Hiking now! Thanks.


  8. Bless you – I hope all these troubles will soon be over… 😦


  9. Hope the camera catches who the *&^% is!


  10. I’m glad to hear you got the camera.

    And Japan is amazing – you will love it (though it is really expensive).


  11. Hard to LIKE, but there are pretty photos, and I hope the camera pays out for you.


  12. Take care Ren


  13. Sorry to hear about all the ex troubles, I hope things get better soon!


  14. I read your post below, get a restraining order on the fool!


  15. Hi Renxkyoko, sorry to hear about the disgusting attack on your car. I know how awful it is to experience something like this, in particular if one has the feeling that it was a personal attack. But smashed car windows can be repaired, a bad character remains (or even gets worse).
    Hope you have a good time in Japan. I really like the people there, their very unique way of merging old traditions with hyper-modernity. If you are worried about the costs, I can highly recommend to do everything on an individual base. Try to avoid the expensive big hotels. Try in Tokyo instead this wonderful Ryokan Kimi ( For long distance travel, the Shikansen express is of course the fastes, but it is also pretty expensive, and too fast to watch the landscape.
    best wishes, Michael


    • Thank you ! ! If I’d be with younger company, Id prefer not to take the group tour path… but My mother’s going with me, who’s a bit slow , ha ha, so the group tour is the only way. Group tours are highly regimented. ( like what we had in Europe ) But, the good thing is, we don’t have to worry about transportation, and where to sleep. There are quite a number of tour packages to choose from . We’ll just let the professionals do it for us. We can choose what will for me and mi madre. ^^” Oh, I’m sure the tour will include a Shikansen ride ( I’ve seen that in a tour package )


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