My Evil Thoughts…. just a random musing, short and sweet

Renxkyoko Iglesias here, folks.


I have been busy these past few weeks…..playing  video games……. and no, not Pokémon, or Flowers in Spring kind of game………what I am playing are  games where I can decapitate enemies to my heart’s content and scream,  Die, b*tches !   ( You can read my thoughts on video games that I currently play HERE, if you’re interested.  This is my anime/manga/video games blogsite  )


Not only am I acting upon my  inner aggression  in a virtual reality by playing  a heroine trying to save the world from utter destruction,  I am also   having some Susan Sarandon moments lately.  Yes, I’m looking at you, Beattyvile, Kentucky. Ask me, do I care ?  You will not get any  from me, not an iota of sympathy. ….. and I suspect, not even from Jesus.


John  Pavlovitz’s  piece  , A Message to the Heartbroken, prompted me to write down my thoughts  at the moment..  My own message is, please let me rage and hate in peace and quiet.  It’ll get better in time, I am sure of it.


This is all for now.





12 responses to this post.

  1. …And this is why Renxkyoko will not be a politician in fear of her decapitation and maiming yep!


  2. Some of that went over my head (I stoop more than I used to), but glad you’re vanquishing enemies.


  3. I think video games are good for that kind of feeling! I used to play a lot of video games as well, but my gamers rage was out of control. Not the kind of anger you are expressing or feelings.
    I think no one should judge how emotions or anger are released ( except real decapitation of course 😏) If does no one harm and it makes you feel better than do it!
    Hugs Ren! Enjoy your gaming!


  4. I think Freud once said that civilization began when a man threw an insult instead of a stone at his opponent. Now, I doubt they had video games back in Freud’s day (well, maybe Pong or Pac Man), but I’m guessing Freud would think your video aggressiveness is….very civilized.


  5. Great post Renx.
    Sorry mistakenly pressed on the following which made it unfollow. But I follow back again.
    Sorry for the inconvenience. 😊


  6. Posted by The Otaku Judge on February 12, 2017 at 9:51 am

    Don’t piss her off guys. She now has deadly aim thanks to Tomb Raider.


    • I used to s*uck so much at shooting games….. but I think I finally learned how to steady my fingers and aim more accurately. Now I can go back to my dropped Unchartered and Resident Evil Games… I have all the copies , complete, until current ,of these two, ha ha ha. Yay !


  7. I have my die bitches moments everyday… I feel your pain… And I hope who or what made you feel this way is regreting it… Keep ya head up ren things will get better… Oh and by the way F.D.T. ! That’s my campaign…


    • It’s a political post. ^^ I feel emotional with what’s going on in the country, and why this has been allowed to happen. It’s incomprehensible, and frustrating.


      • I know it is ren… I might be dumb but I follow words well… Lol… Cheer up… Soon enough dog shit swept under a rug will soon smell and be detected…. Its all a show… But trust me. I feel your pain only phsically… Keep being Kool sweety and fuck what they do sweety. Your future will be ever so bright… Trust me…. A complete stranger but honest man…✌😉😎👍


  8. Nice post 🙂


  9. Great post! I do feel that sometimes games take our minds of things only for a short while 😊


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