Happy Mother’s Day

Hello ! Renxkyoko Iglesias here.


In all the years I have been blogging here, this is the first time  I have posted on Mother’s Day.  It’s so ironic because my  mother is my very best friend in the world, and we have  been together so much I feel I have become like her. I have come to like her kind of music (  LedZep, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, ie, classic rock ) , her politics, her civic consciousness, even her taste in movies and books (  mystery, thriller , crime stories , and believe it or not, musicals ) so much so that I ended up majoring in forensics.  She is a recycling Nazi. I am, too. She loves the arts..,.. my sister had her piano lessons, went to a ballet school…. I had my violin and tap dancing lessons , as well. ( I readily quit the tap dancing thing… Eh ! ) She did her own thing , too.  She took up  ballroom dancing and  brought   me and my sister to her dancing lessons and we watched in awe middle aged ladies dancing with so much gusto it was almost embarrassing…. I remember one who looked like she was 100 years old dancing with handsome young  DIs ( Dance Instructors). Mom had her own favorite DI . ( Uhm, hi , Dad, nothing went on there, I assure you , he he ) Don’t get me wrong. My Mom was not a social butterfly. She was  a political and social activist who fought bravely and without fear the brutal Marcos dictatorhip and kleptocracy  in the Philippines.  Read about it here.  She was, in fact,  on the list of people who would get arrested just before The People Power Revolution happened, literally saved by the bell. (  My sister and brother  were shuttled from one house to another to keep them safe …. so  yes, it was like that ……. her activities were definitely not a walk in the park )


These are the only available photos that I have on WordPress.  She looks like my sister. I look like Dad.





Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.  I will buy your favorite orchid, 2 pots, I promise.


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Bye for now and peace.

18 responses to this post.

  1. A pleasure to read this post. Your mother gets full marks for her courage as a political activist in dangerous times. And all available evidence indicates that she did well in raising her daughter.


  2. What a wonderful tribute to your mother! I’m sure if she read this she would love it


  3. I just gained unfathomable respect for someone I’ve never met. Your mom sounds like an incredible person.


  4. Very nice . . . you should do a quick tap-dance number for her.


  5. wow – this is very touching and a powerful message. May God Bless you and your mother, Happy Mothers day, health and always much more success!!


  6. What a wonderful tribute to your mom. She’s gorgeous inside and out.


  7. I can totally understand where your strength and tenacity comes from now, Especially in life and in politics 😀


  8. You make me laugh the way you describe your mother , but your mother is really beautiful on the picture you post , next time I want to see your video doing tap dance .


  9. An impressive lady (just like her daughter 😉 ) and very beautiful too! (also just like her daughter 🙂 ) A lovely post!


  10. Lovely tribute to your mom this Mother’s Day. She sounds like an amazing woman.


  11. Great post, and good for you, that you are doing such an incredible tribute to your mother. From what I am reading here, she deserves it a lot 😊


  12. Wow – what a mum to have to bravely fight in that way!


  13. Hang cute! 🙂


  14. So nice to know you have a good relationship with your mother. I am proud of her being an activist. Thank you for this post.


  15. wonderful to have an awesome friend and role model in a mother.


  16. Wow. Your Mom is a hero – I’ve deep respect for our leaders who fought against the Dictatorship.


    • Thank you very much. She had done more although I wrote it so casually, but the fact that my siblings had to move from one house to another is a hint what else happened.


      • I think we have a lot of “untold” stories as your mom’s. Not sure if it’s my PC at the office, I wanted to check your “read about it here” — but the web-link isn’t working from here…. will try it from home. Have a good week ahead.


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