Uhm,  guys……  the  girl on my previous post……  * cough *  that’ s  me. * cough * and that’s my dog.

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  1. ha ha ha seriously :p


  2. The only question that matters is . . . is he dangerous? (the guy, not the dog)

    I don’t mean to scare or worry you, but often humans are of the mind that “it can’t happen to me.”

    If you deem this guy capable of violence, you need to take multiple steps (self-protection, legal recourse, contacting law enforcement, etc. etc., If you work in a place with open access, you should also inform your employer — assuming you are worried about physical retribution). Better to go overboard than regret it later.

    As an aside, I’m sorry. No one needs these kinds of headaches and hopefully, it will pass without anything bad happening. But whatever you do, do not take it lightly and do not underestimate the capacity for people and things to go south.

    It’s better to take more precautions than fewer and to be more cautious than needed.

    That said, you know him best. Act accordingly.


    • I think it has passed. It’s been 2 weeks , after all. I don’t think he’s dangerous, but who knows. I have to admit his reaction surprised me. Ive read and watched so many crime stories, so the thought did occur to me. So , no, I’m not taking it lightly. He did text to say ” sorry , Tay lor is yours, and I’m moving on. ” I’m quite relieved.


    • Well, let’s hope so . . . still, I’d feel a lot more relieved if he got hit by a bus or fell off a cliff or ate some bad sushi.

      I mean, I don’t wish it on him, but neither would I mourn the loss . . . and yes, I would rest easier . . . unless you were driving the bus, in which case, I’d suggest get yourself a lawyer.


  3. So we need updates.


  4. I’m glad he apologized but keep your guard up anyway. And no need to cough. I assumed it was you.


  5. I figured you were talking about your own situation. One reason is because when the restraining order issue was mentioned, you kinda, sorta defended him. Hold on to that text in the event you might need to prove that he surrendered the dog to you.

    The best to you and your furry friend.


  6. Ah…I did wonder I must admit. i’m sorry you went through this. I’m sorry to say that this often happens – way too many times. I hope all is peaceful now and that you’re happy (and still have a dog 🙂 )


    • I was surprised at his reaction, but I guess it’s okay now. What a relief.

      Anyway, thank you for the encouragement.


      • There is no telling how people you thought you knew will react when a break up occurs. Sometimes they quickly become shitty 😕


        • I know. It’s human nature, I guess ? I’m trying to understand his reaction, and I’m just thankful he was able to convey his anger verbally,( although coming over to our house at 2 AM scared me a bit ……. I’ve read and watched so many crime stories that for a while then, so many possible ugly scenarios came to mind ) ……… Thankfully, he seems to have calmed down. I’m quite relieved, but I don’t take things lightly…… still watching my back. ~_~


  7. Ya, Stand your ground and since you’ve been paying for vet visits etc I feel it should be ‘YOURS’ not “HIS’ and for him to come at 2am! whaaaat!


  8. Feeling bad now….


  9. all’s well that ends well. and i believe that in your locale, you are a pet “guardian,” not a pet owner. congrats!


  10. Posted by John on July 12, 2017 at 10:40 pm

    It was pretty obvious it was you and your dog. Usually when someone goes up to someone and says “a friend this or a friend that”, they are talking about something about themselves. 🙂


  11. DAMN. I wish you the very best outcome!


  12. Hope you and the dog are doing well.


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