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DSC00047 (2)A photo of yours truly (  the cute one on the left, lol ) with my lab co workers. The girl on the right is another Filipina. It’s blurry coz I took the pic from our company newsletter.  The girl in the middle won the Ugliest Christmas Sweater.  I didn’t win despite my stupid antler hat.

Our  dairy company has started producing bottled McCafe  for McDonalds and Coca Cola…… additional work for us  microbiologists.  Rest assured, we’ll give you quality products.


I actually  have a lot  to talk about, but I’m not in the mood to write about it at the moment.

Below are random photos of my sister and cousin .


DSC00049 (2).JPG


DSC00052 (3)


OK, that’s it.


Oh, wait……


Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threat against the world was as subtle as a ten-wheeler truck. The President of the US had no response to that.. zilch,nada, zero…. instead, he started a Twitter fight with actor Alec Baldwin.  Guys……..







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  1. I thought it was some guy named Alex Baldwin . . .


  2. oo la la on for you Filipina ladies.


  3. What Putin did is an obvious smokescreen to help give Trump cover since he is being called out on being so non aggressive towards Putin/Russia and the meddling they did during election season. It’s akin to to an affair in the workplace where the “couple” pretend they hate each other, but folks see through the charade. Even with the fat soft pitch, Trump was still afraid to say anything. Putin must have some intel BIG on Trump to make him so reluctant to speak out.

    In reality, our special intelligence knows what Russia has, this wasn’t a “reveal” as much as it was just propaganda. They don’t have an edge as we still have our arsenal as do they that assures mutual destruction even if some of their missiles are more “zippy”.


    • To be honest, I’m glad he just zipped his mouth.

      Yes, people are saying Putin has a huge dossier on Trump . Putin gave him an opportunity to ” say” a few fighting words againts Russia ( and maybe Putin would just wink, wink ), but no, he’d rather bully Alec Baldwin on Twitter. ( and even his bullying failed miserably ) . Sad.

      I really don’t know what to think anymore.


      • Well, heck! You can fix that! Easily! Right now, even.

        . . . tune into any one of the cable channels and you’ll find plenty of people more than happy to tell you what to think.


  4. His current fight is with some poor guy named Alex Baldwin. His ongoing fight is with Alec. But who cares about that fool. What gorgeous ladies!


  5. Nice pics….. Looking like a microbiologist 😋😋😋😋


  6. Awe cute picture!
    We used to have a company newsletter and magazine. I don’t know if they still have it though. I haven’t read them in years.
    Well I like our mcCafe but not enough to bottle it 🙂
    What do you expect from Drumpf? He is an immature child! He will probably run home crying because his feelings are hurt


    • At work, we lab rats are called redheaded, freckled middle children. Production people are annoyed at us. I mean , we interrupt their work every 15 minutes to check what they are spewing out, lol

      Awww, Rebecca. You don’t think McCafe is not good enough to bottle it ? I always buy bottled Starbucks. We need to patronize our own , Rebecca. I’m looking at you. He he I guess Coca Cola has their own formula of bottled coffee that will rival Starbucks. o_O

      I’m counting the days to the next presidential election. 982 days. He won’t be impeached, Rebecca.


      • i always buy bottled starbucks too!
        no, i dont think mcCafe isnt that good enough to be bottled.
        why did you have to ruin my dreams! he has to be impeached! >_<


  7. wow – this is so beautiful – no words to add – creative post!!!


  8. I find it hard to like Putin, but at least I think he’s sane in a frightening way while the man in the White House is unpredictable and unstable and could provoke events without meaning too. The new “trade war” stuff is deeply depressing as well but, on a cheerier note it is always nice to see some photographs of you and yours


  9. And the never-ending fact-checking labor of the under-appreciated microbiologist continues…stay strong! 👊


  10. Hey Ren! You are so pretty in the pics! Thanks for sharing! Trump… whole other story! Peace and Blessings! Shona


    • Thanks ! ! \^w^/

      Ah, that guy ! ! Every time I see him on TV, I either mute it or turn off the TV …. his soul is soooo ugly. That’s why I don’t bother to watch the news anymore.


  11. Trump could have inadvertently ‘done good’ this time, I bet Putin is well miffed that he hasn’t gotten a response or is not worth Trump’s time (being that acting the child is of course more important)…well played I say, even if he is oblivious to it.


    • The question is, he is so adversarial with his ” enemies” , but Putin could threaten to nuke the USA, Florida , well, Florida first ( meaning , POTUS’ Mar-a Lago residence ) , but he said nothing. He’s a big joke.


      • Putin, North Korea, all this nuke threatening seems very out of date, what with all the nukes in various countries. Remember when everyone quaked in fear at North Korea, I assume the nation missile defence system is in good working order and ready to put things out of commission. Best defence again Putin would be a Saturday Night Live sketch but the same jokes about Trump are lapped up by the public (did you see the Oscars!) so no need for new material yet.


  12. Hello Miss
    You do not come on our site anymore.
    Can not support be reciprocated?
    Thank you for enlightening us.


  13. Posted by Michael D. Turashoff on March 11, 2018 at 10:59 pm

    I have an embarassing confetion to make … I LOVE ugly Christmas sweaters LOL! I would’ve voted for you the antlers would’ve put you over the top.


  14. Alec.

    Your photo is sweet and so are you! Have a wonderful week ahead! 💕
    I have two Filipino friends, Felda and Mary Jane. They are from two different islands and have different dialects. Hugs! ❤️


    • To others, the dialects sound the same , but I tell you, they are totally different. Have they told you they don’t understand each other ? ^__^ They actually speak another language, not a dialect.


  15. Posted by jakesprinter on May 24, 2018 at 4:35 am



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