I’m Being random lately

Renxkyoko Iglesias here, hello !


So, I’ve been saying I don’t give a D about what’s going on here in the US. Politics is so stressful and such a pain in the arse. But , last week, I donated  blood for the Las Vegas victims. ( got a nice , free T-shirt, too ). The line was long, about 3 hours long, then it took   about 45 minutes to prep me, and  then  about 10 to 15 minutes to fill up a pint  of my blood…. drip, drip, drip.


Twenty two wildfires are ravaging Northern California, where I live. Twenty two fires , all at the same time ? I smell a rat. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I feel this is arson.  The fires are all over…. Butte County, Fresno, Sonoma, and darn it, Napa Valley, which is just 30 minutes from my city.. Napa  is a beautiful place and they say it looks like the south of France, with all these rolling hills and vineyards , as far as the eyes can see.  Napa Valley is the biggest supplier of wines in the US.  I was just there last week for a friend’s bachelorette party.  I bought 3 bottles of excellent red wine. So, please, not Napa Valley !


I suspect  there are bad men who want to take down liberal California, the 7th largest economy in the world. Our Governor has declared our state a Sanctuary State, and this doesn’t sit well with the Right. I hope I’m wrong.

Random photo of our peach tree.


And apple tree.



I’ve been watching tons of movies on Netflix and Hulu. I guess I’m over-compensating for not watching any movies and TV shows for years.


I don’t watch Walking Dead , believe it or not, though I did manage to watch the first season. I don’t like it if there’s too much drama. I stopped after the  Governor arc …. it upset me that instead of helping survivors, the Governor killed them.  Why ? It was so stupid  . Then, there’s an evil cult ? Eff it . I quit.  World War Z is more my type, where everyone is on survival mode, and people help each other to survive.


I just watched a Belgian crime story, ” Hotel Beau Sejour. ”  It’s subtitled, and I highly recommend it.


Check out my anime/manga/video games blogsite @ http://2megaworthitwordpresscomblog.wordpress.com/

I have a new entry, a review of  Yumenara Samenaide manga,  a true love story.


Okay. This is all for now. Thank you for reading, folks.





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  1. These types of cluster fires are most likely set by arsonists. We were evacuated in such a scenario in SoCal in 2007 with approx. 2000 homes burned. There are people who get off on setting fires and wait to do it when one is started. These people are hard to treat. No one wants to house them for treatment! Living through this sort of inferno is truly terrifying, dying in one would be horrific. My daughter lives up there. My thoughts are with everyone.


    • I just read there are actually 47 wildfires, and not 22. I hope my suspicions are wrong.

      I had to take my co-worker’s shift last Tuesday, which was my day off. He had to go to his sister’s whose house was destroyed by the fire in Santa Rosa.


  2. Going down the conspiracy theory hole is probably not healthy, especially when one casts whole political/social/economic parties as “the evil ones.”

    I suspect arson as well, but we’ll know eventually, but assigning motive implies the perpetrators knew who would get hurt and that none of the people who got killed or hurt or lost everything are sympathetic to their gripes.

    Unlikely because populations are relatively homogeneous, especially when considering large areas. There’s a map that shows how — when you look at actual voting — states are neither red or blue, but purple.

    If it is arson, chances are its kids or idiots or both and I suspect they had no idea of the fire’s eventual scope and destruction.

    Anyway, it’s good to remove oneself from the immediacy of the news. Reading about stuff a few days after it happens usually means more information and perhaps less stress.

    . . . although your choice of TV show might contribute to raising stress as opposed to lowering it. If you want to watch an interesting dark movie, look up “He never died.”

    Odd, but I liked it.

    They also added ID-0 anime . . . looks odd, but I’ll give it a shot. Anything with robots usually ends up not holding my interest unless the robots are actually independent agents and not controlled by some 8-year-old kid.


    • Bad men, not evil ones. ( although I consider a person evil if he’s going to risk millions of lives by starting a nuclear war with another evil one ) There ‘s a supporter ( a Congressman ) who said if North Korea would nuke the US, he hoped it would be California. With that mindset, ” torching ” California is no big deal.

      If a TV show or movie stresses me out, I stop watching. More than half of the shows I watch get dropped if I don’t like where they’re heading. ( Or I fast forward ^^”)

      Yeah, I saw ID- O. I think it’s not O, right ? It looks like Theta, Greek symbol for nothing.

      If you’re still interested in RWBY, Vol.5 will air this October ( 14 or the 27th , not sure which day )

      Cheers !


    • People say a lot of things, still no reason to ascribe large groups with a mindset of a few.

      As for ID-O or “o” or “?” . . . I don’t think it’s Omega because that’s the upside down horseshoe symbol (or w-like symbol in lower case). It could be Omicron, but I doubt it. I think it’s either zero or O.

