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Hiya ! Renxkyoko Iglesias here.


I’m sorry I haven’t been reading your blogs, even on my off  days.  I’ve been doing other things… stuff that I haven’t done for quite a while. Hopefully, I maybe able to catch up  on my blog reading this week.


I’ve been thinking a lot about politics these days. The tense situation between North Korea and the US  is a bit scary. I’m not worried about the US getting attacked by that murdering Dear Leader Kim Jung-On. I’m more concerned  about the countries near North Korea…. South Korea, duh, ( capital Seoul is a mere 50 km. from DMZ ), Japan, Taiwan, The Philippines.

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I wonder what Japan and S. Korea are feeling now. I just watched a video of Japanese school children having an emergency drill in case of a nuclear attack. Even though it’s just a drill, we can see terror on the children’s faces. * omg, the kids  are sitting ducks *



I don’t know what’s going on in South Korea, though. Here’s what I know……. there’s currently a heavy influx of South Korean nationals to the Philippines. Immigration of South Koreans to the Philippines has been on-going for about 2 decades now. There’s now a huge Korean Town in Manila where before there was none.  In our subdivision alone, Paris Hilton built a ten   10- story building  condominium resort complex , just walking distance from our house, and all units are already sold out to South Korean and Japanese nationals. Also walking distance from our house in the subdivision is a Korean elementary and high school. ( used to be Japanese school, but they moved to another place).


I wrote about our vacation house at Boracay Island , a famous touristy beach island  in the Philippines.  The house has 3 floors ( 4, including the rooftop with a million – dollar view of the ocean ),  7 bedrooms, 5 bath/toilets, and we originally planned to rent it out to tourists. When we went there in 2014, there wasn’t even a bed we could sleep in. Interior of the house at        I’m not shamelessly plugging it in, mind you.  To my Filipino readers who have been enquiring about the house, sorry, folks, it won’t be available until 2020.


That ‘s how our vacation house looked like  in June 2014.  By December 2014, the house was already fully booked up to March , 2015, but then in April 2015, the whole house ( except one bedroom reserved for our family ) was rented by South Koreans , with contract good up to 2020. They even employed a full – time gardener.   So, okay, I’m digressing….. well, our tenants are South Koreans. Just sayin’.


I guess this is what’s going on with South Koreans, especially those who can afford to make a quick get away in case a North Korean attack happens. There’s even a joke why South Koreans are not worried about North Korea….. because half of the population are already living in the Philippines…… aaaargh !  It’s a joke, guys. I know…… it’s tasteless. Nuclear war is not something to joke about. Sorry.


I hope and pray nothing happens.  I hope these pronouncements from this  man at the White House are  mere rhetorics and he’s just  trying to deflect the country’s attention away from his  Russian  connection …. but then, provoking a madman like Dear Leader  Kim Jun -ong  is catastrophically dangerous , with millions of lives at stake.


We called our aunty in the Philippines and she informed us that , at this moment, the Philippines is more concerned about the 6.4 earthquake that occurred in Batangas on Aug.11 ( just 50  miles from Manila , the capital city ). The country is afraid that more earthquakes will occur in the next few days. * sigh *  Volcanic eruptions, off the chart typhoons, and earthquakes. The Philippines had the largest volcanic eruption in the 20th century ( 1991 ) and the strongest typhoon ever recorded in the world in 2013 . ( typhoon Hayain )and an 8.0 earthquake sometime in the 1990’s. What else can the world pile up on top of these catastrophies ? ( not to mention Japan’s tsunamis ) Oh, wait, threat of nuclear war.




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  1. The world can be a pretty scary place. We always forget what fragile creatures we actually are.


  2. Perfectly understandable having events shape and control your attention span . . . and, you’re not alone. Most thinking people can’t help but be affected by what appears to be a rapidly devolving situation not only in the international arena (N. Korea, China, Europe, Russia, the Middle East, etc. etc.) but in monetary issues, social issues, political arenas . . . I don’t watch it, but apparently even Game of Thrones is worrying some people.

    One can take comfort in the fact many of these situations are not new to the world or civilization in general. Meaning, we’ve gotten through them before.

    Of course, it wasn’t much comfort to people who had to endure them before, so while we can hope those who come after us will inherit a better place, it’s OK to stop a foot and band one’s head on the wall and ask “why now?” Why, there’s even a cathartic effect from it.

    . . . just don’t do it too often or too hard as the benefit diminishes if overdone.


