Our First Karaoke Experience in the USA Together

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But before  you read  my blogger friends’ post, ( been reading these two lovey doveys for years, and never found out they were already an internet couple, Jenny in the Philippines and Tim in the US. Philippine culture is getting embedded in Tim’s DNA.  He writes some hilarious observations  about Philippine culture.


Anyways, , before anything else, here’s another video from the Philippines…… 3  9 -year -old kids belting out Listen by Beyoncé, unrehearsed, unprepared, but on the spot. …… I suspect this comes from karaoke practices at these kids’ homes.




Karaoke, which in the Philippines is often called videoke, is a National past time for Filipinos. While Americans are eating apple pies and watching baseball the Filipinos are perfecting a musical craft while drunk off their ass.

videoke Filipinos doing what they do best: disturbing the neighbors.

Like most Filipinos, Jenny can sing. As you well know, I can’t.

I won’t embarrass her with praise, but her singing voice is one of my favorite things about her. Another favorite is how she always remembers to flush the toilet. Our family is batting .500 in that aspect. Speaking of bats, you should have seen the latest present I left. And when I say bats, I mean both the baseball kind and the night stalking ones.

A few weeks ago Jenny mentioned how much she missed singing and wanted to do karaoke. So, we looked up some local places. One was right…

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  1. I have no problem singing in drive thru but karaoke?! 😱🐔🐔
    But it is so much fun!


    • I kid you not, Rebecca, Filipinos are not shy…. they can sing and dance , in public. I’ve been to several Filipino parties, and I tell you, there’s karaoke, and guests line up to sing. ( we also have karaoke here at home )


  2. I can understand it, I sing in many places anytime of day…singing makes me happy! Thanks for sharing Ren!


  3. Philippines, the country of singers and dancers. But a friend of mine there can not sing. Violin represents her to sing …. Can you play I Can not Sing by Cynthia Erivo & Alan Morrissey with your violin? Hey Ms Renx. Who says “I can not sing” should sing ‘I can not sing’ to be known to the public. 🙂
    Link I Can Not Sing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo5tv5DvTyE


  4. I just love to sing and dance every chance I get. You have fun and get in touch with the music. It is amazing! 🙂


  5. Well penned ❤❤


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