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Hello !  RenxKyoko Iglesias here !

I’ve been staring at a white, blank screen for hours now. I am still deciding  whether I will post something  about my job – hunting,  or go ahead and write about  my 2014  vacation in the Philippines.  I have tons of pictures  all ready to be posted here,  but  I don’t feel like writing about  a country,(  it does not  matter that this is where I was born, and came from) that tolerates, approves of ,  and seemingly delights  in   extra-judicial  killings of ” ALLEGED” drug pushers.  I’m sure my Filipino blogger friends would tell me I have no right to criticize  the country because 1. I am not a Filipino  2.  I  have no idea what they are going through  living in  a country with acute drug problem.


I do understand that. I know  the country has become the dumping ground of  all sorts of drugs  ( they call  one drug shabu  )……. Why is the Philippines the dumping ground , you ask ?  Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and other South East Asian countries have extremely strict laws against possession. It’s death penalty  . The Philippines, on the other hand,  is less strict, not to mention law enforcers are extremely corrupt.  I’m sure the authorities know exactly who the drug lords are .  They are untouchable, and, obviously  we know why.

I always write about the Philippines and its people in glowing terms. They are naturally gentle, generous,  happy, smiling people, and this is true.  But not at this time,  and unfortunately,  not for 6 years.  They just elected a rogue president who disrespects  just about anybody… President Obama,  the Pope, and Jesus Christ  Himself. And  I am  not making this up.


Random photo. (  just because I mentioned The Pope ,and there has to be a picture, right ?)

Above is just a random pic of myself at the Vatican Museum. I think its one of  the best  pic ever taken during our  tour. I am exactly in the middle of the museum hallway,  and equidistant from the 2 walls. It’s true. I checked it.  Maybe there was divine intervention when my Mom took the pic.

To continue……

Oh, we are not entirely disconnected  from  the country. My family still own more properties in the Philippines  than the average Filipino, and we pay  taxes , without fail.  We therefore  have a reason  to pay close attention to  what’s going on there.

To my Filipino blogger friends  who have declared  their  heartfelt approval of this president’s  behavior…. I am sorry  to have a different opinion. I just hope and pray  this does not become the standard by which the country elects its officials.

I am sad and a bit demoralized.

This is all for now. Thank you for reading.

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  1. Tha US will join you in getting a disrespectful President in November no matter who is elected


    • No head of state can beat that one from the Philippines. When the Pope was in the Philippines, he called him an SOB and should just go home ….. due to traffic.


  2. loved the pic.


  3. Indeed, amazing post and journey – good point!


  4. I got even more bad news . . . there’s no way you’re equidistant from both walls if the floor pattern is symmetrical.

    But, it is a nice photo.


  5. …and that’s not even the tip of the iceberg Ren. Nice shot by the way 🙂


    • I know, Ms. Arlene ! You won’t believe the news that we get here. He even disrespects women. He’s got a dirty mouth. * shivers * He’s an embarrassment to us here in the US. My dad, my siblings and I . we’ve been asked about him so many times.


  6. Dear Renxkyoko, I love your picture at the Vatican Museum. Your President Duarte has a reputation which sounds somewhat like Donald Trump. I would be embarrassed for my country if he became president. I’m sad that he was even nominated as a candidate, Gronda


  7. Voices of dissent are important. Criticism of countries and elected officials is how we make the


  8. I agree with you, I too hope this ‘solution’ won’t be a permanent to the drug problem, There has to be a better alternative. :-/


    • They have to get rid of law enforcers who protect the big guys. That’s the only way. These ” alleged ” drug dealers should have the right to defend themselves if they are innocent. They are innocent until proven guilty. The Filipinos have taken a very dangerous route . I hope they can get out of this.


  9. Being from another country myself, I can understand the struggle of being so far away from what is happening, but concerned all the same.

    Making a country safer is a lot of hard work, and sometimes taking the easy way means losing fairness in the judicial system. Let’s hope the Phillipines can achieve its goals, no matter how difficult, without sacrificing the rights of the people.


  10. Of course you have a right to criticize – we are all human beings and when anyone’s human rights are trampled on, we all have a right to have our say!


  11. am feeling you, and I pray things will get better over there. Do not like you being sad, and demoralized, Here is a poem that might bring your wonderful smile alive. Show us your vacation and keep moving forward…hugs and blessings dear sister.

    Be the reason someone smiles today!!!!!

