It’s backkkk ! !


I know, I know. I’m whining .  In my previous post, I did say ,” problem solved … WordPress , take care of me. ”  Well, folks, it’s back.


The only solution now is to get a new email address . WordPress’s Reader is very unreliable.  Sometimes I see new posts, ( just 2x these past 2 weeks ), sometimes I don’t.


My old email  server doesn’t or can’t accept new posts from blogs that I follow on WordPress.  I still get email notications of LIKES and FOLLOWS, though.



I’ve actually never used Reader to read new posts from bloggers.  It’s so cluttered.  But I had to, after this email debacle.  And then this happened, and have been happening for 2 weeks now.




I thought renewing my Premium would solve the problem.  I was a happy camper for a few hours, then it came back.  No Reader. ( the photo above was taken an hour ago )


I solved it temporarily by clicking on the avatars of the bloggers who LIKED my posts.  However, some of the bloggers’ avatars do not have links to their websites, like @Gardencity’s .  ( I like to read posts on gardening )


So, yeah, this is what I’m dealing now.


I’m going to sign up with gmail, as per the majority’s recommendation.


That’s all.   Bye and peace.



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  1. Posted by kybedard on January 9, 2018 at 11:50 pm




  2. Posted by May Vargas on January 10, 2018 at 12:25 am

    Wasn’t this a WP prob? I thought it was. I had the same experience the past few days, and I just ignored it. I just view the reader tab on mobile.


    • I guess they have a problem with loading the posts. I don’t know. Even writing a post is troublesome, especially uploading pictures . They always get uploaded at the top of the post, so I just copy the pic, delete the pic, and paste same pic at the right space . It’s troublesome. It wasn’t like that before.


  3. I use the WordPress reader all the time. I just clean up my email notifications once a month.


  4. Does your computer use Internet Explirer as its web browser? If so, possibly IE is the problem.
    You might want to send an email to wordPress help desk znd ask their opinion. They are at

    Maybe your priblem would go away if you used a different web browser, such as Firefox.

    Neil S.


  5. Personally, I don’t think this is just an e-mail issue.

    What was the feedback you got from the support staff at WordPress?

    The reason I think it’s not an email issue is that it implies that everyone should have a gmail account for things to work, which is obviously not the case.

    Also, if the reader is showing you the fields but they are blanked out, I’m more apt to think it is a local machine (computer-dependent) issue. One way to check out this hypothesis is pretty simple . . . try a few different machines. Better yet, go to the public library and log on to WordPress through their PCs and see if you have the same issue.

    At the very least, you can then narrow down the problem. If it happens on other machines, then it’s definitely your WP account (still don’t think it’s the email). If it doesn’t happen on other machines, then it’s your computer.

    Depending on how PC-savvy you are, you can also try to run the machine in safe mode with internet access and see if things work. If you use FireFox, it has a safe mode. For Chrome, you can turn off all the extension and disable plugins to see if that has any effect. If you are running on Apple, check to see if they have the equivalent of a safe mode.

    You might also check to see if your security suite (if you are using one) has some settings that block portions of the page.

    Then again, it could be the e-mail, but that would not explain it working intermittently. However, computers are a bit like dark magic . . . you never really know what they are doing.

    In either case, I would run Malwarebytes (the free version) to check for any potential bugs/viruses.

    I removed the link because the comment wasn’t going through.


    • We’ve got 2 PC’s here, in my parents’ room. I’ll try logging in there. ( and 2 laptops , too. My dad now works at home and both laptops are encrypted…. not for personal use … Dept. of Justice issue )
      I’m computer -tech challenged. I can’t ask my dad for help because he only knows mainframe, ha ha ha .

      I guess I’ll just go with the flow and let this mess correct itself .


  6. Ugh….the Reader can be unreliable at times. Sometimes I miss posts too. I just refresh the reader at times, and that seems to help as well (some new posts just magically appear then). But this can be seriously annoying…Wordpress is currently really having issues. Don’t know why that is, but it’s frustrating. I hope the problems will be resolved for you soon.


    • Yep. and now I know.

      Well, it says WP has billions of posts in its cache, so……

      I’ll just go with the flow, after all, it’s not a matter of life or death, ha ha…. but it certainly is annoying and troublesome.


  7. I don’t follow too many people, so just see posts from the people i follow in my reader.

    Maybe you try the same, and use gmail follow for people you really don’t want to miss.


  8. try clearing your cache too. It helps me when my reader goes blank on me.


  9. Yeah. We’ve almost decided not to renew the premium access. It is of no real value except the removal of ads. And you are right. The reader is not reliable…
    Happy 2018 in anycase and hope it gets better!


  10. I dont use the wp reader on my laptop, but I use the reader on my mobile. it is alot easier and faster. the only problem I have is when I want to comment on a blog! argh. that is when I will go on my lap top.
    Hopefully your new email address will work out. 🙂


  11. WordPress has been very bad lately. I too never go to the Reader and always set up a notification by email, but recently they changed the options, and I don’t like any of them. So I am back to my personal tool I created in my early days of blogging. I have a Word document with the list of all blogs I ever visit, and all I need is to click on the link when I have a minute.


  12. To test if this is a general WP problem, I recommend you open (just for test purpose) a completely new WP account, onto which you can later upload a complete backup of your original blog content. For this, go to your WP Admin menu (on the bottom of the list when you click on My Sites), from there click [Tools] (down on the list), EXPORT, Start FREE EXPORT. confirm [all content] START DOWNLOAD. This will produce a very large .xml file on your local computer, which is a complete backup of your blog.

    Now open a new WP blog account. first SIGN OUT from your current paid account, than go to wordpress,com , Press [Get Started] than proceed through [Lets Create A Site]. Give it a new name, and register with a new mail address (gmail or yahoo or something like this). When you createed the new, free WP blog, go like describe above to WP Admin, Tools, than click IMPORT, and specify the file location and name that represents your backup.xml from your original blog. The whole import again my take some minutes, but finally you will get a 1:1 mirror image of your original blog (of course not necessarily with the paid extras that you obviously have).
    At this stage you can than simply switch between your original and your mirror blog by signing out from one account and signing in to the other one.
    By this you should find out if there is a general issue with WP at your site or with your blog content, or if there is a problem with your paid account.

    good luck, Micha


  13. PS: I just recognized that depending on the WP version that runs on your account, you might find the EXPORT/IMPORT function in the My Sites Menue, after scrolling down and clicking on OPTIONS.
    success, Micha


  14. I have so many problems with the reader and seeing comments. It is a mess. I hope wordpress streamlines it better.


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