A 3 -day vacation in LA


Hi, Renxkyoko Iglesias here.


I had a fun and relaxing 3 – day vacation in Los Angeles with my cousin last week.  We were supposed to stay at my brother’s place in Long Beach, but he was out of town. Good thing we were able to get an Airbnb right in downtown LA. My sister lives a bit far away from LA, and she has work, so  bnb is the most convenient place to stay… it’s just a 2- mile walk or so to Hollywood Walk of Fame.  But here’s the thing….. I forgot my cellphone at home.  My cousin had her cell of course but she’s not much of a picture -taker. She did take a picture of  T-t-t-rump’s  star and my own hand giving it the middle finger, and though she posted it on Snapchat , she didn’t save the picture. Darn it. It was so amusing though  to see people lining up to stomp their feet on this guy’s star. (  The images below are not mine )


Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star Tagged With Swastika ...



We also went to the Getty Museum, and for the first time, saw  real Monet and Van Gogh paintings. I was in awe.  I bought one Van Gogh print.  By the way, I saw the real Mona Lisa painting at Louvre in Paris, and was a bit ( just a teeny, weeny bit, okay ? ) surprised  the painting was small, like 2 ft x 2 ft.?? . I imagined it a bit larger than that.



Sorry for the blurry pictures.


Back to LA……


We went hiking ( with my sister  who got a day off ) at Runyon Canyon, and managed to get to the top to see a clear view of the famous Hollywood sign and the whole city of LA.  And guess what, James Lebron walked past us , shirtless, and,  our eyes met, woohoo, and I thought I heard him say, Hi…… ,  my cousin said, ” nope,  it was the guy walking behind him”, and added,  ” Ren,  I see stars in your eyes. ”  Sadly, it was just Lebron that we saw. I  had hoped for more, like Zac Efron, shirtless.     Uhm,  never mind.  Lebron  was totally legit.


Here’s a random pic of yours truly at the Hollywood Walk of Fame , taken in 2012.

This is all for now.

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  1. Fun trip to LA LA Land. Glad you had a good time.


    • It was a fun trip, but very tiring. Since we didn’t have transportation, we spent 2 days walking the whole day, and hiking up a steep canyon the next day. Exhausting , but very gratifying.


  2. What!!! Mona Lisa is that small…. I never knew that… I always imagined it as a large portrait. 🙄


    • Here’s the thing…. all the walls at the museum are filled with huge, huge paintings , with no vacant space in between.. then this wall with just the tiny Mona Lisa occupying all that empty space .


  3. Always fun to read your posts. In Detroit, we have a couple Van Goghs and Monets. The real feast for the eyes is 300 miles to the west in the Art Institute of Chicago. A whole room full of Monets and another room of Renoirs! Hard to beat that on this side of the Atlantic. 🙂


  4. Ah so lovely, glad you had a good time. I thought I was the only one who sometimes forget my cellphone at home, I see I have company…Lol


    • I was already at the airport when I realized I didn’t have the mobile in my purse. Well, I didn’t want anyone calling me while on vacation, but I couldn’t take pics, aaaargh .


  5. Looks like you had a really fun time 😊 Thanks for sharing your experience with us,and ofcourse: welcome back 😊


  6. Thanks for taking us on your trip with you. I haven’t taken a vacation in a while, so I live vicariously through other bloggers.


  7. Here’s a bit of trivia . . .

    It’s always seemed to me that the appreciation of certain art over other art is shoved down our throats by self-appointed guardians of what constitutes “real” art.

    The best descriptor for art is “subjective” . . . plus, I assume if I cut off my nose and then mailed it to someone, my blog might become popular at least for a bit. People might even read my fiction.

    Seriously, I can admire the skill, and that’s probably why I’m one of those who’s often unimpressed by famous works of art . . . but I might really appreciate a clever trinket at a souvenir shop or something a street merchant concocts on the spot.


    • It is highly subjective. There’s this “art” made by a famous painter that is just a small dot in a white canvas. And it is hailed as art. I don’t like Picasso,either. And for some reason, I don’t appreciate Salvador Dali, either.


    • Oh, I just watched the video here ! Very interesting ! ! Come to think of it, what’s so great about the era of Cubism ?


    • Adam Ruins Everything doesn’t quite to service to the truth this time. The Mona Lisa was always well regarded and became very popular after an essay about it in 1867 was published that proclaimed it highly. THEN the theft shot it into the stratosphere. But it was always a major player.

      As it happens, I was also disappointed at its size and darkness when I saw it in the Louvre. There are better works of art!


  8. It’s hard to get a good picture of the mona lisa – it’s behind bullet proof glass (who would shoot a painting???) and you’re not allowed flash. but yeah, it’s weird to see such iconic stuff, isn’t it?


    • Oh, right ! The glass ! And it’s the only painting hanging on the wall, isn’t it? That’s why it looks so small and lonely , lol.

      I know ! ! You can just imagine seeing Venus de Milo, too….. and you can actually touch the sculpture !


  9. Fuuuuuun 😀


  10. I also thought the Mona Lisa was bigger than that. Interesting! Looks like a fun time!


  11. Posted by nkdwhtguy on August 25, 2017 at 10:08 pm

    I thought the same thing when I saw the Mona Lisa in Paris!


  12. I went to the Louvre once and had exactly the same response to the size of the painting as you did. I’ve also been to LA and had a brilliant time. Like you, if I had come across Trump’s star my reaction would have been similar to yours but possibly less polite ! SO glad you had a lovely time 🙂


  13. I would like to go LA just to sight see. I would probably go all starry eye if I saw celebrities, but then again with my nutty brain I wouldnt recognise anyone until it was too late. they would walk by me, and I wouldnt have a clue! Nice post!


    • They say you won’t see any star at Walk of Fame. They can be seen hiking at Runyon Canyon . Also at LA airport. In fact, I saw Simon Crowell casually crossing the road at the airport parking lot….. ah, I failed to mention that. Last time I was there, I saw Bruce Willis.


  14. It’s strange how we always assume the Mona Lisa to be a big painting, it comes as a shock when it is revealed how small it is!


    • I know, right ? Almost all the artworks at Louvre are huge, as big as a 5×7 area rug, even bigger, then Bam ! there’s the Mona Lisa, looking small and alone hanging on the wall, on all that empty space. I guess it’s too special to be lumped together with all the rest, lol.


      • It’s feels quite shameful to see such a work and the first thought to run through one’s head is ‘is that it? I thought it’d be bigger’ but then again ‘I thought you’d be bigger’ is a staple of films these days.


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