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Nothing to see here, folks. Move along…….. * just kidding *


To be honest,  today, I’m just winging it.  Let’s  see where this post goes.


I’ve been reading blogs from The Reader , and that means I cannot read those that get posted from 11 PM to 6 AM, (  sleeping time ) and from 12 PM to 9: 30 PM ( I’m at work ) . Also, I’ve been busy   doing  some yard work in the morning, and that means, I  don’t get to read any blog , at all.   Yardwork and gardening  are no laughing matter in my book. Remember these photos  that I posted 2 years ago ?

FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender (2)


The amount of yardwork  isn’t as bad  this year  .  Our lawn was rehabilitated after California’s 4 year drought ( back then,  our water use was monitored …. our front yard lawn was brown but not dead, but at the backyard, the lawn was completely dry, except the weeds that grew vigorously with little rain, completely overpowering the lawn ) , but there are still a staggering  amount of weeds to manually pluck out this spring.  Anyway, the photos above speak for itself.  I’m not exaggerating this time, folks…….. as I wont to do.  Ha ha ! * sweats *


We just gave a goodbye pot luck party for a co-worker  who’s moving  to another state.  I brought  baked macaroni. My co-workers were a bit disappointed that it wasn’t an ” ethnic”  food.  I told them it was a Filipino style baked macaroni, and they were like, ” Yay, Filipino style ! ”  o_O   They loved my macaroni dish . It was cleaned out in one go, and those that came in late didn’t get to taste it.  Some of them asked for the recipe.  I usually  balk at giving  away  ” original ” recipes ( my mother’s ) .  My mother had a successful catering business in the Philippines, and you know, one should not ask  the caterer for the recipe of the dish that one likes, for obvious reasons.  In fact, a former co-worker ordered  from me  4 kinds of food for her Christmas party (  she’s Muslim, by the way ) …….. baked macaroni, spring rolls, potato salad  ( she got to taste test my salad, and loved it ) and turrones  (  wrapped fried banana with jackfruit ). Just a favor given, guys, ( with mini monetary compensation for my efforts, a few dollars and some change ). This isn’t a business.


Back to my co-workers……………… I do plan to give them the recipe, if they ask for it again. It seems they have forgotten about it, he he.  Anyways, how is my recipe different from  other baked macaronis ?  Well, I add fish sauce ( Filipinos call patis )  and soy  sauce,. Fish sauce is a South East Asian favorite condiment.  It’s a basic ingredient in their dishes , particularly Thai , Indonesian, Malaysian and Filipino  dishes.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think the Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans use fish sauce in their dishes.  It’s really a Southeast Asian thing.


I’d like to end my post at this point ( it’s almost 500 words now ),  But I feel I need to say something. Political, I’m afraid.   ( ~ .~ )  I try not to pay attention to news  re  Trump and Liars , Inc. It was hard at first, but I’m getting better  at it.  Nowadays,  I  just wait for Trump and Liars, Inc. to implode, then start from scratch when this nightmare is over.  I call this a Susan Sarandon syndrome.  ( He”s not going to be impeached, but who knows . The alternative is worse, in my opinion. VP Pence ?  He talks to God, and more importantly, God talks to him. But I don’t know  what kind of God he talks to .. not a compassionate and moral  God, that’s for sure…….. maybe a gun- toting God who kicks beggars off the streets, and , definitely not Jesus ) I’m sorry for my harsh words.


This is all for now.  Thanks for reading, and Peace ! !  \(^w^)/


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Bye ! ! !




18 responses to this post.

  1. you have such great post with wonderful message and meaningful….


  2. Waaaaaaaaaaaaait a minute…!! wait wait! I see no recipe listed nor photo of your filipino style mac ‘n cheese! hum!


  3. I’m breaking out into a sweat just looking at the pictures. I’m thankful I live in an apartment! But to be honest it does need a lot of work.
    Hmm Filipino food! I love it!
    I just watched a YouTube video where even Fox News (😡😒🤮) is now investigating Trumps claims. IE: post office losing money because of Amazon.
    Trump just spouts whatever and suckers believe him. It’s so sad.


  4. The amount of work is astounding. I hope you are doing well.


  5. Perhaps VP Pence needs to read the abridged, two-word edition of the New Testament: Judge not.


  6. No need to be sorry for your “harsh words.” Measured against Trump’s mocking put-downs and insults, nothing you said compares. You go, girl!


    • Thanks ! * whispers * Do you know Homeland Security is now monitoring bloggers ? There is now a thin line that separates this administration from outright fascism.


  7. Right, lets be honest, I was getting more and more hungry, or is that greedy, as I read your post. I am a keen fan of Thai food where fish sauce is a basic ingredient in many dishes as you know, and its yummy. All well and good until the name Trump came up which can destroy almost any appetite or sense of wellbeing. I no longer know what to think on that subject as any sense of rational debate seems to have left the room some time ago. What I will say is I wish I was near enough to enjoy some of your cooking because it sounds scrumptious 🙂


  8. That’s a LOT of weeds. Your dedication to your yard is commendable.

    With regards to politics, I don’t think you should apologize for bringing up the subject. It’s your blog, and it’s not like you’re trying to force everyone to agree with you like a certain person living in the White House (or his supporters on Facebook, etc.). Considering that some of what they do exists only to get attention, I think it’s natural to want to vent.


  9. oo la la! Filipinas! you ladies are like a perfect package. 🙂


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