  3. No worries about catching up with other blogs. There are more important things than blogging at times, that’s for sure. I have to agree that I find it a pretty scary situation myself. But then again the world isn’t the safe place anymore I always thought it was. And it hasn’t been for a very long time. With terrorist attacks everywhere in the world, the word safe has lost it’s meaning quite some time ago.
    But the important thing is not to let fear rule our lives. I pray that things will not escalate further, and that there are people who hopefully will also keep a cool and clear head. We have to keep the faith, and try to keep lifting our spirits as much as we can. Reaching out to friends and loved ones is certainly a very good place to start doing that. In the end hopefully we can reach that state again that we all long for: peace and safety 😊


    • There are dark clouds in the sky and they’ve been hovering ominously over our heads for quite a while now. Children are supposed to be playing , not preparing for Armageddon. I feel the election of that guy at the White House is a n omen ., a bad one. IPandora’s box has been opened, a long time ago, but I hope all the bad things have already been released, with HOPE the only thing left in the box ( or jar ). That’s a very comforting thought, isn’t it.


      • It really isn’t to be honest….but I still have hope for the future. I don’t want to live the rest of my life in fear, that’s for sure. I always try to remain optimistic about things 😊


  4. Are the Koreans emigrating to the Philippines or visiting? I just read the novel “Avenue of Miracles” by John Irving – much of it is set in the Philippines. Have you read it? We are travelling to Japan in September, for some reason I am not nervous about it.


  5. I really AM worried about the affected nations around North Korea, Should things go south. But North Korea won’t have a problem using the countries around them as a shield huh? probably even what they are counting on :-\


  6. No doubt its very depressed situation..!


  7. Renxkyoko – I hope both of those leaders settle down. I agree they have me worried too.


    • It does seem like they’re backing off. I’ve been watching documentaries about NKorea from the time the last Supreme Leader Kim Jun Il died and his son inherited the country . This current one has more loose screws in his head, and more dangerously trying darn hard to prove he’s a tougher guy than the ones before him, his father and his grandfather. How does one deal with a country whose people officially consider a dead man as their eternal president and revered as God ? The word right now is dealing with millions of crazies, led by even a crazier man, so who knows what will happen in the coming years ?


  8. Ste J, the tin pot dictator has launched ICBMs 11 x just this year alone, mostly towards Japan. For some reason, I’ve become totally interested in NKorea, watching documentaries and reading anything about this country these past few years. They’re creepy, Ste J, all of them, even the NKorean children, with their creepy smiles and mannerisms. These creepy people is led by a leader who’s the ultimate in creepiness, so who knows what he’s going to do in the future . The problem is , 45 is as creepy as this guy. * shakes head *


    • The posturings and launchings are one thing but the guy loves his power too much, actually attacking something would automatically lose him everything.

      The brainwashing and terrible conditions of the people is shocking, which reminds me I have a book o read on N. Korea at some point.


  9. Nice to know you’ve kept up with my blogs at least 😉 I suspect that Koreans living in the Philippines will not save them if war happens. I don’t think ANYWHERE will be safe. If nukes start being dropped all over the place then I think most or even all the world will suffer. It’s a frightening thought and one I’d hoped we’d left behind in the 80s when the Cold War ended. Again, back then, we thought two mad leaders would bring an end to humanity. This time it’s even more possible 😦


    • Yes, dangerous rides seem to be heading on a collision course, driven by 2 madmen.

      The madman #2 is governing our country via tweets, or while playing on his golf course. I can’t believe this is actually happening.


    • “Governing” is a strong word. Whatever the heck he’s doing, one thing I know is that he’s not governing.


      • Come to think of it, he isn’t . He goes to his resorts ( Florida, New Jersey, etc ) for vacation…. and now , he’s on a 17 -day vacation in New jersey. I have a feeling he just wants the government to spend $$$$$ on his properties, free, free, free. His family ( Jared Kushner, his 2 sons, Ivanka ) go overseas on private business, protected by the Secret Service, and the embassies get involved , all expenses paid for by the government. Jared Kushner issued green cards to Chinese businesemen who invested more than $500,000 each on his real estate development business. Good thing this is already under investigation.

        Do you get the sense that the T family business= US government ?


      • That was my contention when he ran . . . that all he wanted was the publicity. Unfortunately — and here I’ll blame our current political environment — he struck a chord with enough people who were sick and tired of empty promises.

        Now, those people should have realized it was all bullshit, but it was different and different sometimes can be seen as a positive change (it wasn’t).

        I think when he won, he was as surprised as anyone. I think he knows he’s in over his head, but his ego is getting in the way of letting people around him help him out.

        But, meanwhile, yeah . . . from his perspective, why not milk it for all the money he can get?


  10. i laugh at half of south koreans is now living in the Philippines, they are! you will hear them speak korean in a


  11. Hello, How are you? I like your posts so much that I nominated you for AN Awesome Blogger award. I hope you will participate. If you are interested, please visit my post about it.


  12. Your house to rent looks lovely and I wish I could rent it myself one day. On another note, I worry more and more about the state of the world and the mental stability of some of the people who are meant to be governing it. Oh well, I can always cling to hope !


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