    A Touch

    Wake up in smiles
    Because you are alive
    As God permits you
    To see another day

    And welcome the sun
    Into your life
    As it brings a special
    Peace that stays

    Greet all that you meet
    With a pleasant hello
    And you will find that
    Today you are blessed

    As you see each one
    That you did meet
    Become alive with the
    Touch of God’s eternal

    Have a beautiful day!!!!


  12. It is a good thing that your heart still goes out to us guys and gals stuck with a electorally-popular President who now has succumbed to disrespect and prejudice. Many who voted for him are now either quiet or slowly resenting their choice. Others (who voted for him) continue to troll the web and social media world, looking to pounce at the very mention of anything against their (beloved?) hero. Still others (who voted for him) defend his negative verbose and actions as “strategy.” In all, just #PrayForThePhilippines that the very faint glimmer of light at the end of this dark tunnel becomes bigger and brighter sooner than (six years) later.

    Go and speak your mind and heart out, for you are and will always be “one of us.” 😊


    • Thank you for the kind words.

      I hope people who oppose still have the freedom to speak up. Over here, there was news here that when he was asked by a reporter about his health, his response was ” do you know how your wife’s xxxxx smell like ? ” or something like that. He represents 100 million Filipinos, Mr. Pekson. I really don’t know how that kind of answer will improve the country’s situation.


      • It won’t, Ms. Iglesias. But let us believe that we are all better in democracy today than we were in the ’60s and ’70s, that there are still two other branches of government that will protect the people against any abuse from the executive branch, and social media and the internet redistributes the power of media in the hands of individuals (regretfully, both capable hands and abusive ones, too).

        “Love your country even if you don’t love your government.” Did Mark Twain say this? LOL! 😊


  13. Sigh, indeed.

    Good to know you care about what happens here in the islands. When are you coming over for a visit?


    • Maybe next year ? Depends on my new job. How are you, Brian ? Peace to all of you. But , man, your president…… he’s popular, I hear, but I don’t think people realize the long term repercussions of his methods….. I’m sure some were innocent…. but they’re dead, and were not given the right to prove their innocence.


  14. Posted by Rebecca Dawn on September 16, 2016 at 3:42 am

    Lovely picture Ren!😆
    It is sad that government officials think it’s ok to go such extreme measures to ensure a drug free country. Yet nothing is being done about corruption.


  15. It was a great post and I really loved this picture, equidistant or not!


  16. That is a very nicely shot photo. If nothing else Duterte creates debate and allows us to look at what a leader should be and how far our own fall short of the public’s expected standard. It would be nice if that would translate into something meaningful in so far as how politicians are viewed and elected, though I highly doubt it.


    • I like that photo, as well. I wish the lady behind me wasn’t there. It would have been perfect….. yours truly and the ancients.

      they’re now experiencing ” Buyers Beware syndrome.


  17. Hi, Ren! I am so sorry to hear your thoughts about the new President of the Philippines. If you have been watching news from abs cbn… I wouldn’t be surprised you have that opinion. The network delivers lies. Anyway, President Duterte did not disrepect women, the Pope, or Pres. Obama. He may not be as scholarly or as elite as other officials and businessmen, but I am proud to say this country has a real President. I won’t go on and explain more, but kindly do more research on the things that he has done so far so u will somehow see the other side of the picture. 😃


  18. So sad about the state of your country. I can see it’s deeply perturbing for you. It seems to be happening everywhere. Keep well and strength to you.


  19. I share the same sentiment like yours… Remember my “Three Monkeys” blog?


  20. Gurl you are too funny, I can only imagine the jokes when President and First Lady Obama first occupied the White House…watermelon and collards on the front lawn


  21. Posted by The Twentysomething Social Recluse on September 27, 2016 at 12:36 pm

    Thank you for sharing this – I feel like I learn a lot about the Philippines from your blog. Also, awesome photo!


  22. Thanks for posting that photo of you in the Vatican Museum and my compliments to whom ever took it.


  23. I have nothing I comment on the politics but just have to say I’m desperate to go to the Philippines – I have several very dear friends living there and want to meet with them. At the moment it is just cost that is the issue or I’d go straightaway!


    • It’s cheap in the Philippines, DK Powell. You can eat a mountain of food for a dollar fifty.

      Outwardly, it’s not bad. You’d be surprised how modern and westernized the country is. It’s regrettable they just elected a thug.


  24. Stunning!!!


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