This is not a political post, promise


If you ‘re not into politics, don’t worry,  this is not a political post, promise . But, please,  let me vent a little.     I have been hoping  THAT guy ( whose name I shall not utter )  will not  start a nuclear  war . That’s all.  Other than that, I can live a blissful life despite the nefarious existence of  this man     After all,  I believe  I’ve become inured to all the shenanigans that are going on at the White House. Regarding this man’s  remarks about  those immigrants who come from SHITHOLE  COUNTRIES ( and further said he’d rather get immigrants from Norway   ) I  am neither surprised nor outraged . This man is a gadawful racist, we all know that, but   I don’t blame him. I blame those who had enabled this man to be elected, and I’m not even referring to those who directly voted for him, mind you.  They love him.     You know whom I’m referring to, and you know who you are.  Your incomprehensible hatred ( and irrational contempt , and because it’s cool and hip to hate )  of a rival candidate  trumped the potential destruction of everything that we hold dear in America by this man.  I hope you’re satisfied and happy now.


Moving along…….


As the title says, this is not a political post. This is actually a post  acknowledging   @Planet Simon’s Mystery Blogger Award nomination  to yours truly .  Although I’m not nominating bloggers, I’m going to answer interesting  questions he has for his nominees. Here they are:


a) What do you hope to better yourself in this year ?

I hope to better myself in my eating habits. I did eat binge during this past holiday season, ( as expected, of course ), mostly sweet desserts, cakes, heavy meat dishes, etc.  I hope to change that this year and for years to come.


b)  What was your favorite Christmas yummy ?

Oh, dear.  I guess, pork bbq ? (._.”)


c) What in the world now worries you more or want to see changed ?

I worry about pollution of land, air and water resources and the amount of garbage  that humans throw out every second.


d) What’s your favorite biscuit ?

Does this refer to UK biscuit which is actually a cookie here in the US ? If it’s a cookie, I love Macademia nuts//white chocolate cookie.  By the way, in the Philippines ,   snack Filipinos call biscuits is like ” Saltines ” here in the US.  I just bought  ” Skyflakes ” biscuits at the Filipino supermarket  last Saturday.  Filipino girls usually eat ” Skyflakes ” biscuits when they’re dieting, or, according to my mother,  that was her lunch when she’d run out of lunch money  at school.   ” cough ” I’m also on diet, hence , Skyflakes .  So good with coffee or  soda.



e) What s on Netflix right now that you can’t help watching ?


Two…… Planet 2 and  The Charisma of Adolf Hitler.  About the latter…. don’t judge. I just want to know what makes dictators and authoritarians tick.


This is all for now.  Thank you for reading and peace.












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  1. Could not agree more about the guy, who shall remain nameless, that us currently running the office. He really is out of his mind…ugggh 😢
    But on to happier things: congrats on this nomination! You deserve it 😀😀 Those cookies look yummy by the way 😀😀


    • Uhm, Raistlin, those biscuits are almost tasteless , bland, with just a hint of salt. Sometimes we call them “crackers ” . Filipina girls always have that in their purses, lol.

      He’s getting worse, Raistlin. He even got the US out of the Paris Accord on Climate Change.


      • Haha, well sometimes crackers that are tasteless can still be good 😊
        Yeah, he is completely bonkers. I seriously hope he won’t re-elected. He is really nor right in the head. That’s for sure.


        • The blandness is good. I usually spread on it some jam, or egg salad, cheese, and my favorite , tuna salad.

          Depending on what happens re Russian collusion….. if the investigation leads to him, then that’s treason, which will lead to impeachment then I hope jailtime, lol He is also being investigated for corruption because he uses his position to make money for his properties.


          • Well…if that were to happen, him ending up in jail: that would be awesome 😊 Keeping my fingers crossed. I really am not a hateful person, but there are people that I gladly make an exception for 😊


  2. Posted by marple25mary on January 17, 2018 at 10:25 pm

    Yep. And as for nameless guy.. I can’t believe he’s still where he is. He’s the shithole.

    And my self improvement plan is much like yours.


    • When I read about that shithole thing , what immediately came to my mind was the country where I came from. I’m an immigrant from the Philippines, so I also came from a shithole country ? Maybe, but it does hurt to hear that. It’s funny to hear that from someone whom everyone knows is an asshole.


      • Posted by marple25mary on January 17, 2018 at 10:59 pm

        Everything he says, everything he touches. He’s going to come back as a dung beetle for sure. He’ll live in shit, eat shit and roll balls of shit around all day long. I loathe him.

