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I’m calling this post chopsuey because I have nothing specific in mind…… just a mixed bag of  stuff  that’s on my mind at the moment. So , here goes….


I went to a 99 cents store to buy kitchen rags and sponges and my favorite scented soap, Palmolive. Of course, we inevitably get to buy other things that do not have to be expensive, such as seasonal Holloween decorations. Then, I saw this……..


It is  furniture polish wipes,  but its Warning  states ” Do not use on furniture “, or as personal hygiene , such as  “baby wipes.” Made in China.  I hurriedly left the store. Goshdarnit.  I’m assuming some people over there use this as baby wipes, hence , the warning.


The dairy plant where I work is huge. Employees have to drive through 3 gates ( using a remote control ) with road spikes to stop illegal entry. We do allow a few visitors to get in, like the one I encountered at the parking lot.  Please watch video down below ( I’ve done everything to post this video  on its proper place, but it seems it always goes down below. The old WordPress features were easier  to work with. I don’t even have a Preview now. So , yeah, I just   gave up fixing this. )  Anyway, the video shows a light brown fox  near where I parked my car.


I finally met a person (  a co-worker ) who thinks he had been abducted by aliens. He acts normal, though….. just don’t let him talk about his alien abduction experience.


I’ve been watching on You Tube anything on North Korea for over a year now. To me, the worst thing that these dictators’ family has done is to make zombies and robots out of  their people . Zombies are the undead. They may look human, but they don’t act like one. And the children …..  The way the children smile and act is uniform and robotic. . They look so creepy.  So, Ren, what exactly is your point in saying all these  ?  I won’t tell because you’ll hate me if I do.


There is a North Korean video of New York City in nuclear ruins , with the song ” We Are the World ” playing in the backround,….. and North Korean audience applauding gleefully as they watch the video.

” Ah, I love the smell of napalm in the morning. ”


And with this, I say, adieu, sweet dreams, and peace and goodwill to all men.


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  1. North Korea is a interesting place.


  2. I still use the old editor because it gives me pretty good (but not perfect) control over the editing process.

    Funny . . . I use baby wipes as rags to polish the furniture.

    That some impressive security at your workplace . . . which apparently doesn’t keep one safe from aliens.

    I’ve managed nearly three weeks now of avoiding all but the most permanent of news (meaning, news that makes it past the 24 or 48-hours cycles) . . . my life seems the better for it. Not happier or more hopeful, but still better.


  3. Freaky… 😦
    (Kim Jong-Fool)


  4. I see the furniture polish pic and I offer the following hypothesis. The manufacturer hired a lawyer and the lawyer advised, Think of every POSSIBLE misuse for this product and put it in the warning label. Voila! Not a baby wipe. Case dismissed.

    North Korea makes “1984” look like an oasis of liberalism by comparison. Kim is not “crazy like a fox,” (or coyote) and I’m sure your intruder would agree. 🙂


  5. I did not change to the new, improved editor. I’m old skool like that. 🙂


  6. I am still confused about the furniture wipes…..If you are not supposed to use it on furniture or your tushy, where are you supposed to use it?


  7. I finally met a person ( a co-worker ) who thinks he had been abducted by aliens. He acts normal, though….. just don’t let him talk about his alien abduction experience.



  8. I continue to use and prefer WP Admin…


  9. We’ve been gobbling up articles, books, and videos on North Korea the last few months ourselves, though because we’re Korean, this is a topic that’s been dear to us since we were young. I would say, though, that what’s most troubling to me is how the regime will systematically kill families – through execution, starvation, or neglect (including children); meanwhile, the fat get fatter in that country on the backs of the people they steal from and from whom they receive worship. So much evil, and it’s so heartbreaking.


    • That’s true.

      No matter how the world wants him gone, we don’t want him provoked to start a war that will affect millions and millions of people. Seoul is a mere 50 km. from DMZ. The thought of this city and the miilliions of South Koreans living there getting attacked is just unimaginable.


      • It’s just a difficult situation with no perfect answer. But I think inaction is the wrong thing – it’s forgetting so many people who are suffering so greatly. I’m not sure what the best solution is. :/


  10. I finally met a person ( a co-worker ) who thinks he had been abducted by aliens. He acts normal, though….. just don’t let him talk about his alien abduction experience. <– I have one of those as well. Difference is he gets abducted daily…


  11. The NK situation is very worrying. I read a book “The Orphan Masters Son” which is fiction but based in fact about North Korea. Excellent book but very disturbing. However it does make it clear that what you are saying about the people there is true and that there is also much worse as well. Anyway….life goes on. Thanks for the Chop Suey!


  12. Ghastly video! Trump has met his match for meglomania!


  13. Loved the ‘abducted by aliens’. I once had a coffee date with a new person. He appeared nice, well-mannered, and was well-dressed. Seemed normal until he sat down.
    Guy: “Hello.”
    Me: “Hi”
    Guy: “By the way, I was abducted by Space Aliens.”
    Me: “Tell me more about that.”
    Alas, he did – for an hour. 🙂


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