Food Stereotyping, just for fun


So,  last week  a co-worker  gave  us  a list of what  dish to bring for our potluck party  to be held  next week.  Dennis, my  lab co-worker noticed something about the list.  “ Psstst,  hey, Ren , check out the list.  Do you think we’ve been stereotyped ? ” See, there are  5  techs at the lab…. 3 Filipinos, 1 white, 1 Vietnamese, and the dishes we’re supposed to bring are :

Ren  – lumpia ( meat eggroll )


Francine ( Filipina girl )–pancit noodles

Dennis (  Filipino-Italian ) —  chicken adobo

Trang ( Vietnamese )– Vietnamese spring roll

Robert ( white guy )– mac ‘n cheese


There are 7 others on the list . Amanda’s , a Mexican,  is  carne asada,  and  Mrs. Curtis’ , an African -American is , tah dah !  fried chicken.


Whoever made the list,  two thumbs up.


This reminds me of  a Filipino comedian  who once guested  on  Jay Leno’s The Tonight Show.  His  says his dad, who’s white, was  in the military when he met his mother. But then , his dad ‘s side of the family  was kind of racist, and  he and his mother were never acknowledged. So, he asked his Dad why he married his Mom. The dad said,  “ Because I like Chinese food. “…  But ,Dad, Mom is a Filipina. ” and he replied ,  well, rice is rice.


Most of you know  that I worked part-time ( since high school and for 5 years ) at Baskin and Robbins. ( In case you don’t know, it’s an ice cream shop )  So, about stereo-typing ……..  after 5 years working in food retail,  I can say people of certain ” race “, for some reason,  do have specific preferences.

Baskin-Robbins logo.svg



For example, when I see a Mexican walk in, I make a bet with myself  she’s going to order vanilla-strawberry  with a waffle cone upgrade, and I stand in front of the  trays , all ready to scoop the aforementioned flavors before she even orders.  He he he


Here are other examples:

Old African -American ladies—- black walnut/praline and cream or old – fashioned butter pecan


Middle- aged white men — Rocky Road


Asians— nutty coconut with pistachio (  Mexicans like this, as well ) or coffee ice cream.  Young Asians always buy Cappuccino Blast.


Russians– Banana Royal /Jamocha Fudge


White ladies— mint chip


Teenagers—- Oreo, Cookies and Cream or with CSnickers, Reeses Peanut Butter Cup.


Guys,  the probability this different group of people will order these flavors is 90%  to 100 %. I kid you not.


My mother , though, likes Rocky Road  and Mocha.


Let me know your favorite flavor ice cream on the comments below.


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  1. Yep, my middle-aged white husband ALWAYS chooses Rocky Road!😂


  2. The old African American ladies are the smartest, that is some good ice cream. I have been fantasizing for about a month now for a BR malt with chocolate chip scoop in the side. Soon I will indulge.
    PS- I think you should have just shuffled the deck on the items that person wanted you all to bring and not tell the person. You would blow her racially ordered mind when you all arrived with her dishes randomly integrated.


    • Ms. Cindy Knoke,I apologize…. It should have been ELDERLY, not OLD. I just wrote the first word that came to my mind.

      We don’t really mind our assigned dishes. Maybe the person who made the list likes those dishes, and I’m happy with the thought. Ha ha ha Oh, wait, the one who made the list is a white lady whose sister in law is Asian, most probably a Filipina, LOL


  3. When it comes to food stereotyping, everyone should play up their strengths. Well done with the food menu, looks delish!


    • That’s true. I didn’t notice it… it was my co-worker who did. I, in fact, appreciate we are assigned dishes that we know are simply delicious.


  4. No real preference because it depends on the day and the shop, but (in no particular order):

    Dark chocolate, hazelnut, coffee, vanilla, and yes, rocky road (although usually mixed with a scoop of another flavor). Melisa usually orders vanilla or coffee or chocolate with a preference for coffee.

    If we buy at the store, usually, vanilla because it goes with a lot of other stuff. If Melisa is making an ice cream pie, it’s coffee ice cream.

    Soft-serve, always vanilla.

    As for food, I’m Italian, so pasta . . . plain with butter. I never order pasta at a restaurant as they will mess it up. I usually order a hamburger as that’s usually (but not always) a safe bet. I rarely order a meat dish other than a hamburger (not in recent memory). We both like fish and chips but are often disappointed.