      I’ll probably take a look at RWBY, but I’m likely to wait until the season is complete and has an ending of sorts. But, they better deliver in this next installment. I think (like with most stories) they’re slowly losing their way the longer they go. I don’t think they have a long story arc worked out, at least not initially.


      • I really think it’s theta, disperser. Its an O with a slash across it. That;s what our teachers write for a test with a score of 0/100. lol

        That’s a problem , isn’t it ? Because of a few, a whole group of people gets a bad rap. The problem here is , the ” few ” are leaders, and as leaders we assume their views represent the whole. of course, that assumption is false.

        The original storyteller of RWBY passed away. RWBY ‘s plot is soooo much better than the animes we watch nowadays. I tried watching this anime Irregular High School something ( I forget the title )…. at first , I thought the story was good…. then , as expected, INCEST, and fanservice . The sister is intentionally rubbing her big boobs on her brother’s back . The heck ! For once, can you please stop this ?

        By the way, disperser, there’s a ” new ” anime on Netflix, a Netflix original. The title is Blame! I watched it last night ,a 1 hr 36 min movie ( not a series ) and I rate it 9/10. Check it out.. ( It’s a post apocalyptic anime )


      • It’s zero (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ID-0) but the premise sounds tired (I’ll take a look at it anyway).

        See, I think RWBY showed promise in the first season, faltered in the second season, and went off the rails in the third. That could be because of Monty dying, but I also think they hadn’t planned anything and introduced stuff because “it was cool” that then painted them into corners.

        I also found the character’s powers and action inconsistent and that’s one of the things that bothers me almost more than fan service or those weird faces they draw to indicate . . . well, I think it’s meant to indicate some type of emotion but to me, it indicates that they are nuts. More so, it’s a slap-like reminder that we’re watching a cartoon and it takes me out of the story.

        The Irregulars was interesting for a while. I don’t remember a whole lot of fan service (meaning, no more than many other series — Japanese be weird in that regard) but yes, the implied incest (I don’t remember any actual overt scene) was teased but there was also a tease in there where the “brother” name she called him might not have signified a familial connection but rather an emotional one.

        Then, it looked like they were walking that notion back. Another series that I think was not well planned but rather seemed to make stuff up on the spot.

        I stopped watching because it became new-ability-ex-machina . . . meaning, a problem comes up and the protagonist — who is more than he seems — basically invents something new to solve the problem or demonstrates a new ability. Anyway, the first few episodes were OK for the tension and apparent underdog/good guy in disguise, but then you figure out he’s a part of this organization, an operative of sorts on a mission that’s not explained very well — what he’s doing in high school anyway operating at a level much lower than his capabilities? And, of course, the premise of the high school is massively flawed, but many animes are like that and one hopes for characters and stories that go beyond the initial silliness of the premise.

        To date, I think one of the most interesting has been the Seven Deadly Sins (it too has frustrating gaps in story-telling). I did like the first three seasons of the Legend of Quora (sp?) but she is a flawed character that’s not appearing to go anywhere so I wasn’t motivated to pay for the fourth season.

        I did watch Blame, and there too there were conflicting/confusing elements and character motivations. It was interesting and entertaining, but it ended without a good explanation for some of the things and also didn’t solve anything other than they have a nice place to be for a while. Also, I didn’t connect with any characters because they kept killing them. In that, it felt more like an episode than a movie and that makes sense because it’s apparently a small portion of a multi-volume Manga.


        • Blame is screaming for a sequel. Oh, well, I don’t think they’ll make one. There’s a timeskip already. I mean, Zuru is now a grandmother and the one narrating at the end of the story is the granddaughter. We don’t even know if she’s still alive. But we see the Killy at the end too, still travelling, and searching for the terminal gene. What the heck is a terminal Gene, anyway. I know it’s a gene that ‘s in humans before the ” contagion.” But what’s so important about that particular gene ? Human survivors seem normal. And what are those Builders and Safeguards ? So many questions ….and I want answers.

          I still think it’s so much better than the animes we watch nowadays. After watching Blame! I was like, Alleluliah ! ! Finally !

          Seven Deadly Sins….. it will get very dark, disperser. The anime is way behind the manga.


        • Here’s a decent review of Blame along with some backstory:

          As for The Sins, as far as I can tell, they’ve already deviated from the Manga, so one hopes they’ll not go down the dark path. If they do, I’ll drop it.


          • Wow ! That’s an awesome review ! !

            I’ll check out my favorite manga agrregator’s list and see if they have Blame! I really want to know what’s the deal with Killy.


      • I was curious so I looked it up. They are brother and sister, but in the books, the question is posed to her (the sister) and it’s supposed to just be brotherly love. If that’s the case, the series does a poor job of conveying it as just siblings caring for each other.


