LA vacation pics, and some.




Hi there, Renxkyoko Iglesias here. * waves *


So , my cousin just recovered the pics she took of me doing something nasty on THAT guy’s star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame last week  .


Do I look fierce enough ?

There is another one of me giving it the middle finger, but for some reason, I find the photo quite indecent and lewd.. I self – censored it, he he.


IMG_2387 (2)

At the Getty Museum….. I think that’s a Van Gogh.


Okay, while I ‘m at it, I want to show you guys some art stuff  we have here at home.  The paintings are by two  famous painters in the Philippines, and,  in fact, we were notified years ago to send photos of the paintings so that this art group (  Tuesday Group , they are called ) could keep track of where the paintings of these artists are located, and have them authenticated, especially now that they are deceased.  I am sure the value of these paintings has already gone up, and that’s an understatement.




Above is  water color painting by E…. can’t tell the name of the painter. Sorry for the glare.


Oil by XXXXX.



Water color by E.





We have 3 more of E’s  but I don’t have  time to look for  them in my photo gallery.


E’s mural at the SSS Bldg. ( Social Security System ) Philippines


and below is a commissioned painting  by E for  President Aguinaldo’s ancestral home (  first president of the Philippines when the country declared independence from Spain…. short lived , because the  Philippines was immediately ceded to the US by Spain for $ 20 M…….. cheap country )




So why do we have 10 of E’s paintings (  some are at our house in the Philippines, and too big to bring to the US )….. because he was a relative who was very close to my mother’s family, ( he came from a poor family and I think my grandfather  helped him and his sister with college tuition fees,  and so he sold some  fine paintings to my mother at just 10% of the actual  value. In fact, he wanted to give them away free but my mother insisted on paying .  His paintings are now highly priced.


So, that’s the story .


Alright, this is all for now.  By the way, I am supposed to talk about a potentially life – changing career move, but I guess that can wait.


Bye and thanks for reading.


















46 responses to this post.

  1. Lovely pictures


  2. You just look marvelous! You killed fierce a long time ago and made your own brand of beautiful. Hope you have a great night.l


  3. Fierce but . . . I can’t figure that shadow in front of you . . . was The Donald hovering behind you?


  4. You look so different….


  5. hahaha!! I knew you’d look for that plate on the ground! 😂😂


  6. Nice one… Yeah well… dunno if you look fierce… hahah but I’m so glad you soaked up some culture by means of ogling the paintings. That is a Van Gogh yes. I saw some of the great masters in the London National gallery and it is actually quite humbling to be in the presence of these iconic works.


    • I know ! ! You can even touch them. ( The Mona Lisa is the only one with a barrier and with a glass enclosure. ) Just being able to see these iconic works in person is so humbling, you’re right.


  7. i love the paintings! I would love to go an art muesum. especially the New York Met! dreamy sigh!


  8. Great pictures and I really think you looked fierce enough lol 😂 Thank you for sharing these 😀


  9. Posted by The Otaku Judge on August 28, 2017 at 9:24 pm

    Nice artwork. $20 million for the Philippines sounds like a bargain. Some teams buy just one footballer for more than that.


  10. […] via LA vacation pics, and some. — renxkyoko’s space […]


  11. Love your paintings, especially liked the one by E


    • They’re all water color. Do you know water color is the hardest medium to use ? The painter cannot make mistakes because mistakes cannot be painted over, unlike oil.


  12. Fabulous art work. But I loved seeing the pics of you too! We don’t see you often enough these days! 😂


  13. Love the van Gogh and the tease for the career move!


  14. Oh, big teaser about the career move! Can’t wait to hear about it! 🙂


  15. Ha! Middle finger censorship. Too cute. The Filipino art is amazing!!


  16. Lovely pictures,
    I loved the water colour by E.


  17. Those are fantastic paintings, very expressive. I’m surprised Orangina’s star hasn’t been destroyed yet.


  18. Posted by nkdwhtguy on September 7, 2017 at 2:02 am

    Great post and photos…..shudda used the middle finger one though. 🙂


  19. My real last name is Aguinaldo. My father once told me he was a distant relative of Emilio A. LA is a cool place to visit. Got to see a large exhibit of Van Gogh at the County Art Museum years back. So much better seeing artwork in person than viewing them in books. Peace.


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