Awards acknowledgement and other stuff

Hi, there !   Renxkyoko Iglesias here !  ” waves ”


I’d like to apologize for my long-delayed acknowledgement of the awards I’d been given by  raistlin0903  (  Versatile Blogger Award ), cookandenjoyrecipes ( Blog-aholic  Award ),  lifewithtranquility ( Blogger  Recognition Award ) and livepulchritudinously ( Blogger Recognition Award ).  There are two more, but I assume they are for my anime/manga/video game website.  The only one who has a question for me is @livepulchritudinously.  The question is , give a brief story of how your blog started.


Well, in high school… my fellow manga fans met at a manga forum……  our posts later morphed into personal and off-topic , like , ” Guess what, guys, I just bought a new pair of boots.” So, we decided to do our thing on LiveJournal.  Then , ( though  I’m not sure about this  ) WordPress took over LiveJournal and all our stuff were transferred, lock, stock and barrel, to WordPress.  At first, it was just us commenting on each other’s blog. Then , for the first time,  one person posted a comment on my blog, and I was really surprised.  ”  Who is this guy and why is he here ? ”  Then a few more comments from other readers  followed and we didn’t like it, so we just ignored the commenters . The situation was like that for almost a year, LOL.


That’s the story. Hey, we were just a bunch of idiots who didn’t know any better.  To date, I’m the sole survivor.  One had gone to medical school, the other got married,  one went to China to teach English, and couldn’t post from there….. the rest I don’t know. They deleted their blogsites.  Ironically, what got me interested  were the comments. I started responding to them, and for the first time , read their blogs.   The rest is history.


Random picture here, because there should be a picture, right ?


Above are my favorite  books and authors.


Politics…….  Nasties are piling up, one on top of another.  I’m so overwhelmed I’ve become catatonic.



My friend’s cousin  has actually started a countdown  on Facebook.  1,446  days  to  next inauguration.  Persevere !


Check out my manga/anime/videogame  at


This is all for now. Be safe and take care.  And start saving for a bunker.  Thank you for reading.








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  1. That was quite a interesting story of how you ended up here. How you’re well ☺


  2. Congratulations for multiple awards. 🙂


  3. Posted by Cassidy Frazee on February 2, 2017 at 10:06 am

    Remember: Resist!


  4. That is a pretty funny story about how you started. Now I want to go back and read all your old stuff. I remember when I first saw your blog I went over to your about page and was like, wow this is the most in-depth “about” I’ve seen. I had to re-do my own after seeing how it should be done on your page.


    • Guess what…… I had deleted 2/3 of the earliest posts, especially those one- liners like ” Guy’s , it’s 3 AM and I’m still awake.” He he

      About my About Me page….. YIKES ! I’m going to change that soon. Ha ha ha


  5. Congrats!! Seems we have similar ‘likes’ in reading! ❤


  6. By the way, understand the depressed, catatonic phrase … depressed: with you. Catatonic: not yet. Hugs!! 🤗


  7. Blogging was kind of weird to everyone at first, but your story is more interesting, perhaps.
    The whole world is watching, but I LIVE here. 😦


  8. Thanks you so much My dear Friend Renx..!
    Hugs and love..! Stay cool and around 😉
    Always miss you…!


  9. very interesting and informative…


  10. Posted by mhasegawa on February 5, 2017 at 3:01 pm

    I find it easier to count down to the mid-terms. The administration in power generally does poorly and if we can work on some red districts and states perhaps we can take at least the Senate. But I’m depressed also.


  11. Your story is interesting, thanks for sharing!


  12. congratulations on your awards. Hugs, Barbara


  13. Very interesting to read! I’ve been following you so long now I feel like I’ve known you forever lol 😀


  14. Hi there…I just wanted to Congratulate you for your nomination for the Blogger Recognition award. I love your site and all you create…Congrats!!


  15. Oh my you have excellent taste in books :).


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