    If we eat at a Mexican restaurant, Chile Relleno with beef, of a beef fajita.

    There you go, my (partial) eating profile.


    • That’s true, disperser. My Mom likes Rocky Road , mocha , and in the family , we like mango and ube ice cream and any kind of ice cream with chocolate.

      Anyway, that’s just what I have observed after 5 years of selling the stuff…. and I’m not kidding about the 90% to 100 %. I mean, for some reason………


  5. Haha! I just wanna eat at your pitch-in! 😛
    I agree with above comment — am Italian and seldom order Italian food at restaurants, cause they’ll jack it up. Spumoni might be my favorite ice cream, but I could never eat it every time. I order vanilla most of the time, I like pistachio, rocky road, coconut, Oreo, butter pecan, I like it all, really — I am an ice cream fanatic. Truly.


    • I haven’t eaten ice cream for years …. except the ube and avocado ice cream that we bought from the Filipino store. Yep, ube ( purple yam ) and avocado ice cream Avocado in the Philippies is for sweet dessert , like ice cream, smoothie, or just the fruit with cream and sugar. I like rocky road ! Or vanilla with chocolate fudge .


  6. Jokoy, the comedian you are referring to, actually is having a show here in PH. He’s very funny especially as a FIlipino although I can’t afford to go to it. lol.


  7. We are having a work pot luck tomorrow 😋
    I don’t know what to make. So I will probably let my sister make everything!
    Decisions! She is my minion anyway!
    I love Rocky Road Ice Cream!
    And Skor!


  8. White Boomer female here. Sorry to mess up your survey but my adulthood-long preference is for coffee, pistachio or vanilla – and the order of preference changes with my mood (and how good the shoppe/brand). I’ve learned that if they can’t make a great vanilla, nothing else is likely to be spectacular either, hardly worth the calories (kinda’ like Italian restaurants with mediocre lasagne).

    I don’t eat ice cream often anymore, however, and usually take home a carton of decent vanilla because the other two are tougher to find. In a shoppe I know, I’m more likely to be tempted by one of the other two as a result.

    As a kid it was strawberry or vanilla – rarely chocolate. Until her death, my mother’s clear favorite was Swiss Chocolate Almond (and B/R was her fav) – and she was crazy about black and white ice cream sodas. My father didn’t have much of a sweet tooth, but was known to buy the occasional Klondike bar or join my mother in a small bowl of SCA.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”


  9. Middle-aged white guy here: chocolate chip cookie dough for me please 😉


  10. Either butterscotch, or something with nuts or swirls in it. I usually like something I haven’t seen before, but never any of the old standards – whereas with cereal – since I only have it when I come home every 3 to 5 years, I always stick with what I liked as a kid, cinnamon toast crunch, or fruity pebbles.


  11. Well damn! I’m the only black man on the planet that loves sushi with all my heart…

    So beet that! Food stereotypes! Lol.😂 hahahaha!

    Good one ren!


  12. Hahahaha this was funny! 🙂


  13. You surely know their preferences Ren. Here, I love Halo-halo special and Ube Macapuno. Yum, yum!


  14. Damn you got me pegged on that cappuccino blast lol! I always used to get that 😄


  15. Filipino food!! 💖


  16. I like Dulce de leche ice cream and lumpia 🙂 But talk about food profiling! LOL Was anybody upset by it or even better say they didn’t know how to make their assigned food?


    • We kind of winked, winked. We like that the person who made the list appreciates the ethnic food. I wish we had a Japanese co – worker…. then we’d have SUSHII ! ! !

      Yes, that’s the thing…… I mean, just because we’re of a certain ethnicity , it doesn’t mean we know how to make the assigned food. Luckily, we do.

      I guess it just means they like these dishes. Thank you ! ^^


  17. I guess my grandmother would have been an honorary elderly african-american lady. 😉 She did like praline and butter pecan! Myself, I always liked Neapolitan. Commitment issues, much? But, here in the Motor City, we have the legendary Sanders hot fudge, which converts any ice cream into a heavenly delight!


