Philippines…. For you, @Ste J

Hello !  Renxkyoko Iglesias here.


I’m sure you’re wondering who @Ste J is, and why exactly is he on my title ?  Well, Ste J is a Brit, a brilliant book reviewer,  and I consider him one of my  good Internet friends and buddies. Last month ( or maybe 3 posts ago ) he informed me he was planning to go to the Philippines….. and today,     I found out he had already booked a flight for  a Phil . vacation in April.  *waaaaaaa * I feel so guilty. What if something bad happened to him over there ?  I’m sure he’d never talk to me again, or worse, curse me and my ancestors..  ~_~  No, it’s going to be okay. The Philippine President is gross and hideous , not only in his physical appearance,  and  dirty,  inappropriate and  disgusting language……but more importantly, his character. Just don’t cross paths with him or any of his minions. Aaaargh. O_O

Below is a  12 minute video…’s worth wasting your time.




I’m sure Ste J is going to research about the country, or he has already done that. Now for the benefit of those who know nothing about the tiny country , the Philippines is in Southeast Asia ……. California is bigger in size, ( not in population ….  Claifornia has a population of 39 M, the Philippines, about 102 M, as of 2016 )   and though the country faces the Pacific Ocean, Philippine people are not Pacific Islanders. ( Otherwise,  Japan, and  Taiwan  can be considered  Pacific Islanders, as  well )


The Philippines is comprised of 7, 107 islands to 7, 641…. depending on the tides, now you see them , now you don’t.

Now for a bit of trivia and very, very short history….. 8 minutes of your life, wasted or not.


Though the Philippines population is huge ( for a small country ),  it’s surprising to know that only  1/4 of the land mass is inhabited.  Filipinos live in urban centers…. Metro-Manila alone has a population of  16 million……


This is all FOR NOW, folks….. the first of a series.  Thank you for reading.


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  1. I like Philippinos, and this emerged out of you, when I first saw you here, coz I was mistaken for you to be residing at Philippines…..but then seeing you and the way you interact, I don’t have a negative view about the people there……


    • Thank you for the nice words.

      You’re not the only one who thinks I ‘m a Philippine resident. I’m Filipino-American, and I live here in California.


      • if you have heard the song, I don’t care, who you are, where your from and what you do…’s just that I like you for what you are…..


  2. Aaaaaaand I’m here haha! tried balut,Tokneneng,gising gising and sisig as well as Inasal, loving it!

    But! yes, Duterte is definitely a pitbull not to be messed with whew


    • Tried balut ? Muahahahaha ! So, what’s the verdict? Totally gross ?

      So, where did you eat Chicken Inasal ? Mang Inasal’s ?

      Go to Viking’s, too. Eat all you can, USD 25.

      Have you been to Taal Volcano, the smallest volcano in the world ( and very active , too ) Have lunch at Josephine’s , it has a very good view of the volcano and the food is great. ( my opinion, okay )

      And if I were you, I’d join the walking tour of Carlos Celdran. It’s a Manila tour.


      • I am addicted to Balut! positively addicted! I’ll be buying four more at the end of this reply lol! the only part I don’t like is the bottom which is hard and dry, otherwise it’s delish!

        Mang Inasal is so good, with the bit of lime and soy sauce, It’s absolutely perfect. We’re actually going to Josephine too so we can go hike ta’al afterwards with a guide, Looks like I’ll be sweating a lot! oof!

        As for Viking though? my latest post is a buffet which is owned by Vikings, Unlimited wine and beer :O I’ll mention Carlos Celdran to Glai though! Since we got a day before going to Iloilo ☺️


        • Oy ! Didn’t Glai tell you you ‘re not supposed to eat that white part ? I guess not. He he he

          April and March are the hottest months. Ugh, I don’t mind the heat, but humidity is the killer.

          What do you think of the traffic ? ha ha ha ha OMG

          Have you been to the malls ?

          Right ! ! ! At Vikings, it’s unlimited alcohol , free ! Well, it’s eat all you can, drink all you can…. even the expensive sushis.


          • She did lol! But I tried and regretted it 😂 traffic is killer here, the maps? they look like it’s only two blocks to somewhere but in reality it’s more like 10 because it takes forever ugh!

