I have a problem with my email account

I’m not getting any  new emails for 3 days now ( just the old ones that have been automatically deleted )…… that means,  no new posts from WordPress.  Has this ever happened to you ? I need help here, folks.

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  1. If you’re not getting ANY incoming emails, contact your email provider about the problem, Ren.
    If it’s only WordPress emails, go into your WP Admin – select ‘Blogs I Follow’ and check that these have not been deleted – if they HAVE been deleted – contact a Happiness Engineer and ask them to reinstate them.
    If they are not effected, check your settings.


  2. Posted by Auri on November 1, 2017 at 12:25 pm

    Shucks, that’s bad…
    Give it a few days, it’ll be back to normal for sure (hopefully)


    • I hope so. I don’t know which has the problem… WordPress or my email provider. But I do get emails of NOTIFICATIONS, ( those with LIKES and Comments ), so that means my email provider is accepting stuff from WordPress. However, WordPress is not sending new posts.

      I still have the WP Reader though, bt that place is a big pain in the arse.


  3. Hmmm…that is really annoying 😢 I hope it will resolve itself soon for you. Sometimes things like this have a way of resolving itself 😀


  4. If you block one poster from WP in your email, even inadvertently, your email will block all posters from WP because you blocked WP posters et. al , not just that individual person. Check your email filters and make sure nothing from WP is blocked. If nothing is filtered, and you get all other email normally, the problem is WP. Go to Help on your admin page and contact a happiness engineer. Try to call them and leave a message or email and leave your phone number explaining you are not receiving all your emails from WP.


  5. Also you can check your post notifications page via Admin and make sure you are still having all posts sent to your email immediately, as well as likes and comments. All of these notifications can be set to your preferences….Good luck!


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