It’s telling me something



I’m having issues with WordPress.  It failed to publish my last post.  While writing the post, saving failed. And I’m not getting anything from Reader. It’s blank.


Before this, I wrote a long post, but I couldn’t get it published..  I’m not in the mood to write down thoughts again.


That’s all.

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  1. I Sympathise… have a good day anyway….


    • Thanks. I got this published somehow. I’m still not getting anything from the Reader. Maybe it’s all about money. I just renewed my Premium plan…. paid up…. and then , this short post got published.


  2. It’s issues like this that made me write posts in a pc based editor (in my case, Office Libre), Ren, then copy and paste them to the WordPress Editor for saving.
    That way, if WP was being antsy, I didn’t lose the posts.
    BREATHE and have a great 2018 ❤️


    • If you recall, I wrote about my email problem. The only things that I get from WordPress are LIKE and FOLLOW notifications. But I found ot it wasn’t a WP problem , but my email server problem. Microsoft doesn’t provide service to anymore. Problem is, I’m still with The Reader solved my problem. But now, even the Reader does not show up on my computer anymore. It started after Christmas when I wanted to post about my traditional Christmas spread. It wouldn’t publish the post. And it didn’t save my post either. It happened again this time. But guess what, when I renewed my Premium subscription just now, my short post got published ! ! Still no Reader.


      • I remember, Ren, I suggested you get a gmail account for your blog – the WP Reader comes and goes from what others say, I just stick with email notifications, it may be clunkier, but more reliable I suspect 😎


  3. Hopefully the premium plan renewal will solve the issues! All the best!👍


  4. Any new add-ons? Do ya get updates for your server? Contact their support! Might take over a week, but the get back to me 75% of the time, but I use foul sailor language with them a lot! ➡️


  5. Hello, have you tried at your own administrators page to get a list of all your posts ?
    Maybe the one that you wrote is still in the list of “Draft Posts” or for some reason went into the “Trash” bin. Another possibility is that the post that you wrote got a publish date in the future. In this case you will find it in the list of all posts. If you click to edit it, you have on the top right the symbol for options (like a gear wheel). If you click on it, you find under “status” the publishing date. Simply change it per hand to today’s date.
    Hope you will find a solution. best regards, michael


    • I did do that. The post wasn’t there. WP has been doing strange things lately, but I just shrug them off. Like, no access to the Reader. So, what I do is just click on the icons of the people who LIKED my post to read their blogs.


  6. I have been having saving issues with posts as well. At one time I did not notice it and I was nearly finished with a pretty long review. Than it crashed and I lost the entire post. These days, I check if it saves in the beginning. If it doesn’t….I wipe my internet history. For me that usually does the trick. After I log in again, it saves properly again. Hope this helps 😀


    • Thanks. This happened to me a few times, but I just shrugged them off. But not getting new posts from my Reader was the last straw. It felt like I was being kicked off, gradually, lol


  7. What I understand is, once you switch to premium account, you have to renew it every year. A friend of mine left blogging because of it, she didn’t want to pay again. She posted so many mhi-res photos before that is why her free mb was eaten by those pic spaces.


    • Tita Arlene, It’s auto pay renewal, but American Express had declined my payment, according to WP, and suggested I use another card. It was due to American Express anti-fraud system. Apparently , they don’t trust WP’s security system.


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