Mystery Blogger Award, Part 2…. and Philippine mythology

Renxkyoko Iglesias here, hello there ! !


First off, I would like to thank Nayana Nair  for giving me an award, The Mystery Blogger Award. However, I have to forego  the rules and  just answer Nayana Nair‘s food- for -thought questions. So, without further ado……


a)  What is your current favorite song ?     I’m old school,  old soul.  To me, music is melody. I don’t pay attention to lyrics. Do the classics have lyrics?  Beautiful sound and melody give me goosebumps, and this may sound corny and emo, but listening to good music  makes me a bit teary-eyed, sometimes.  Even the current rock and pop songs have nothing on the old classic rock.  * sings *  Wake me up, before you go, go , la la la la…


I do like Justin Bieber’s.


b)  Most rude you have ever been ?  I don’t think I have  been rude  intentionally . I believe I am a nice, pleasant person, careful with words, mindful of manners, courteous, and  very polite ( My mother calls me todo pasa ). In other words, I’m perfect. Take that to mean as repressed. That’s why , I explode.


c)    One silly superstition that you actually believed in as a child ?  Two, actually….. the existence of duendes (  leprechauns , goblins ) and aswangs. (  shape shifters that eat  human livers and fetuses of pregnant women ). Those little mounds of dirt and soil ( anthills ? ) are supposedly the duendes’ abodes. Pass by their homes without asking permission and ignore them,  you do that at your own peril. Common punishment is explosive diarrhea.

About the aswangs……. they are humans by day and monsters at night, like our cousin , Violeta,  a very pretty lass from Aklan and Capiz (  two places in the Philippines where most aswangs live,  and where my  maternal grandparents came from , ahem )….. uhm ,  about Violeta ….. she had to move to another place to  escape  the nasty rumours about her,  which my mother suspected were spread by rejected suitors. Nevertheless, my grandparents wouldn’t eat anything that came from Violeta’s family.


I was watching one of these British crime series, and in one episode,  the detectives talked about  aswangs very casually. The people in a small, remote English village believed  the ” killings ‘ were perpetrated by aswangs.

One form of aswang is a human that can separate his/ her torso from the rest of the body and fly.

aswang, Philippine mythology, folklore

When I was a  kid living in the Philippines, aswangs did terrify me.


d)  One word that you use most in your conversation ?  I guess, ” really ” ?


e)  What is one good thing and a bad thing about getting awards ?   Good thing……  it’s a blog post.  Bad thing…….. I don’t have time to acknowledge  all the awards that I get. Sorry !  I’m trying to rectify this, hence, this post.


This is all for now. Thank you for reading folks. I hope you find this post interesting.


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  1. Posted by nkdwhtguy on December 10, 2016 at 11:51 pm

    ooohhhh u had me til: “I do like Justin Bieber’s.” j/k. If you like to see the lyrics while listening to a song, check out


  2. So wonderful to read some of your personal story. TY 🙂


  3. Posted by Cassidy Frazee on December 11, 2016 at 12:03 am

    I love the aswang. All that kind of stuff. Some kids I know might go looking for them. 😉


  4. Though I’m Filipino, I don’t believe Aswang,,they are just a myth…what I’ve read in the Bible they are Bad Spirits


    • I don’t believe , either…. but I think it’s become part and parcel pf Philippine culture, and those living in the rural areas and hinterlands still believe they exist. Of course, majority don’t believe in these anymore, but they have become part of Philippine mythology and have enriched Filipino culture.


  5. Congratulations on your award.


  6. I believe there are mystical beings too actually, not only as fuel for imagination but the lessons they bring 🙂


    • I don’t believe, Andy, but these mythological beings are part and parcel of the country’s rich folklores. There’s a mountain close to our house in the Philippines where people still believe there’s some sort of a goddess that dwell in the mountains, and the mountain is named after her… Maria Makiling. Very interesting folklores.


      • I’m searching right now! I love myths and folklore, I heard there’s even haunted places there too? Places Glai tells me she won’t take me for fear I won’t love her anymore lol 🙂


        • There are so many old houses there that are haunted. Oh, wait, Manila Film Center is very haunted , they say. When they were constructing the building collapsed and dozens died….. here’s the best part of the story….. the First lady then, Imelda marcos, the corrupt wife of the dictator, Marcos, wanted to get it done before the her sponsored International film festival, so , instead of taking out the dead workers buried in the rubble,they just poured concrete cement on them, the heck ! It was never in the news, but somehow it leaked out. Now, supposedly, the dead are haunting the building.


          • Oh wow no wonder the dead want revenge! I’m looking that up now too, Can’t believe the nerve of Imelda, Even the worst should have some respect for the dead eh?


            • So, Andy, have you looked it up yet ? if so, what do you think ?

            • Something about one photo I saw where children were giving Imelda flowers during the festival inauguration, Just shaking my head at that thought, Flowers for the one who thought her fame would be more important than human lives? Crazy that to this day they are still trying to exorcise the building too! wow

  7. I only like a couple of Bieber’s songs. 😲
    I am little superstitious. I always knock on wood, if I say anything that could turn out bad. Its gotten so that my co-workers now do it too.
    Oh do your parents and family refuse to be measured. IE: rulers, measuring tape,
    I only ask because my Filipino friends freak out if anyone goes near them with a ruler or measuring tape. Due to the fact people have to measure for coffins and it’s like inviting death.


    • Do my parents refuse to be measured ? I don’t think so…. they do a lot of measuring, like for Dad’s suit, etc. And , we’ve never heard of that superstition. But there’s one…. the bed should not be situated in front of the door, and I’m not sure why but you shouldn’t lay in bed facing the door… or maybe it’s the reverse. Not sure. And I have no idea as to the reason for that. A bit creepy.


      • Hmm I never heard of that one either. I just hate having my bed in front of the door because I could see the light coming in from the hallway. Lol


        • I think if you sleep in bed facing the door, like you can see the door directly, it’s alright. But if you sleep in reverse position, it’s bad. The reason is, when a corpse is taken out of the room, it’s always head first, not feet first. It’s common practice in hospitals. Aaaargh ! ! never mind ! ! ! ! !


  8. Wowww..! i was just remembering you now when i posy new post..!
    In the mean time your Like display..! Amazing and really interesting for me to day..!
    You have a very long Life my dear friend..!
    Stay happy and around as always you are..!


  9. A most deserving recipient :).


  10. Posted by The Twentysomething Social Recluse on December 22, 2016 at 5:25 pm

    Nothing wrong with a bit of Beiber… great post!


  11. Loved the post 🙂 and your answers especially the one about duendes and aswangs (learnt something new 😀 )


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