        And i forgot to answer this before.. my new Netflix obsession is Witnesses. It’s done in French, but it has subtitles thank goodness!


        • I’ve watched Witnesses, too ! ! But that was maybe a year ago … that about ” fresh corpses ” that were dug up from graves and put in show homes ? Is there a new season of the series on Netflix ?

          Corruption in this administration is staggeringly blatant and in your face. Our tax money is being used to ” improve ” his Mar-a – Lago property and other properties, and in DC , his guests are all billeted in his hotels. Sweet Mary. And Ivanka and Kushner use their position in their business dealings with the Chinese government. Unbelievable.


          • Posted by marple25mary on January 18, 2018 at 5:33 pm

            Yes! There is a second season now. I like it just as much as the first and wish there were more episodes.

            I keep hoping that Trump and all his gang will be out soon, but i’m losing hope fast. It seems they can get away with anything…


  3. I’m totally with you on the nameless man. Enough said.

    I liked your answers, the biscuits was something I never knew about. As for your Netflix choices, no judgement here we all have our curiosities ☺️


  4. The girls at work eat Skyflakes too ☺️
    We sneak snacks at work. Mostly the opening shift and they bring in chocolate or cookies.


  5. He was born a racist. Enough said…


  6. I wonder if the shithole comment was another attempt to distract from something else that is going on. It will be interesting to see what comes of that in the next few weeks or so. Happy New Year by the way!


    • You know what, I thought of that, too. Prosecutor Mueller ( the man investigating the Trump-Russian connection ) has started the process of questioning the core people in this Russia collusion…. Steve Bannon, et al.

      I even thought that the Hawaii nuclear incident false warning was an attempt to distract us from the Russian investigation.


      • I wonder if the investigation should also be looking into the uranium business as well. Sadly everywhere you look there is enough to compromise politicians, no wonder less and less people choose to vote.


        • Are you talking about Clinton? Then Mueller should investigate 10 other agencies that dealt with this, and of course that included the State department . It was all in order and proper. Fake news, just like Clinton trafficking sex.


          • No, it’s the Obama administration in this case, I am all for probes into Russia as long as it covers all links going back to that country and pursues all ties wherever it leads.


  7. We pray , tomorrow will bring hope for better days.


  8. I remember when I was in the elementary school, my mother used to buy Saltines for me when I had a fever. She paired it with Royal Tru-Orange….


  9. That man is really not worth it, my dear. Happy New Year. 🙂


  10. The orange man, though few seem to realize that, is destroying America. Discard his stupid comments. He keeps insulting America’s allies, and pulling out of every international agreement. And handing the world over on a platter to China. In just one year. Well done! 😦
    Now living in a shithole country I have a suggestion. Can someone create a Hashtage #Ignoretrumpy? The idea is that all media and everyone on this planet stop comenting any of his words, tweets, or actions. Wrap him in silence… I would do it, but I am not versed enough in Twitter…
    After one week of silence, he will probably have a breakdown.


  11. (Oh. Happy new year, dear. That is the most important!)


  12. Happy new year!


  13. Loved your answers and I would love to eat more healthily and also really enjoyed Planet 2. As for that man who currently lives at a famous address in Washington, I hardly know what to say. I thought it was impossible for such a character to get elected to such an office and I was naïve . Oh well, perhaps I’ll cheer myself up by having a cup of tea with a biscuit. Always love your blog which is a reservoir of niceness in a currently troubled world 🙂 🙂


  14. I have been discontented and depressed about the horrible choice and wish life were Fair and he would be gotten rid of!
    I like white chocolate macadamia nuts cookies, too! Hugs! 🤗


  15. Posted by Nicolai Cull on March 7, 2018 at 12:37 am

    Peace and biscuits whilst Theresa May the loony in Downing Street is steeling all our money and making rich people richer? Not a chance.


  16. Hi Renxkyoko, you see we perhaps all agree on the lying and cheating and evil minded character of this person. But what worries me so much and what is really a nightmare revelation is to see how badly the system of checks and ballances works in this situation. Trump causes so much damage to the idea that democracy will always prevent us from totalitarian power.
    But regarding the further content of your post I also found a point to complain in your list of answers to the blog award: On point c) you write how much you worry about the world wide pollution (I can agree upon this of course fully), but right after it you praise the Skyflakes snack, which (according to the label on the box) all come individually wrapped in plastic foil. Maybe one of your next blog posts will be about the difficulties to bring our good intentions in line with our daily desires 🤔
    All the best, micha


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