            Ya, I ate a TON of sashimi, more than I had ever because the salmon was so fresh 😍


        • Re Carlos Celdran…. check it out first. When he was just starting out as a tour manager, he did all the work…. but now you have to check out the tour schedule.. Maybe he has delegated the work to other people. But Celdran’s tour is popular because of him.


    • Glaiza’s taking care of you. No problem.


  3. So, now I know about the Philippines . . .


  4. The Philippines per se is not that bad but right now we are ruled by a dictator with a foul mouth. I hope your friend will enjoy his stay here. .


  5. Wow, beautiful.


    • I haven’t seen any of these places, except Boracay Island where my family has a vacation house. It does look beautiful, doesn’t it ?


      • No doubt it is beautiful! I hv not gone to your country so very limited knowledge about it. But some how I liked the country. Three years back I met some Philipino girls in a cruise in USA and observed they are like our girls, beautiful, gentle and sober. In my early young age I was in Overseas communication Services where we had direct Circuit to Manila & vice versa. We used to call Manila Manila to establish a HF communication (RT & WT) and sometimes we used to talk Manila operators.Thats how Manila is still in my mind. 🙂


  6. Ah my friend, thank you for all the insight. Believe it or not, I am doing little in the way of research except for learning some of the language and learning the rules of politeness and etiquette. Everything else I want to experience for the first time, it’s very exciting to head East and I want it to be something I have few preconceptions of.

    If something bad happens whilst I am over there, I am sure it will just be something that will end up being humorous in reflection, those sorts of things happen quite often and it all makes for blog content my friend.


    • Before you fly to the Philippines, I hope I’ll be able to write something about the culture.

      Are you going solo or with a friend ? I know you have some friends living there. That’s good.

      Ooooh, don’t forget to bring a huge water bottle. April is a summer month, and I tell you, the heat and humidity are killers.

      I can’t wait to read about your experiences and adventure. Wow !

      Oh, the price of food is very cheap….. But if you plan to go somewhere else, like to another island, like Cebu, then the transportation costs will drain you. Be prepared.


      • I’m flying solo and meeting people when I get there, I appreciate all your advice and will give this a reblog in a couple of days as well. Make it a blog announcement that I will be wandering off in less than forty days to sunnier climes.


  7. Posted by emotionsoflife2016 on March 4, 2017 at 4:04 pm

    So much information. Thank you


  8. How are you doing Ren?
    Lovely post! It will be great series!


  9. Posted by thelostmango on March 5, 2017 at 11:54 pm

    OMG! I live in california too and a Filipina! Just followed you! I hope you are doing well! I just posted another travel post ! Enjoy! Let’s be friends!


  10. I was just in the Philippines for three weeks in January for my brother’s wedding it was amazing!! We hit up Tagaytay, Pagsanjan Falls, we even got to El Nido on Palawan God bless the Philippines


  11. That’s a LOT Of people! The population of Canada is less than California, and we’re one of the largest countries possible. I guess we like a lot of elbow room!


    • Yep . That’s why I compared it to California to give you guys an idea , ha ha ha….. I know about Canada, its size and population. It’s mind – blowing. The Philippines is now 12th in population , vis a vis the size of the land mass….. but surprisingly enough, only 1/4 is inhabited, and majority live in cities and urban areas, hence , the city of Metro -Manila is one of the densest in Asia. ( Of course, HK, Tokyo , Delhi, etc, are on top. Still……. ~_~


  12. Hello, my dear. LOVE the Filipino culture. I’ve lots of friends from this beautiful country., Lovely, gentle, loving people. Fabulous dancers, incredible nurses and caregivers. Loved the post. Done as only an insider can do it. Hope your friend has a great time out there. Enjoy the rest of the week. Big hugs, xx


  13. I enjoyed watching the video and agree on him about coron , I like that place .


  14. Oh wow, I can’t wait to get down there!! Just pray to the good supreme heavenly being we figure something out to cure that radiation up. I don’t get why these knuckle heads that run this joint want to keep destroying our planet. Chemikills to block out the sun. they poisoned our ocean. when we going to snap out of it people. We née to form and unite and show them the light. because they are too far deep into darkness. they’ll never get out from that by themselves without a good WALLOP!!! Seriously..


  15. Wow. Your site is pretty interesting and unique. A mix of Otaku and Philippine culture.


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