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About the potluck party that I talked about on my previous post……. the ” white ” co-worker who was assigned  Mac n’ Cheese  brought the most delicious Mac n’ Cheese I’ve eaten so far. The pasta was homemade , believe it or not. Pasta from scratch  made  all the difference. Home-  made or store bought, anything with cheese is a winner to me, anyways.  Well, I still buy cheese sticks for snacks, and eat a huge chunk of cheese , as is.  It’s like spooning off peanut butter from the bottle and licking the peanut butter off the spoon.  Well, that’s my disgusting habit.


Random pic… my bookshelf.  The titles shouldn’t surprise you. ^^





Jeepers Creepers 3 is coming out soon.  I don’t know if I’m going to watch it.  Jeepers Creepers 1 is one of  the  top 10 scariest movies in my list.  So much so that the only nightmare I can still vividly remember is about the monster in this movie.


In my dream, this monster is chasing me. The funny thing about my dream is that the creep is wearing a Hawaiian shirt,  (  white short-sleeved polo with light blue flowers ).  Then I see a cop whom I recognize as Keanu Reeves , and I scream for help.  He arrests the creep and  says , it’s okay, you’re safe , and can go home now.  Then, at home, I open my bedroom door, closes it, and when I turn around, the creep is right behind me.    Then I woke up with my heart pounding so hard I gagged and almost threw up.  I swear I thought I was about to have a massive coronary. And that, folks  , is the reason why I cannot  forget this nightmare.

This is my short Holloween story.


Oh, I binge-watched Slasher on Netflix.  My verdict:  Meh. Darn it,  I watched 26 episodes of pure stupidity.  All the characters are so unlikeable, especially the female main character. People connected to her are all  getting slashed  (  8 people )…….. still, she acts so casually, like, she takes a stroll  in the middle of the night to get fresh air ? ? The heck . She should be hiding in Timbuctoo.

This is all for now.  And please check out my  anime/manga/video games blogsite   ( before I delete this blogsite )  @




Thank you for reading, and stay green.





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  1. Have you watched 1922? I usually don’t like horror stuff, but I’m tempted. As for your dream, clearly it means that Keanu Reeves is your soul mate.


    • No, I haven’t…. I’ve read a review of the movie, and the reviewer says the characters are unlikeable. ( just like Slasher’s )

      Keanu Reeves , my soulmate ! I wish……


  2. I like your style my friend.


  3. I loved Jeepers Creepers! The second one was my favorite! However I still cant get over the Creeper! eek!
    Your bookshelf makes me miss mine so much! (crying like a baby!)


  4. Geez, I thought for sure that your bookshelf would feature The Art of the Deal by Donald J. Trump. Just kidding, of course. I do like those lawyer novels, though fortunately my law firm–unlike The Firm–is not mobbed up.


    • I have quite a few ” political ” books in the shelf… Al Franken’s, Michael Moore’s ,Hillary’s, and Bill Clinton’s.

      Eh, I’m not going to buy that book, The Art of the Deal. He’s not getting a single cent from me.


  5. Whoa, your bookshelf looks amazing. Awesome titles you have lying around there. 😀 Jeepers Creepers is a film that I very much enjoyed myself as well. It certainly ranks as one of my favorite all time horrormovies too. I don’t know if this new one will be any good, but I an definitely going to check it out. Hope you will have a great Halloween 😊


  6. . . . I don’t want to be green!


  7. I saw Jeepers Creepers 1 and 2. The second freaked me out more because it gave close-up shots of the creep. It took days for that image to get out of my head. For years there’s been talk about a 3. One script was going to be a prequel.

    The absolute worst horror movie I saw was The Ring, and probably because I was misled by the introduction. I was thinking that it was a movie about a journalist solving a murder mystery. That was also the last horror movie I saw.


  8. I love folks who love books and then showcase them for others to see and be inspired by. As we head to winter there are only so many ways to enjoy the outdoors but with books indoors we can all say ‘let it snow, let it snow, let it snow’…..


  9. my uncle’s wife makes lasagne from scratch too. it does make all the difference.


  10. I wouldn’t classify any Dream with Keanu Reeves in it as a nightmare! Haha, cool Halloween story!


  11. Your book collection brings back memories – all I did, it feels like, was read Tom Clancy and John Grisham novels growing up.


    • It’s sad that Tom Clancy is now gone.. To be honest though, his storyline had gone stale and lame, and seemed computer – generated. Same-o, same-o .


  12. I make my own pasta quite often but never tried macaroni!


  13. Why are you dropping your anime blog?


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