The Persona Series,or Musings of a Geek

I posted this on my manga/anime /video games blogsite.  I hope you can read the entire post. It shows  how being pathetic looks like.  But, I did say, ” I don’t quit, ” didn’t I ?

Renxkyoko's Space


Hi, Renxkyoko Iglesias here.

I’m currently playing the video game Bloodborne.   I only have one word to describe the gameplay…….. Dooooooood  !

But , I’m not quitting, no matter what.   Those who have played this  know exactly how hard this game is. It’s twice nastier  than Lara Croft fighting an army of samurais  at the final boss battle , which I just finished , by the way.

My love for gaming has been revived.  It’s now official. I don’t know though if that’s a good thing, because life, you know.

Speaking of which, I’m sure all gamers know Persona 5    is out…..  9 years after Persona 4, and 10 years after Persona 3 FES.  About P3FES……. this game has totally traumatized me, and still haunts me to this day.  Why so ?   I believe I hold the record  of  playing a game the longest , about 1000 hours, and yes, the game actually…

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  1. I’ve been streaming some weird but fun anime on Netflix lately. Have you seen One Punch Man or Fairy Tail?


    • one punch man +1


    • One Punch Man is very popular, but for some reason, I can’t get myself to watch it. Perhaps, one of these days……

      I did get to watch Fairy Tail, but I dropped it after so many chapters…… I don’t think I canwatch an anime with so many fillers, and no ending. ( Finally ended, thank goodness ) Like Bleach…. I have volumes and volumes of the dvds and the mangas, ( look at the first photo above….. Bleach is there somewhere ) but we stopped buying after 300 chapters. Fairy Tail is a long- running series.


  2. are these your closet? :O


  3. Posted by jakesprinter on April 17, 2017 at 8:39 pm

    Love it


  4. You have a very …. comprehensive Manga collection! WOW! *Impressed*


  5. Hi there, I did a quick doodle based upon one of your photos. Do you wish to give it the “ok” before I post it? Where would I share it?


  6. I posted it just now, if you don’t like it I will remove it…


  7. Wowza!


  8. I think I love you….
    (Well done.)


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