Geez, I even forgot this post had no title…. just edited.

Hi, Renxkyoko Iglesias here.


I’m trying to zone out politics here in the US, but I can longer pretend I don’t  give an effing  sh*t  about all that bullcr*p that’s coming out of the White House every effing day. Pardon my  language  but, what the hell !


That’s all for now, but I’ll be back !  Sheesh .




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  1. I’m sorry for my part in the chaos. Keep on blogging.


    • Oh, no, no, it’s alright. I just read about a chunk of polar ice the size of Delaware just broke away from Antarctica. This administration’s lack of concern for the environment triggered this reaction from me.


  2. As an old song from the Nixon era had it, The White House stands in Disneyland / the country must be under a curse.


  3. you vented out at least -> brighter side !
    keep posting


  4. You got it!! My sentiments exactly, dear friend … 😳


  5. I call him “El Presidente” because he acts like a Third World dictator for life


  6. I agree. It’s exhausting, but i can’t remain silent. I have cut back though. It’s so sickening.


  7. A bit hard to avoid, I fear.


  8. Difficult to ‘like’ this post – sympathise entirely with you 😦


  9. Ahahaha! No need to apologize for the language! I’m in complete agreement with you on this!


  10. I feel ya pain….😥


  11. It is the worst time…. Thank you for the post!


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