      • Finally, there’s a four-episode series called Castlevania that shows promise but that is also frustrating. Not so much anime as animation, but interesting. Then again, too short a season trying to pack a lot in there and too long waiting for season 2 (much like 7 deadly sins)


  3. Hi ya, I got to that these fires are not a conspiracy, that would be a new low.
    I don’t get to watch much Netflix at all really…


    • 47 wildfires, total, and 22 big ones, all at the same time. That’s very strange, isn’t it ?

      If you find a movie that you like, better watch it because Netflix will take it off its list after a few months. I don’t know how long Netflix keeps a movie on the roster.


  4. We’ve been watching the news out of CA and the images and stories are horrific. They showed one neighborhood and I said to my husband it looked like a nuclear bomb had gone off. I hope you’re safe where you are. Thank goodness for Netflix and Hulu! Have you watched Stranger Things? It’s creepy but sweet and the second season is coming on the 27th.


  5. […] Source: I’m Being random lately […]


  6. life is so full of drama and heartache, i’d rather read fantasy books, where things are so far from reality, it lets my mind wonder away.. i totally understand you.


  7. I’m Being random lately <– A very nice way of saying let's be eclectic 🙂


    • I know. Ha ha ! I can only manage to write a short paragraph on any topic swirling on my mind. I admire those who can write more than 1000 words on any topic, no matter how mundane it is. I don’t have the imagination of a writer. T.T


  8. Because of your strong beliefs, I think I would think similarly about the wildfires if I was you. It’s a natural line of thinking, and who knows, you could be right! But I definitely want to encourage you to love your enemies, no matter how much you disagree with them. This country won’t heal with each side continuing to dig in and try to force the “other side” to follow along with their truth. We need to love each other in spite of our differences, maybe even because of them.

    Take care and have an awesome day! I’m looking forward to checking out your new site.


  9. I just started downloading World War Z as I haven’t seen it… or heard of it, but I mostly only know about a show after it’s recommended… I somehow fell in love with the Walking Dead though… I guess I like too much drama.


    • Ha ha For one thing, Brad Pitt is in it. WW3 is screaming for a sequel.

      There’s another zombie series, Fear the Walking Dead, that ‘s in the same timeline as Walking Dead. Fear the Walking Dead is set in the West Coast, while The Walking Dead is happening in the south.


      • Yeah I’m all over Fear the Walking Dead right now. I finished 7 seasons of the original in 6 weeks, careful not to read anything about it so I wouldn’t give any of the story away. After I finally finished it I stumbled on to the Fear series and now caught up with that in the last two weeks. Yes, I’ve donated quite a lot of my time to zombies lately. I’m half way through World War Z. As soon as I started I was like oh, Brad Pitt is in this, ok… The Z zombies are much scarier since they run instead of walk. Just closing up the kitchen and I’ll get back to watch the end…


  10. I hear you about being down about what is going on in US politics and I don’t even live in the US. But I realize that what is happening in Washington is going to affect all of us whether we live in the US or not. And I am buoyed up by California and their stand on climate change and other things too. I am so sad to see these dreadful fires. I hope the weather will give the fire fighters a break soon.


    • From California going up, northwest, we’re all for taking care of the environment. It’s the greatest mystery that people at the other side of the fence are so against it. Just because ……


      • If it is any consolation there are many of us up here in the northeast of Canada who are concerned about he environment as well. I have a 3 year old grandson and it is him and his generation that I really worry about. Anyway…..I am hoping the fires in CA will diminish soon.


  11. What a dear. Over three hrs to give blood. And the fires have blazed right here, within view and distance in SoCal, too. One family in our homeschool community actually had to evacuate. Been crazy, the world over! And with an even crazier president.


    • Well, 4 hours ,actually. There was a long line of donors. It was a heartwarming sight.

      The mornings are suddenly foggy , and smells of something burning. The fog and the smell dissipates , though. That’s how close we are to the wildfires.

      I had to take my co-worker’s shift last week. He had to go to Santa Rosa to help his sister’s family. Their house burned.


  12. So you live in Northern California. Don’t know why I put you in the South? Florida or North Carolina? Don’t mind me. Sorry about the fires. (Many friends live around there) it is terrible. And I agree: that’s too many fires at the same time. And the problem is, that the land will take years and years to heal…
    Hear! Hear! for giving blood. Bon week-end.


  13. I don’t know if you saw that I’m having this new guest posting event the month of November – Rage Against the Machine month. I’d love to get a guest post from you before you become a fed and leave the online world! If you’re interested, the prompt is here: https://theseekersdungeon.com/rage-against-the-machine-month/


  14. I have a lot of friends that could only watch the first few seasons of TWD but really like Znation. Maybe that would be more up your alley!


  15. Lots going on all over… Hope you are well. Loved the fruit trees pictures 🙂


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