  18. Funny!! This was so wrong and so right all at the same time Ren! I fell out when I got to the White ladies–Mint Chip!!!!!! Bwahaha! That sealed the deal!!! So TRUE! We are all really TRIBAL people and I think if we looked at it THAT way instead of in terms of ficticious RACE, it would be for the better! Thanks for sharing! Light and Love, Shona


    • I am now sure it wasn’t about race. And I’m also sure the person who made the list likes the dishes that she put in there, lol. I can’t wait to eat Vietnamese spring rolls. And I can’t wait to eat mac n cheese. Our co worker has been bragging he makes the pasta from scratch. He has a pasta maker.


  19. White older female, love mocha/coffee ice cream with chocolate chunks. Or Cherry Jerry Garcia (Vanilla with cherries and chocolate chunks). Or caramel almond crunch. See, versatile 🙂 Great essay, enjoyed reading!


    • My mother and I love mocha, as well. ( and mocha cake, and coffee- flavored candies ).

      It’s a mystery that people gravitate towards particular flavors consistently. I’mnot kiddig about the percentage of almost 100%.


  20. Rocky Road or chocolate-anything for this hapa (who, like the comedian in your example, is the son of a white, military father and Asian mother).


  21. Your potluck at work sounds delicious and fun.

    I dream of Black Pepper Fried Chicken ice cream. Not sweet. Savory and salty. When the ice cream melts, it should turn into biscuit gravy. Seriously, I always loved Baskin Robbins and ordered a different flavor every time.


  22. hahahaha.. im filipino. and i love coffee ice cream!


  23. So nice.Happy Diwali.


  24. Well. This old white hut thinks all of you should bring Mac and cheese. You can never have enough Mac and cheese.


  25. Posted by Bebekoh on October 22, 2017 at 8:02 am

    totally get what you mean.. stereotyping.

    Somehow, working abroad for years, I still tend to prefer Filipino food over other cuisines. Well, I’m a picky eater anyway, so I just order what I feel I could eat – no matter what cuisine.

    Most of the time, when it comes to ice creams, i always prefer chocolate-based. But with Baskin Robbins, I more often than not, order jamocha almond fudge, pralines and cream, or anything mocha / coffee based. hehehehe! Kanya kanyang style talaga. 😛


    • I notice Filipinos do love coffee-based food. You know, it’s rare ( like never ) to see mocha cakesin ” regular ” bake shops here in the US…. but at Goldilocks and Red Ribbon, mocha cakes are best sellers. I mean, there are always mocha cakes on display.


      • Posted by Bebekoh on October 30, 2017 at 5:24 am

        LOL! Well, Americans should try. I mean, they love coffee, don’t they?

        I miss ube cake though. In Manila, whenever I’m on holiday, I would buy ube cake more than chocolate or mocha flavored cakes.


  26. i never noticed that, but i usually don’t look what other people are ordering. but in my family anyting with chocolate is our go to.


  27. i think everything sounds delicious


    • All the foods I mentioned here are delicious, even the Mac n Cheese. My co- worker made the pasta from scratch….. the pasta itself !. It does make the difference.


  28. I’m 50 and I like straight-up vanilla!


  29. Posted by The Otaku Judge on October 25, 2017 at 5:47 pm

    Next time I buy ice cream I’ll have to wear a dress because I am partial to mint choc.

    I laughed at the white guy having to bring mac and cheese. My race certainly isn’t know for it’s cuisine.

    You worked part time at an ice cream place? Maybe that played an influence in you getting a dairy centric job.


  30. Posted by viktoryarch on October 26, 2017 at 6:54 am

    Just want to wish you the best, loudest, amazing last two month of 2017 and the greatest plans for the New Year 2018.


  31. […] via Food Stereotyping, just for fun — renxkyoko’s space […]


  32. You’d get me wrong – mint ice cream every time! 😀


  33. My least ever favorites are mint flavored! Yuck and reminds me of brushing my teeth!
    My very favorites are bourbon pecan, pralines and cream or butter pecan. My favorite milkshake is a vanilla or chocolate malt. I like Baskin Robbins and UDF ice cream while out but usually buy store brands who do seem to put good ingredients into their ice creams. 😊 🍦


  34. This is so crazy! I never would have thought about it, my favorite is Rocky road and I like strawberry


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